12 Approaches To Handling Grief

“Pray. Be thankful for the privilege to have had the person in your life. If you’re hurting it’s because you experienced a wonderful relationship. Live life (every moment) twice- once for you and once for them!” —Julienne Pavlinko Letis

“Stay busy but give it time ~ you are only human and allowed to grieve.” —Wendy P Brown


“Talk about it….when you keep it inside it just makes it worse.”
Helena Shanks

“Accepting everything, even the hurt”– Victoria Diu Ortinero

“Remember all love u had” —Elaine McGraw

“Don’t fight it. Feel it.” —Debra Kirby Smith

“Remember that the person who passed wouldn’t want you to remain in mourning forever. They want you to find happiness again and continue living a good life.” —Barb Kienapple

“There is no overcoming grief. You just keep moving and in time you find you can breathe again.” —Andrea Sipe

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