I am female, 68 years old. How much of a factor is my age if I were to have my nose reduced? (healing time and satisfaction) My entire face is, of course, starting to lose fullness (age related), thus making my nose seem even bigger than I always felt it to be.

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  1. Dr. Thomas Mustoe wrote on :

    I have seen excellent patient satisfaction on rhinoplasty in patients in your age group. In general healing is about the same but the nasal bones are more brittle, and so osteotomies need to be done with care. Some older patients bruise more. The nose does not grow with age, but the tissues stretch and so the nose can droop more with age, and with loss of facial fat as part of the aging process the cartilages can look more prominent and the face including the nose loses some of its smoothness. The rhinoplasty should be subtle without drastic change, but in my experience patient satisfaction has been high.

  2. Dr. Peter Johnson wrote on :

    We have seen a trend toward rhinoplasty for some of our, say, mature patients who never have been satisfied with nasal shape and consider rhinoplasty in their sixties. The size of the nose is affected as we age and the nose indeed grows larger, the skin thicker and the tip might also appear longer. Age is a factor in that we have different issues than with individuals that are quite young. If your health is good though the results of rhinoplasty even in your sixties can be very satisfying with a typical healing time of about a week.

  3. DrCynthiaPoulos wrote on :

    As long as you are in good general health your age should not preclude you from having elective surgery. You bring up a good point in observing your loss of facial volume. When I consult with patients in regards to facial rejuvenation I discuss facial changes by assessing whether we want to lower “mountains” or raise “valleys” Frequently, it is a combination of the two. Be open to suggestions from your surgeon as you may benefit from procedures other than just a rhinoplasty. Balance is a key to a harmonious facial appearance.

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