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I am female, 68 years old. How much of a factor is my age if I were to have my nose reduced? (healing time and satisfaction) My entire face is, of course, starting to lose fullness (age related), thus making my nose seem even bigger than I always felt it to be.

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I am interested in getting a breast lift/reduction. I have pretty big breasts that sag and they give me back aches and pains. I am 25 years old, even though I lost some weight they still sag and I also get really bad rashes. what ways would be good for me to have someone help me with this?

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I have always had super stretchy skin, I am 60 yrs old now and would like to have a tummy tuck. My muscles in my stomach are very tight and I don’t have any fat on my stomach but the skin is sagging some ! Would it be less expensive to just have the skin tightened as to a more extreme surgery of cutting muscles in the abdomen ?

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I am 51 years of age and my breast are sagging. I want to get a breast lift is it possible.. What kind of issues will I have later?

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What do you suggest to get rid of fat cells in the buttocks, since they only shrink when losing weight?

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Should I be done having children before I have a tummy tuck?

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On June 4th 2014 I had implants and a tummy tuck. I’m not satisfied with the results and possibly want a breast lift. I got an infection in my tummy tuck incision so now my scar is awful. I need a second opinion.

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Nancy Jackson

I am a Life Crisis Counselor (licensed Master of Social Work) with 25 years of experience in crisis counseling, geriatric issues, cognitive and behavioral therapy. I Skype and phone counseling at extremely reasonable rates, and I can provide great references. Feel free to contact me by email for a free consultation.

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Hi there I have a tummy tuck and breast lift and augmentation due in 28 days I have been a smoker for 15 years but mostly weed I don’t smoke cigarettes but I do use tobacco to mix I have gone cold turkey 5 days ago and plan to keep it that way. I am very scared of a bad out come I have been detoxing with a detox plan and I am taking 250mg of iron tabs to build more red blood cells before surgery I am losing weight hoping to get rid of bad fat maybe nicotine. I have lost half a stone and want to lose 1 more to help my detox. Is this enough for me to go ahead with it. Please let me know I worked so hard for this.

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Deb Nykamp

I am an independent sales consultant for Jamberry Nails, awesome vinyl wraps that look better than polish, last longer, and are less expensive than manicures.

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