Ah, To Be A Child Again

I used to love going to the Carvel ice cream stand with my dad on a Sunday summer afternoon to buy a Brown Bonnet cone. Once I bit into the frozen chocolate coating, the soft ice cream would melt all over my hands, but I loved every single lick of it. Here are some of your happiest childhood memories.

Cramming all nine of us (counting mom & dad) into the station wagon after church and going on a picnic. Makes me teary just thinking about simpler times. Wish I’d have appreciated it more back then.”
Paulette Greyn

Climbing trees and playing outside. Family trips to get ice cream.”
Donna Wade

Paddling in our village brook. I’m going to take my grandson this summer. We stayed out all day and just just went home for tea, usually covered in mud. I only remember having a babysitter once.”
Helen Harris

When my grandpa would take us to the Michigan State Fair!”
Carol Sydor

Camping holidays with mum, dad and my older brother. Wearing wellies, standing in a stream with a net trying to catch anything remotely fish related.”
Lisa Kennedy  

Going for long walks with my dad on a Sunday afternoon.”
Julie Ann Dudley  

I think I have to say the same, Julie. I loved to hold his hand! His hands were rough and calloused, because he had worked hard all his life.”
Sheila Cocks

Playing baseball with my friends and neighbourhood kids would join in, then my dad would come after work and join us. The kids would yell, ‘Here comes Mr. Arthur!’ He would hit one handed and still crush the ball. We all loved it! Riding my bike everywhere, day trips and camping trips with my family. It was a charmed life, so grateful for having parents who spent so much time with us.”
Terry Arthur-Pratt

Outside playing with friends, riding bikes ALL DAY LONG. Mom having cookies and Kool Aid waiting for us… back when.”
Karla Finney  

Spending summers on the farm with my aunt and uncle.”
Sandy Nicholson

Church on Sunday morning, big dinner and cousins coming to visit for the day! This happened every Sunday!”
Sharon Murray

Cooking in the kitchen with my mom!”
Lola Dee

Spending time fishing and crabbing with my parents and my children at Sunset Beach.”
Ann Mozingo

Riding with my father on his horse to herd cattle in the dead of winter. I had a wonderful childhood.”
Andrea Pope

Swimming in a pond with my family. Those were the days.”
Theresa Campbell  

When my sister was born after being blessed with five brothers.”
Janet Muhlbauer  

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