{Giveaway} Another shot at intimacy!

Back for more?

Last month, so many FOFs were excited about the “Love That Works” gift set from Good Clean Love, that we just had to give you another chance to win one!

Wendy Strgar, founder of the company, wants to keep your relationships full of love, passion, and excitement. “Love That Works” ($65 retail value) includes some sensational treats to heat up your bedroom– body candy, a Love Oil sampler, lubricant, and a copy of Wendy’s book, Love That Works. With the summer on its way, it’s going to be hot outside and inside.

Want it? Tell us why this stimulating set will help you! 1 FOF will win.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our interview with SEXpert Wendy!

1 FOF will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes June 7, 2013 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

0 Responses to “{Giveaway} Another shot at intimacy!”

  1. tim smith says:

    This set will help with the lack of frictional stimulation

  2. Connie Williamson says:

    It certainly couldn’t hurt. I’ll try anything.

  3. Ilithiya Sun says:

    Looking forward to something new during intimacy.

  4. Linda says:

    nothing like trying something new to help in the bedroom area no matter how long you have been married 😉

  5. Christine says:

    after 30 years, love to re-ignite

  6. Eileen says:

    Adding a little spice would be nice.

  7. Tammy A says:

    Bring back some excitement to the game!

  8. elizabeth says:

    A little spice is always good, even when you already have a great sex life.

  9. smfsprout says:

    If variety is the spice of life, maybe this set is the spice of love and I would really like to give it a try.

  10. connie moore says:

    I think it will add a little laughter and play…to a wonderful love life

  11. jp hues says:

    Hubby is asking for variation in our sex life and I hope the set helps.

  12. Renee D. says:

    In need of some good bedroom treats. Lubricant and fun love oils that will help bring back the intimacy lost with working all the time and having young children.

  13. Terri Timmons says:

    I am 51 (52 next month) and my husband is 59 (60 in november), we always had a great sex life (before), now things have gone down in the sex department, he has ED and I have “just not in the mood” syndrome. My husband takes cilias for his problem, I have nothing for mine, we desperatley need to reconnect, please help us reconnect our sexual love for one another.

  14. Audrey says:

    It would be great to re-ignite the passion my fiance and I enjoyed several years ago!

  15. joyce says:

    I need help to connect to my sexual side.

  16. Margarida says:

    This stimulating set will help, because we all need to revive love, intimacy, and relationships with our husbands.

  17. Kelli says:

    Recently got married – both of us for first time – and both 50+! Marriage has been great – only has lost some of its “spark”. This may do well to “fan the flames”.

  18. deborahf2 says:

    I would love to try this out even on my own…who knows what a new found zest for sex will do?


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