Fond And Not-So-Fond Memories Of Your Pregnancy

“When I was pregnant with my son, I felt him move for the first time when we were traveling on the Greek Island of Crete. It was only a fluttery feeling, but I knew what it meant, and it was thrilling,” remembered Geri Brin, founder of FabOverFifty. Here are some other great, and not so great, memories of being pregnant.

The best part was finally hearing the words ‘You are pregnant’ after 5+ years of trying and being told I would probably never be able to. The worst part was the terrible heartburn I had with both my pregnancies. But, all in all, both my pregnancies were some of the most wonderful times of my life! Feeling your baby move inside of you is a feeling that can’t be described. I also found that creating life is truly a miracle.”
Dee Ann Kennemer McFalls

My last pregnancy was over 3 months early. The bad part is that I was nauseated before I even knew I was pregnant – 30 minutes before I had them. Also, everyone thought they were my grandchildren. The best part was feeling the rollercoaster of them moving and kicking each other! Yes, they are all perfect!”
Karen Anderson Warren

Feeling your baby move inside you is like nothing you’ll ever experience in your entire life! Feeling extremely tired at the beginning and end of each day was the worst!!!”
Jennifer Macedo

“I have two kids 12 years apart. I loved being pregnant with both of them and had a blissful pregnancy with both of of them. With my first I was pregnant in the middle of the summer so I was pretty uncomfortable, and with my second, my feet swelled up so bad I had a hard time finding shoes to wear…and I typically wear narrow sized shoes!”
Laura Belle

“The worst parts were the morning sickness 24/7 and labor. The best part? Carrying a life and watching it roll around your tummy.”
Andrea Banks

The best part was being pregnant after two years of trying..the worst part was being morning sick every day till the birth…but was worth it to have my daughter.”
Carine Munro

Worst part- heartburn. Best part- when my hubby whispered in my ear…’you got your girl’”
Justine Reckard

“Feeling them move was the best thing ever, worst thing fear that something would go wrong”
Faith Crusan

“It was all the best. Everything went fine-no swollen feet and minor morning sickness. Easy peasy!”
Stacy Burton Ingersoll

Being pregnant was the best time of my life, I never felt so alive and beautiful and very easy deliveries.”
Gail Slack-Obert

“The morning sickness. With the last two ….twins, I had morning sickness for the first 5 months. The best part, other than the morning sickness? EVERYTHING! I LOVED being pregnant.”
Jan Nielsen

“After years of trying, endless doctors appointments, infertility treatments, hearing we were having a miracle. Our girl is now a mom. Blessed in so many ways.”
Antoinette Paruolo Casagrande

I enjoyed pregnancy. Each was a miracle. The swollen feet, the nausea or cravings were all not important as seeing my belly grow.”
Jayn Ridi

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