Have Your Kids Ever Treated You To A Vacation?

We were curious to know if your adult kids have ever treated you to a vacation!

Here is a selection of some of the most wonderful comments.

Yes! Our 2 girls sent my husband and I to Hawaii for a week for our 25th wedding anniversary ☺️ Rosa S Garcia


Yes, my 4 kids shared the cost and sent me to San Diego (from Mich) for 10 days to see my eldest grandson graduate from basic training of USMC. And on another occasion. They bought me a brand new 1999 Saturn for my 50th birthday. Vicky Kooienga

No-But they have taken care of me when I was sick, called me just to tell me they love me and miss me. And taken me to lunch just because they enjoyed spending time with me. I love those girls more than anything? Patricia Hopwood Edwards


Ha! I can’t even get my girls to treat me to a cup of coffee. But I did have my youngest son buy me a 2001 Ford Escape in 2002…I still drive it, because I don’t have the heart to get rid of my gift! 

Every year at tax time my husband says he’s going to sell it and buy me a new one, and every year I kick up enough of a fuss, that he doesn’t sell it. I’ll keep it till it dies! Darlene Chavez Gonzalez

Not yet. I believe she will one day. She taken me several times to dinner, lunch, mail spa..etc. Love her. Jennifer Lane


Getting closer to it–I’ve traveled with a daughter who organized the whole trip and all I had to do was show up (besides paying my share). My kids are 20-25, so they’re still broke 20-somethings, but I am convinced it will happen one day! Annette Secundus Ernsperger

Not yet! To the Spa Yes so we’re getting there…step by step! Donna Floyd-Hickson


I wouldn’t expect them to. Carol Coles-Smith

That would be so fantastic, LOLLOL that will never happen! Rose Mastriannalaugh

NO! Gala Dake

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  1. Pauline Durban says:

    Not a chance, now if the question was the other way round it would be a yes lol


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