How to Banish Your Bad Moods

Talk with my Miss Ruby Tuesday. Always listens and never judges! 🐶💖”
Laura Pennington Traverso
Get stoned, go for a walk in the sun, listen to Steve Winwood, Steely Dan, rock and roll. Eat a great dinner, read some tarot cards…. Dream about how the best is yet to come!”
Erica Ellis
Put on a happy face, smiling helps me to remember all the things in my life to smile about😏”
Dawn Wyles

Watch comedies, usually after listening to some loud country music.”
Christine Kaye
Take a long walk on the beach.”
Mindy Hansen-brush
Buy a Michael Kors purse last week. Really cheered me up. Not completely, so I may have to buy another one.”
Patricia Mishko
Walk, read, listen to music & dance like no-one is watching!!!! 😃”
Walesca Abreu
Hug my hubby or go and do some singing on my karaoke in the spare room.”
Lisa J Willis
I try feeding the poor, helping the homeless. Giving back to the world somehow. It always makes me feel better.”
Diana Echevarria Thompson
Call someone who is a very positive person.”
Donna Carozza Donnellon
Pray for strength to change my attitude.”
Dolores Mehia
Look at pics of my grandkids.”
Cindy Gundrum
Clean and sort out.”
Kim Freeman
Yoga, Buti, Barre, or Zumba.”
Linda Thomas
Drink wine.”
Sherry Mcmillon
Eat ice cream.”
Paulie Nesbitt

Horseback ride.”
Elissa Uretsky-Rifkin

Go for a hike.”
Barb Cartwright

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