Giveaway: Win A Transformational New Device For Intimate Wellness Valued at $495!

FabOverFifty partnered with vFit to help educate you about menopausal issues.

I’m not embarrassed to admit what’s happened to my body since menopause. While hot flashes didn’t torment me, incontinence and dehydrated vaginal tissue took the pleasure out of everything from shopping to sex. Now I know that millions of women share my difficulties, and there are ways to deal with them, from estrogen therapies to pelvic floor exercises, aka kegels. If you’re like I am, however, you don’t have the patience to do countless kegels every single day. And, not every woman is a fan of estrogen.

Enter a new device, called vFit, the first noninvasive, hormone-free solution that uses a combination of LED red light, gentle heat and sonic technology to promote intimate wellness. I’ve been using vFit three to four times a week for over a month, it takes no effort, is comfortable to handle, and the experience is enjoyable!

Enter for a chance to win vFit, valued at $495! (Fill-out form below)

While vFit is pleasant to use, it does much more than what you might think from first glance. It’s a fabulous tool to improve intimate wellness. And, it has. I can feel my pelvic muscles working harder to combat my sudden urges to pee, so I no longer have to sprint to the bathroom in seconds.  My vaginal tissue definitely is more lubricated.

How vFit Works Its Magic

Just as lasers are successfully used to treat issues on our facial skin, vFit uses the same principle for our pelvic floor to improve the quality of life for millions of women who suffer from common changes to our intimate wellness.  The six UV-free red lights (LEDs) in vFit, powered to glow brightly, are completely safe and provide optimal results. While they are based on the same technology invented by NASA in the 1960s, and used in many aesthetic products today, vFit is the first to use red lights (LEDs) to help improve intimate wellness.

vFit emits a gentle heat intended to warm the vaginal tissue to encourage blood flow, as well as amplify the effectiveness of the LEDs. I can report that the the heat is very pleasant and comfortable, but since every woman’s body is different, you should stop the session if you feel that it’s too warm. I was comfortable starting with 10-minute sessions, but you might want to begin with six-minute sessions and work your way up to 10 minutes

vFit offers six sonic vibration modes with different vibration patterns. I usually rotate through the series of patterns while I’m using vFit until I find the one I like best. Some days I prefer the pulsating vibration; other days I like a more steady vibration. The vibration puts mechanical stress on the tissue and muscles. Makes complete sense!

In a third-party study, women who used vFit reported the following results after 60 days: 95% reported improved intimate wellness;  89% experienced increased confidence with intercourse; 89% felt increased sensation; 100% reported feeling more emotionally connected to their partner. Based on my experience, I’m with them.

We invite you to fill out the form below for a chance to win one of two VFit units. You’ll also receive an ultra-concentrated, water-based gel–created to be used specifically with the device–that’s infused with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and aloe to help enhance your vFit performance and comfort.  Giveaway ends Thursday, November 15th.

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0 Responses to “Giveaway: Win A Transformational New Device For Intimate Wellness Valued at $495!”

  1. DLori27 says:

    I shared this contest all over my social media sites, twitter, Facebook. I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t remember the last time I had an orgasm or for that matter, was intimate with anymore. It’s sad and pathetic. A device like this sounds wonderful and would certainly put me in far more great moods and make me feel happier, healthier and overall, more fulfilled in my life. Thank you for doing another fabulous giveaway and good luck to all.

  2. Carolyn Johnson Zimmerman says:

    I so agree with Joyce!!! I long for the days of having a period and having a strong sex drive. I long for the days of intimacy without the thought of pain.
    Just to have an orgasm again would be wonderful!!! The vaginal dryness is just too overwhelming no matter the lubricant.

    • Geri Brin says:

      Love the honesty of your and Joyce’s comments.
      Geri, FabOverFifty.

    • Anna Danielian says:

      Appreciate your openness, Carolyn. Do you know any FB closed groups where women exchange information, tips and offer support?

      • Carolyn Johnson Zimmerman says:

        No Anna I don’t. This is the first time I have expressed my frustration and thoughts. Like you I would love to find a closed group where we could exchange info. and support. I know there are so many of us going through the same thing. If you find such a group please please let me know.

        • Anna Danielian says:

          Maybe we should create one on FB? I just don’t know how to promote it? Maybe on Fab50?

  3. Joyce says:

    Wow, here we are at the most contemplative time in our female entity, where we should be embracing sex without reservation, but instead we distance ourselves from the very thought of the impending pain this intimate act could produce! Not only will it remind us that we are aging but tears come from never feeling the arousal and ultimate release orgasm has brought to our lives! The longer we shy away from getting close, the harder it is to keep a relationship alive….Some called menstruating “the curse”…..but I long for those days of youthful abandon knowing now that hormones and monthly periods keep us responsive and emotionally available!


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