Could You Fall For A Much Younger Man?

“That would make him the age of my oldest son, so I don’t think so. For me anyway, I prefer someone that has experienced the passing of time the way I have. Remembers the past, the music, the perspective then and now along with a shared respect for what we’ve achieved in 50 or 60 years, our life, our joys, as well as our regrets.”
Patti Bowen Copeland

“Depends on the person. I often feel I have little in common with men my age and dating older guys makes me feel like I’m dating my dad. Then again, I had a stepmom for 10 years who was two years younger than I am.”
Lesley Chattaway

“25 is a major age gap for women and men. What is wrong with being married to someone closer to your age?”
Lois L. Gafford

“Sounds like too much hard work, trying to look pretty for him to stop his eyes wandering, no thanks.”
Sheila Rose Temple

“PERFECT!!!! Why can’t  women? Even more, we don’t need Viagra.”
Ana Corintha Almeida McMahan

“Oh good gawd why would I want to!!! If the hubby goes first then I will finally close the book on relationships. I have enough kids and grandkids to keep my life busy.”
Lisa Simonte Mathis

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3 Responses to “Could You Fall For A Much Younger Man?”

  1. Marina Reeree C says:

    I’ve been seeing a man 20 years younger for about 6 months and I’m quite smitten. Though I’m not planning on marrying anyone, I love my life just as it is!

  2. Liza Plaisted says:

    i was married for 28 years then met a 23 year old from africa and im 46 and we both love each other

  3. Genna L says:

    My husband and I met in a Master’s Program and I ignored him for the first week. He wasn’t in my age range.

    However, he was the coolest, techy-est, most edgy guy in the class and I have eccentric tastes. And…this 25-year old kept sitting next to me, talking to me, and joking with me. I laughed so hard from his jokes. Turns out we shared a lot of the same values, and tastes…with plenty of divergence, too.

    I was 43 at the time and newly divorced. Not looking to get married again…EVER!

    Did I mention he is Chinese from Hong Kong, 4″ shorter than me, 18 years younger than me, and I outweighed him by 30 lbs?

    All true. I’m curvy-slender, tall and of mixed European ancestry. Both of us Americans. We’re so different, but if you wear a blindfold and just listen to us…it’s clear we enjoy each other very much…and laugh a lot.

    We ended up being randomly grouped together for several project. Honest to God, it was truly random! I found out here how organized and responsible he is. It was exactly like dating a peer. We’re both first-born children in our families…so go figure.

    We’ve always related like peers. Although I have certainly educated him about stuff my generation knows, and he’s educated me about stuff.his generation nows, there was never any incestuous-driven stuff about us. Not our schtick. I’m a huge anime and manga fan thanks to him. He’s become a huge bourbon and wine connoisseur.

    There was never any age-related issues…except older men assuming he and I couldn’t possibly be together weren’t and chatting me up while he and I sat at a table. This was very odd. I set them straight. We loved the surprised looks.

    We met for tea and coffee on campus to discuss the projects, and ended up with some epic visits..and some work got done, too. Had it ever dawned on me that we were “dating” I would have run away screaming. My husband DID considered it dating…I just couldn’t wrap me head around it…so I didn’t engage my head at all about it; just went with the flow.

    So…after there months I kissed him and took the plunge, with great fear of rejection, but he has been so worth it. I knew I’d regret it the rest of my life it I didn’t try. My family loves him and my nephew, who are his age, think he’s so cool. His coolness has rubbed off on me.

    Very soberly, we never expected it to last, yet we loved what we’d found.

    After five years of living together, we got married. He had to talk me into it.
    Best decision I have made in my life. We’ve been together for 10 years this year.


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