Put On A Happy Face

“Going caroling with my daughter and granddaughters.
Tammy Driscoll-Whitford

“Trip to New York. Wonderful.
Madalyn Spillis Kronk

My work accomplishments.”
Leyda Quast

“A trip to Iceland, a truly magical place!
Nadine Williams

My beautiful first born daughter fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a nurse! She graduated today and starts work at the hospital tomorrow! Yay!”
Shirley Worthey

A phone call from my granddaughter at college, just to talk!”
Sharon Murray

“Finally getting this cat that I’ve been feeding outside for over 6 months, inside!! Safe, healthy & warm!!”
Susan Farley

I’m on my second battle of breast cancer so every morning I wake up I’m thankful and happy.”
Phyllis Marstellar

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