To Date Or Not To Date? Here Are The Answers.

If you’re single, by choice or not, and you’re considering dating, you’ll do well to heed the advice of women who have been there, done that! It’s honest, funny, and wise (if not sometimes cynical).

“Nothing wrong with dating. I think it’s taking it to the next step, i.e. giving your heart away, where trouble can occur. Listen to your gut feelings, not your heart; that is, don’t let loneliness–or the desire to not be alone–cloud your judgment. For example, if some guy talks about himself all evening – even if he’s one of those great-looking older men like James Brolin –all your flashing red lights should be going off. He may be good for a date or two but not for the long term. If we’re over 50, I would hope that we’ve learned enough hard lessons to be able to spot the wolves in sheep’s clothing.”
Anna Maria

“Be very particular. If you feel in your gut there is a red flag—move on! Find someone you can trust, who makes you laugh, who has some of your interests, who is patient and kind. Someone who will be your lover and your best friend!”
Cathy Ritz Barnett

“If you’re  still feeling fragile and vulnerable, its still not time to do it yet. Give yourself permission to heal. Not everyone needs to have someone else in their life. Being single has its benefits, too.”
Carine Munro

“Make sure the person you are going to date is truly a person with a like mind, and has wisdom, and not just someone convenient because you’re desperate. You will be stuck with that person if you marry him and if his ideas and actions are odd and lacking wisdom before you are married…guess what…..they will be probably worse after you’re married.”
Michelle West Stano

“Go for it, life is too short. I’m getting married at 60 this June. Found him on a dating site. Enjoy. The right person is out there for you!!!!”
Darlene Jossy Hopkins

“Don’t stick to one method…do many, like online, events, groups, family/friends.”
Joan Prinaris

“Look for the right qualities for people our age. Approach it with a sense of fun. Don’t expect fireworks. Friendship is the base. We don’t have to have a man, but there are good ones out there. I know many happy later-in-life relationships.”
Sarah Fisher Hartley

“Get back in contact with people from your younger days. You will at least know something about him, and you probably grew up in the same neighborhood and will have things in common. I did and found the perfect guy.”
Linda Cicchetti

“Don’t do it. Keep a close bunch of girl friends for dinner, movies and things you want to do. Then go home to your quiet little house which will still be clean.”
Bonnie Trott

“Be very careful on the dating sites…lots of losers on the one I was on”
Debra Elisa Walker

“Make sure that you healed from past relationships, and you are where you want to be in your life! Yes, I have found love again, at the age of 54, and am very happy, so go for it. I can’t believe I’m saying this LOL. I, too, was once very negative on dating!!!”
Emily Perez

“You might have to kiss a few frogs, but bear with it and your prince will hopefully come along!!!”
Carol Maidment

“It’s ok if you’d like to go to dinner with someone – other than that – keep them out of your house and out of your life. You won’t be able to get rid of them – except with a restraining order!”
Kelly Sewell

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