{Cocktails} 4 summer spirits for the 4th of July

Shake things up this FOFourth with anything-but-ordinary summer spirits from FOF cocktail guru Cheryl Heisler. (Plus, have your own cocktail question for Cheryl? Ask it, here!)

What you’ll need:
1 part grapefruit juice
1 part Pinot Grigio
Splash of Campari
Wine glasses

Prepare a large white wine glass with ice. Fill 1/2 with grapefruit juice, 1/2 with Pinot Grigio. Add a splash of Campari. Mix gently and enjoy.


What you’ll need:
Seasoned pepper
Sea salt
1 part scotch whiskey (Try “Scottish Leader” or another “peaty” flavored brand)
2 part Bloody Mary mix (medium spicy)
Highball glasses
Corn on the cob (for garnish)

Prepare lowball glasses by wetting the rim in a little water and then twisting them on a small plate with a mixture of sea salt and seasoned pepper. Fill with ice. Pour 1 part scotch whiskey into the glasses and roughly 2 parts Bloody Mary mix. Stir.
To garnish, oil and season an ear of corn on the cob. Grill until grill marks show. Remove from fire and slice horizontally into one inch disks, cutting a small notch in each disk. Allow corn to cool to room temperature then garnish the lip of each glass with a corn disk. (Note: garnish should be made in advance to allow for cooling time.)


Note: If you make this as an individual drink, “1 part” should equal 1/4 oz.; keep the percentages the same and you can blend up a whole swarm at once!

What you’ll need:
1 part vodka
1 part gin
1 part light rum
1 part tequila
1 part triple sec
4 parts sweet and sour drink mix

Orange juice
Cherries (for garnish)
Pitcher or tall glass


In a shaker or blender, combine ice plus vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, and sweet and sour. Strain into a tall glass (or divide and strain mix equally into multiple glasses). Fill each glass to the top with orange juice. Garnish with a fresh stem-on cherry.


What you’ll need:
1 part Kahlua
1 part Bailey’s Irish Crème
1 part white crème de cacao (you can also use dark crème de cacao — the flavor will be the same, but the drink will retain more of a coffee color)
3 parts cream
Cocktail or martini glasses
Cinnamon sticks or whipped cream and shaved, dark chocolate (for garnish)

Pre-chill a stemmed cocktail or martini glass. In a shaker, combine Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Crème, crème de cacao and cream. Shake well. Strain into chilled glass. Garnish simply with a cinnamon stick, or, if you are feeling decadent, top with whipped cream and shaved, dark chocolate!

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  1. Meghan says:

    I love the drink recipes! Keep up the great ideas!

  2. Norma Byrd says:

    I devised an easy summer drink I call Jamaica Sunset. (Remember the Tequila Sunrise? This is kind of a takeoff on that but with rum instead of tequila.)

    Pour about an inch of good Jamaica Rum into a tall glass.
    Add orange juice, fresh squeezed if you reallly want to work that hard, or not from concentrate, to about half way up.
    You could add an ice cube or two but I don’t.
    Fill the rest of the way with cold Perrier. No need to stir—it’s mixed itself.
    Add a dollop of Grenadine. Again don’t stir! It makes a lovely sunset glow in the bottom of the glass and the rum makes a lovely relaxing glow in you. It’s very refreshing and light. A sprig of mint as garnish wouldn’t hurt anything. Enjoy!

  3. Sally says:

    Fireworks used to be my favorite on the 4th…now, I think it will be the spirit(s)!


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