Are You A Dear Abby?

Style-conscious Linda was the perfect friend to turn to for decorating advice. Warm-hearted pal Barbara always offered a welcoming shoulder to cry on when it came to boyfriend woes. And, pragmatic Helen never failed to give me her take on my predicaments at work. Most of us have turned to different friends throughout our lives to help us with all kinds of situations, as many of our friends have turned to us for help.

We wanted to know what others usually ask of you. As always, your responses were clever, funny, honest, and cheeky. We love Annette’s and Linda’s comments!

Most of the time it is for my patient, wise, compassionate, empathetic ear. For me to LISTEN to them and figure out how to solve the problem. I don’t always have the solution, but I think that a big part of it is just listening. I suppose that is why we have two ears and only one mouth.”
Kellie Suzanne

To listen while they vent, no advice wanted.”
Stephane Irwin

Same thing as Stephane Irwin…venting…on and on…Don’t mind some of the time for a few close people, unless it’s a one-sided relationship most of the time….then it’s a drag on my energy….can we say “emotional vampire?”
Joan Prinaris

To repair, build or arrange something, but always happy to help. Makes me feel good.”
Robert Livingstone

Empowerment. Permission to put themselves first. I’m a personal stylist.”
Karina Leacock

Money. But I now told everyone the ‘Bank of Annette’ is closed.”
Annette Anastasia

Forms, charts, documents, policies (all of which I’ve written)…advice…and questions on how to organize themselves. All of it is very flattering.”
Kathleen Clancy-Ceballos

Babysitting! Cooking Sunday lunch! Money. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”
Susan Maloney

“For me, it’s advice, they want to know what I would do if it were me in their situation.”
Paula Lafleur

“How to spell something.”
Bonnie Ballantyne Duhon

“Where’s my phone charger? (Had my kids at 38 & 40, so still not quite Empty Nesters.)”
Julie Mattison

“Time is the best thing we can all give freely, whether it’s related to a physical challenge or just for a friendly chat.  Please know I am always here.”
Karen Watkins  

“Prayer, time, and/or physical help.”
Debbie H Collins

“How to get out laundry stains.”
Linda Hunter

“A place to stay or money.”
Marie Mendoza

“They usually ask, ‘who can I ask for help?’ And then I refer them to someone!”
Paula Salem

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