Acknowledging Those Who Impacted Our Lives

We asked you to tell us who had the biggest influence on your life, besides your parents. Here’s a selection of our favorite responses. Each so different. Each showing how lucky we are to have others who did so much for us.

“Grandmother, aunt and a boss. Women need role models.”
Jackie Ralph

“Maternal grandparents and perhaps my advisor in college who wouldn’t let me quit.”
Carole Crane

“My husband Chuck. He’s caring, thoughtful, smart enough not to say everything he ever thinks, loved his mother, treats old women and dogs with great kindness, makes me laugh, and is always up for an adventure. He’s taught me to be more careful, braver, and to spend my time more wisely. Can’t thank him enough!”
Beth Goehring

Jody Donovan…friend, mentor, wickedly funny, unceasingly curious and an ultimate realist. I would not have the life I have today had it not been for her.”
Joanne McCoy

“My aunt Bernice, my father’s sister. She saved my life.”
Lynn Kammerer

“My twin sister Loretta and my husband Douglas!! PLUS my three sons!!!”
Lana Kozak Olsen

My daughter and two grandbabies.”
Pamela Chilton Calhoun

“Big sis, she’s a force to be reckoned with!!!!!”
Sharon McTigue

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