A Year Of Tech Service, Compliments Of FabOverFifty

Who among us hasn’t panicked when our Mac or PC has had a complete meltdown, right when we’re in the middle of a critical assignment for work, or reading an email from an old friend we haven’t heard from in years? We have no earthly idea what to do, and no matter how many keys we press, or how often we restart the computer, it keeps telling us “NO DICE!”

Even worse, the tech mavens we always rely on are nowhere to be found. Our panic quickly turns to utter terror!

Imagine if you could count on getting help, pronto and 24/7, wherever you are, for your business or personal computer. Now you can, from an ingenious service called iYogi, which will give you unlimited tech support, covering everything from troubleshooting software errors and identifying and removing viruses & spyware to resolving email issues and repairing connected devices.

iYogi experts are a phone call away, and they’ll spend as much time with you as necessary to get your problems solved. iYogi’s 4,000 tech experts have resolved 13.5 million tech issues for 3 million customers around the world, since 2007.

Now imagine if you could get this marvelous service,
for FREE, for a whole year. Well, you can!



The folks at iYogi are offering FabOverFifty members one year of free tech support for our Macs or PCs, to keep them running smoothly and securely. Their iYogi Jumpstart Plan, which normally carries an annual fee of $49.99, is yours, for free, simply by signing up.

And FabOverFifty is making this no-brainer offer even more irresistible:

Any FOF who signs up between now and Friday, July 31, will be entered to win an iPad mini 3,
in the color of her choice, valued at $399.

Actually, just signing up for a free year of iYogi tech support makes everyone a winner.

And, we promise, no strings attached!

iYogi knows that once see what its pros can do, you’ll never want to be left alone with your computer again.

to start your FREE year of iYogi tech support and be entered to win an iPad mini 3!

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