The Best and Worst Things About Getting Older

It’s unsure who said “youth is wasted on the young,” but whoever said it was brilliant. Most of us agree that if we knew then what we know now, we’d have wasted a lot less time.
“The best is being able to do what you want when you want. The worst is realizing you should have kept up a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, cause for me it has come back to bite me.”
Mona Blowatt
“The best thing is that you feel more at peace with yourself. The worst thing is there are less years in front than behind.”
Jakki Coles
“The best thing is watching your grandkids grow up – the worst thing is knowing the outcome of almost every situation long before it comes to pass, yet unable to stop it. You can warn them but life is a lesson learned the hard way.
Sheila Jean Metcalf
“The best thing about getting older is that you are now comfortable in your own skin. You are wiser and you just enjoy what you have and know to not take your life for granted. The downside is that someday I will have to leave loved ones behind.”
Holly Irene Oler
“The best thing is the wisdom you’ve accumulated over the years. That and the ability to speak your mind with that knowledge. The worst is the aches and pains and having to work harder at your weight and body.”
Florence Diana Hunt
“For me, it’s the life lessons that now make me wiser. It’s the knowledge that we raised great children who are now wonderful, hard-working, smart, loving adults. It’s retirement, which means more time with my husband to travel and enjoy life more after working our butts off all those years. It’s college that’s been paid and the mortgage done. Sure, there are health concerns and everyday aches and pains, but I’m more confident and secure with myself, learned to stand up for myself and now stopped putting everyone else first and that’s ok! I also learned how to say NO 😉.
Regina Brady Bello
“I can honestly say that life just gets better and better.
The only downside is there is less time left.”
Helen Worland
“There is no best thing and the worst thing is you are old!”
Suzanna Coffey Piercy
 “Best not giving a ratz azz what anyone thinks of me. Worst thing trying to keep buns from eventually hitting the back of my knees.
Leslie Kendall
“Best is being retired and not a slave to the alarm clock every day! Worst is your body not doing what it used to do pain free.”
Bonnie Bell
“The best is grandchildren, the worse is feeling old, in lots of pain, and some fine lines around the eyes that I can’t get rid of no matter what I try 😢.
Eliza White

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