When A Friend Doesn’t Pay You Back

You loaned your best friend $200 three months ago and she hasn’t paid you back.


“Too late now. Either suck it up and ask her for it or let it go. Before you lend, you better get it straight in your head that you’ll not be getting it back because lending to friends/family never works. Or, if you must lend and must have it back, get everything in writing up front.”
Lorie Myers Worley

Ask if she needs more.”
Betty Delaney

“I don’t think $200 is worth losing your best friend over. She borrowed it because she’s obviously​ in a tough spot. If she’s your best friend then just be open with her and talk about It. Maybe she needs more time. Maybe she can pay it back in a few installments. If you don’t care about getting it back, tell her so it’s not hanging over her and putting tension on your friendship. If lending your best friend money will make you uncomfortable, then just don’t do it. You are best friends for a reason, so you should be able to talk about anything that is bothering you.”
Clarice Cutler Santiago
“Call her up and say, ’hey I could really use that money I loaned you. Do you think you’ll be able to pay me back soon?’”
Deborah Van Houten Dingman

“Forget it. This happened to me, only it was $500. Twenty five years ago. And then she suddenly stopped talking to me and I never knew why. I never asked her for the money and I don’t regret letting it go. Lots of things and reasons we don’t know and it is best not to judge and take things personally. I say it is best to go through life with as little baggage as possible and carrying the burden of an unpaid debt is just too heavy for me.”
Linda Hendrex

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