How You Feel About Fashion

Valerie and Debra Anne are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to their attitude about fashion. Whose side are you on?

“Yes I love looking good and feeling good but I do not follow silly trends.”
Els Vicente

Totally! It gets better as I get older! Never giving up!!!
Lori Legault

Yes. It’s fun and a great way to let your personality show through.”
Laurie Abernathey Barnett

Not really. I tend to dress for comfort and what I feel good in.”
Valerie Bradford Proctor

“No. It’s all about style which is much more long-lasting than any passing fashion.”
Lola Dee

“You bet mom and I…”
Christine L Marquis Scorziell

“Nope…as long as it’s comfortable!”
Lynn Kammerer

“Absolutely! You can own it with so much more confidence. And, we all know confidence is drop dead sexy!”
Ursula Rigg

“64, and yes I like to be fashionable.”
Debra Anne Gajewski

“I like the classics: gray flannel pants, good wool sweaters, beautiful leather shoes, a string of real pearls, a gold bangle. Anything fast or flimsy, I really dislike. May I make a plug for India Hicks?! Beautiful quality jewelry, accessories, and beauty products for amazing prices.”
Beth Goehring

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