Demystifying Kegel Exercises

Why Kegels Are Good Things, And How You Can Do Them Properly

It’s hard not to notice when the skin on our face starts sagging and your breasts start dropping. But other changes are taking place all over our bodies as we age, some which might be less noticeable. Our vaginal tissue thins and weakens, for example, a result of natural events such as childbirth and menopause. And the pelvic floor muscles that control our bladder (and much more, as you’ll shortly find out) also get out of shape. That’s why we may accidentally leak when we laugh, sneeze, or make a sudden movement.

Besides working with your bladder, pelvic muscles are responsible for the contractions you feel during orgasm. With strengthened, in-shape pelvic muscles, it’s easier to become aroused and reach orgasm during sex.

Get your pelvic muscles in-shape

“Your intimate muscles are like any other muscles: their power and efficiency improve with a regular work out,” says Ian Kerner, Ph. D, licensed psychotherapist and sexuality counselor.

Kegels are designed to increase blood flow to the vagina, which strengthens pelvic floor muscles. However, many women don’t know precisely which muscles to contract, or they simply cannot stick to an exercise schedule. Either way, they often “give up” on Kegels altogether.

To properly exercise your pelvic floor muscles, you must contract and hold the same muscles you use to stop urinating– and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds. Start with three sets of 10 contractions each, and build up your routine when you feel your muscles getting stronger. If you’re still unsure whether you’re contracting the correct muscles, insert two fingers into the vagina and contract– those are the muscles that need your attention. You can practice your Kegels pretty much anywhere, from doing the laundry to sitting you’re at your desk!

Training your pelvic floor muscles on any schedule

There are a variety of ways to enhance your Kegel exercises, from Ben Wa balls (marble-sized balls inserted into the vagina) to more interactive pelvic floor “trainers.” For many of us who need a little help adhering to a Kegel exercise schedule, we recommend the LUNA Smart Bead.

Measuring just over 3 inches long, the Smart Bead is easily inserted into the vagina for the exercise session. One of the LELO global bestsellers, it’s waterproof and made of body-safe materials.

LUNA Smart Bead works by measuring your “orgasm potential” when you first contract your muscles, after which it automatically creates a personalized workout routine for you to follow, using five different vibration levels. The Smart Bead will vibrate when it’s time to contract, and will stop when it’s time to relax, and you only need to use it five minutes a day. That’s a workout we can handle.

Not only will LUNA Smart Bead help control any potential bladder leakage, it will help you achieve longer, stronger orgasms as your pelvic muscles get into shape.

Get your pelvic floor trainer here.

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