14 Ways To REALLY Show Your Love On Valentines Day

Start giving him (sincere) compliments, at least once a day, starting on Valentine’s Day

(A nice word can go a long way!)

Pay for him to go and do one of his favorite activities

(ex: If he’s a golfer,  surprise him with a voucher for a golf outing)

Let him plan the day.

Motivate him to work towards his goals

(ex: If he’s been talking about losing weight, buy him a membership for the gym.)

Do something adventurous

(ex: If he’s been always talked about how much he’d love to go skydiving, this could be the perfect time to just do it. You only live once)

Visit his parents

(Maybe he’s been working too much to check on his parents. Spend a part of your day with them)

Buy something exciting for the bedroom

Pack him lunch

(Since Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year, this simple gesture can help him think of you throughout his workday)

Print a wallet size picture of your family and give it to him

(When he’s away, you never know exactly how much he actually misses you. Give him this keepsake so that he always feels close to you)

Hug him at least once a day

Write a long-hand message telling him what he means to you

Serve his favorite meal while playing his favorite music

Take over a few of his “chores” for the day

Surprise him with something fantastic for his car, garage, bathroom, office, or vanity

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