What’s Today’s Version Of Spin The Bottle?

Before the Sexual Revolution of the sixties, playing
spin the bottle and “making out” were our ideas of “hot”
times. After, well, that was a whole other story.

Which of these activities represented
YOUR involvement with boys?

1. Talking to your girlfriend about your crush on your Princess Phone

2. Playing Spin The Bottle in your friend’s basement

3. Sharing a milkshake at the
ice cream parlor

4. Spraying yourself with
Charlie before a date

5. Wearing your boyfriend’s
varsity jacket

6. Double dating at the bowling alley

7. Making out in the car at the
drive-in movies

8. Slow dancing to “The First Time
Ever I Saw Your Face

9. Sneaking off to see Deep Throat

10. Smoking in bed, after sex

For New York FOFs Only…

Watching the planes take off in the TWA Lounge at Idlewild Airport
(now Kennedy Airport)

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