11 Types of FOF Moms: Which One Are You?

We’d like to think we’re all around great moms, but a single mothering persona usually stands out, way above the rest. When your kids think about you, what image would they conjure up?

Tell us which type of mom you think you are, then share this list
with your kids and see what they say!

1. The Cool Mom

You not only smoke pot with them, you supply it.

2. The Twin

Like daughter, like mother.

3. The Buddy Mom

You want to hang out with their pals just as much as they do.

4. The Hands-On Mom

You stay on top of everything, from their bills to their bowel movements.

5. The Hands-Off Mom

It’s your kid’s life and you let her (or him) live it.

6. The M.I.L.F.

If you don’t know what this means, don’t Google it at work.

7. The Matchmaker

You’re always on the lookout for your future son or daughter-in-law.

8. The Magnificent Mom

You haven’t disagreed since they were in middle school.

9. The Proud Mom

Their accomplishments creep into every conversation.

10. The Cross-Examiner

Most every sentence takes the form of a question.

11. The Guru

You’re their doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, and therapist.

Which type(s) are you?

0 Responses to “11 Types of FOF Moms: Which One Are You?”

  1. Nancy Chevalier says:

    None of the above

  2. Di says:

    There is no number 12. That would be me. All I ever wanted was a house, a picket fence, a couple of kids and a dog. You would be amazed at what I got. Not what I wanted. I should write a book.

    • Felicia2011 says:

      Maybe not so amazed? I haven’t met many women, who are living the life they thought they would have, including me.


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