Does He Still Have The Touch or Has He Totally Lost Touch?

Take a good, hard look at the man in your life, whether you’re married or call yourselves “domestic partners.”

Does he still make you feel tingly, up and down your spine, or put your nerves completely on edge? Is he your “soul mate,” or the mate you’d like to throw overboard on your next cruise? Does he give you more than you need, or make you needier than ever? Yep, relationships are complicated. But here’s an easy way to tell whether you should stay in the institution or check into one.

Take this quiz and ask your husband or partner to take it, too. It should be eye-opening to learn how he views himself in relation to you.

Check everything your partner does!

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He’s the “Perfect Partner
Congratulations! Share the results with him to remind him how happy he makes you.

He’s a “Perfectly Good Partner
The Ward Cleaver type never turned you on, anyway.

He’s teetering in “Troubled Territory
…but he’s your trouble and you’ll keep him.

He’s “Trouble
Print out this list and leave it on his pillow before you head for the hills!

Are you willing to admit how your husband scored?

0 Responses to “Does He Still Have The Touch or Has He Totally Lost Touch?”

  1. Carolyn Wade says:

    20! Minus one because I would NEVER say I’d like to sleep with Bill Clinton! And minus the second because (except for the year I said at every opportunity “Pat doesn’t give me flowers” and I got a bouquet of gladioli, his mother’s favorites!) I haven’t gotten flowers since the day after he proposed more than thirty years ago. I think that one minus is a fair trade for the twenty other points!

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      Lucky Lady!



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