Eye Roll, Please!

‘I don’t need sunscreen.  I’m not in the sun.
Katrina Peacock
‘I need a break.’ Drives me nuts to hear that from young parents.
Penny Acker
 “What’s for dinner? 😂😜”
Kimberly Fay Bregitzer Ondick
Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.
Leesa Wimmer
” ‘Age is just a number.’ Puhlease! My 62 is never gonna be a 26.
Debbie Summers
” ’Xmas’ instead of ‘Christmas.’
Julie Crawford
“The misuse of I, when it should be me…….VERY COMMON and people do it all the time. 😂 ‘Here is a picture of Joe and I.
Helen Hughes Connolly
“People bragging about their kids, and when they say ‘my child would never do that.’
Laureen Cobuccio
You look good for your age 😂.
Mimi Garcia
‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. God doesn’t give you more than you can bear.’ Hate when someone flippantly says this when they seriously have no clue what you’re going through.
Vicky Davis
‘I’m not prejudiced but…’ or  I’m not a racist but…’
Deb Wilson
‘Money’s not everything!’  Ha, try living without it.
Debbie Ross Hunnicutt
 ‘I love you to the moon and back.’ I hate that!
Ann Parker Davies
Make America Great Again.
Linda Parker Villone

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