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A good (single) FOF man is hard to find. That’s why we couldn’t resist playing cupid this week when Stan Frantz, our 59-year-old email programmer, mentioned that he’s looking for love. Stan is a lifelong bachelor, but don’t let that scare you, ladies. He’s creative, smart, kind, financially secure, an animal lover . . .

Well, we’ll let him speak for himself. Take a look at Stan’s story, below. If you think you or someone you know could be a good match, leave a comment about why! We’ll choose 3 finalists to send on a date with Stan, and let our members vote on the final choice. It’s Love Connection . . . FOF style.

About Me:
I’m 59; I live in Northampton, PA.
I’m looking for someone to share my life with, a soul mate, but I am open to meeting and getting to know anyone who just wants to spend some quality time together enjoying life.

I would like to be with someone who is curious, open and easy-going, taking life as it comes. You should be able to give of yourself easily, be loving, caring, kind and gentle. Conversely, you should also be open to receive tenderness, intimacy and caring when it is offered. Most importantly, you see my life as it is and want to share yours with me, becoming true partners in all that life has to offer us.

I live in a 200 year old log cabin in the country on about 3 acres of meadow and woods with a creek through it. I have a vintage barn I have converted into a workshop and studio. My home is my dream come true and I love working on it and my gardens. I have a deep appreciation for nature and find great peace and happiness there. I especially love all animals and have many furry and feathered friends.

I really enjoy meeting and talking to anyone and everyone. The amazing variety of human nature intrigues me and keeps me curious and involved. I love to make people laugh and I’m good at it.

I am financially secure but not at all materialistic. I prefer the simple and useful over the flashy and expensive. I am creative and artistic and always working on making something. I am proud of being very self-sufficient; I can make, fix, or build just about anything.

I’ve done quite a bit of traveling pursuing both my passion for surfing and interest in world cultures. Usually I prefer the low budget approach (i.e. staying in a village in a local family’s hut) rather than a luxury resort, but can go upscale too. In the past year I’ve been to Hawaii, Nova Scotia 3 times, California twice, and spent my birthday surfing in Peru last winter.

I loved Nova Scotia so much I bought 3 acres overlooking the ocean and will be building a summer cabin up there this summer. I am excited and looking forward to taking on this new adventure, but at the same time know I will miss my current home, garden and animals. But such is life. You have to make choices. Finding the right balance, that’s the challenge isn’t it?

So what do you think, FOF? Could you or someone you know be right for Stan?  Comment below and tell us why. Then we’ll play cupid…xo

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  1. Shareen Motan says:

    A. Big. Hello to you: could you be so kind as to please give
    Me your email address: I am from Johannesburg South Africa:
    So very far away. But I just would like to say that we have so much
    In common. I love animals. I love. Everything natural and the beauty of nature. There is so much to say. But I would like to write to youu via-email. Thank you for reading this and. For your time. Best regards: shareen:

  2. 3thingsuneed says:

    Wow What A Man!! I found my soul mate 22yrs ago. and Stan needs his soul mate also.. I really hope the woman the he meets will appreciate him as a good human being. These type of men do not come around often(i have one)..
    I call them diamonds in the ruff.. I know what I have, but others don’t see what I see..is what i mean by that saying…
    I will vote to help find someone for Stan to share life with..♥

  3. Karen Lee says:

    Hi, I’m 48 DWF I live in CC Philadelphia Acamy of music area. I don’t exactley where you live but, from the photos it looks like you live in the country. I traveled all over Europe. I’m British But you can only tell when i say certain phrases. I’m a casual person.

  4. Carolyn Diamond says:

    My name is Carolyn. I like the fact that FOF cared about love enough to help Stan find his soul mate. I would like very much to meet a man with such fine qualities. Not only is he handsome, he is down to earth.
    I would like to put my hat in the ring. I live in Philadelphia and I’m 55 yo. carolyndiamond.com
    Thank you.

  5. Carolyn Diamond says:

    How refreshing. A man that is down to earth and appreciates the important things in life.
    I would date him…brains, handsome and if he works for FOF he mush know a womans heart. You can read about me at carolyndiamond.com I live In Philadelphia and know the area where our man Stan lives.
    Please count me in.

  6. ystrad2 says:


    You are lucky to have such great friends on FOF. I wish you well on your search for a ‘soul mate’. The ladies sound interesting and fun! I was married to my ‘soul mate’ for 40 years and one week! Those years passed so quickly and we had one beautiful daughter that is about to make me a first time grandmother in April! Too bad I am an ‘older’ woman or I might give them all a run for the chance to enjoy your friendship! But alas I am 60 and live in Wyoming! I can give you a guided tour of Yellowstone National Park if you ever get to Wyoming!
    My best wishes on your search!

  7. morrisonbonnie@hotmail.com says:

    My best friend is beautiful, funny, smart, and talented. She is a young widow with no children and is now ready to live the next chapter of her life living life to the fullest!
    When I read Stan’s bio, I realized that they are both very loved and respected individuals. He would be a very lucky man to have a “friend” like my Jana.

  8. Laura says:

    Hi Stan,

    This was a fun and creative way to look for a possible love connection.

    I am a true Southern girl, from Birmingham, Alabama, whose children
    now being grown wants to find her soulmate if possible.

    I love nature and all creatures, great and small, furry and feathered. I
    have an almost childlike natural curiousity about things and love to look
    often marvel at the beauty in the world.

    I like that you have a good sense of humor, laughing is fun!! You have a nice open face too and I appreciate a man who can fix things!!

    My own dream, if I had a man ( wouldn’t be much fun to do alone) is to have a very small farm with a few pet farm animals and a very nice sustainable garden with both veggies and flowers.
    I also love to paint, so would be painting along with canning on my little farm. The place you have created for yourself is not too far off from mine.
    I also love Scotia and travel.

    This all sounds nice on paper, but there is much more. You can write me back if you like. I would like that! Anyway, have fun and be careful!


    • Anna B says:

      Well Laura,
      Because I am your sister and know you pretty well, I thought that I would add that you are kind, thoughtful and loving. You are also very attractive, tall and exotic. You are funny and always game for adventure. You really know how to enjoy life and you revel in even the simplest things. You are an accomplished artist and have incredible taste and style.
      You have a cabin in your family in the mountains which you enjoy and you love water and relaxation. You cook like a dream. You are beautiful inside and out. I am very proud to have you as my sister and if Stan does have the opportunity to meet you he can call himself a lucky man.
      Have fun,
      Anna B

  9. Flo Zoltanetz says:

    Stan looks like an interesting person to meet. I love gardening myself and when I lived in New York, I had a plot in the largest community garden in the State and enjoyed growing fruits and vegetables and learning about composting and other gardening aspects. I now live in Central New Jersey and am not far from Northampton, PA.
    I worked in the field of Finance on Wall Street and now work for a large cosmetics company in New Jersey.
    I also enjoy water sports but must admit that I never tried surfing. I do keep myself slim and trim and with my love of dancing, am able to keep up with the latest gym offerings of the zumba, aerobics, spinning and the rest.
    I am looking for a steady relationship with someone whom I also would consider a soulmate in that sense in finding the right person to share the rest of my life doing things that we both like to do.

  10. JudeAnne says:

    I’m down here in Florida working with student-athletes at a private college. They cannot believe that I am at an age where it would be possible for me to be their grandmother, which verifies that a person is as young as they feel. In a week I’ll be celebrating the 31st anniversary of my 28th birthday.

    My past has taken me to different places including surfing in Hawaii, the university in Salzburg and life in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In addition to traveling, I have two wonderful daughters who are pursuing their own adventures in life.

    I enjoy meeting new people, hearing their stories and finding common interests. Reading your story has piqued my interest in getting to know more about you and discovering how often you might be able to make me laugh out loud. Let me know if you are interested in starting a conversation with me.

  11. Stan says:

    Wow! I’m pretty blown away by all the wonderful responses. thank you all for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    as I find time throughout today, I will try to add some more personal responses.

    but I would like to invite any ladies who wish to continue conversations to visit my Facebook page and message me privately thru that.

    looking forward to expanding my circle of connection and ‘social networking’ whether or not something special comes from it. been too long alone out here on the farm!

    again thank you.

  12. Norma Byrd says:

    Would I date this man? In a heartbeat! However the logistics don’t work out. He would probably think I’m much too old for him, though I’ve just ended a longtime relationship with a man four years younger than he. And I’m now in Colorado as you’ll see in an upcoming article I wrote for FOF. But someone very fortunate will surely be a good match. Best of luck to both.

  13. renee says:

    Stan is a find. At 50 i am finding it lonely and would love to find someone to share my life & love with. I would love
    a travel companion & someone to just get old with. Stan sounds like a great guy to get to know.

  14. kel m says:

    How exciting is this!!!! Even though relationships are private….I do hope Stan will keep us posted on his thoughts, insights and progress.

  15. Anice Stonerock says:

    Stan had me with his photo with his dog!

    • Stan says:

      full disclosure, that is a very old photo, not sure where FOF found it, on one of my sites. I love it, as for me it is a picture of pure complete two-way unconditional love. Lulu was my first puppy and I was in heaven, absolute heaven. If I could find that with a human…
      sadly I lost her a few years ago and have a tribute to her here http://www.lululand.us for those who wish to see just how special she was.

      but all animals are special. each has a gift and a message for us. we only need to open ourselves to receive it.

  16. Dianef says:

    Please don’t shy away from a bachelor. I met the love of my life at 52 and he was a comitted bachelor who became the ideal husband. Stan looks like a catch (but I’m not looking)!

  17. kalee123 says:

    I love the gentleness this gentleman has with not only his peace of mind but piece of land. He seems to like getting his hands dirty–with dirt you know weeding, taking care of land etc.

  18. Debbie Shirley says:

    Hello Stan,
    I am 62, and have been a widow for 23 years.
    I have raised three wonderful daughters, who have grown into loving adults enjoying families of their own.
    Of all that I read about you, I most appreciated your attributes of kindness, tenderness, compassion, and affectionate intimacy. Discovering we are soul mates would bring us great happiness; and spending quality time on the path to that discovery would be wonderful.
    I am usually easy going, but am fiercely protective of the one I love being treated with the respect, love, kindness, tenderness, admiration, and appreciation he deserves. I live by the golden rule most demonstratively with the man I love.
    Your description of your home mirrors that of my dreams, including your studio and workshop. While I adore togetheness, I feel it important to have time and space to do your hobbies and fulfill your dreams. I create through writing and doing needlework, and I enjoy reading, so I treasure my time to accomplish all of these things.
    I find peace in nature, but admit I don’t do well for lengthy periods of time, in the heat and humidity, of our South Carolina summers.
    My interaction with animals has thus far been restricted to dogs; (I have a Dachshund I love dearly) but I would love and help you care for the animals you love.
    Sometimes I may feel a little shy or intiminated; but I have never met a stranger. I really enjoy a lively gathering; and fancy a man who makes me laugh. Yet, on the other hand, I prefer the simplicity of togetherness and pleasing each other.
    There have been times I was humbled, so I dislike wastefulness; and like you, I prefer the simple and useful.
    When I was younger I enjoyed traveling and meeting people of other countries. I have yearned to travel again for a long time. I have never been to Nova Scotia but I cherish being at the beach, so I feel it would be amazing to live there part of the year. While I enjoy my daily practice of water aerobics, I would be a disappointment to you, when it comes to surfing…but I would cheer you on and be supportive of your fun.
    I hope you enjoy reading your responses; and I wish you well as you decide which ladies to meet.
    Wishing you the best…

  19. SUE says:

    I think this is a fascinating and fun way to meet new friends.
    I hope to chat with you soon on fb.

  20. opallisa says:

    Dear Stan,

    I enjoyed reading your “bio”, and have to say that you’re a lucky man to have the wonderful ladies at FOF trying to help you find love. I live far away from you in Wisconsin, but being at a similar latitude, I can understand your love for living where there is winter (Pennsylvania and Nova Scotia). I’ll also admit that I’m jealous of your large garden. I have been “teaching” myself to garden in a tiny plot in my back yard, and enjoy my time there immensely, often not coming in ’til it’s too dark to see.

    I’m also a bit envious that you are nearing retirement, as I’ve several years to go…if the postal service lasts that long! I’ve also come to the conclusion that I can’t afford to retire in THIS country, so recently returned from a scouting trip to Ecuador as a possible place to retire. It seems to me that one way to “stay young” would be to immerse myself in a new language and culture, and to make new friends. I have long dreamed of retiring to a log home on Lake Superior, but that’s just not going to be my financial reality!

    You certainly are right: life is about balance and making choices. For every thing in life we say “yes” to, we say “no” or “not now” to myriad others. When we’re young, we often make these choices with very little thought. But when we get to our “second half”, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before we decide!

    I believe I am someone who possesses many of the qualities you are looking for…and since they are important to you, I’d like to assume they are qualities that also define who YOU are. I’m 57, am blessed with good health, and have a generally sunny disposition. The first thing most people notice about me is my smile. Though I’m not a surfer, I do love to swim and spend time at the beach. Hiking/walking through the woods or near any body of water…just being in nature and BREATHING makes me happy.

    I would truly enjoy getting the chance to talk with you and get to know you, and I thank FOF for the possibility!

    Truly, Lisa

  21. BlueBear says:

    Not in the market but I do have one question: Why have you been a “lifelong bachelor?” I find that very curious. Accepting someone else into your life after you have lived alone for 59 years is a monumental undertaking. At 59, we are well set in our ways, our views of the world and even our views of others. Why have you suddenly decided upon a change?

    • Stan says:

      great question! I was taken by surprise by FOF deciding to do this. I have all those same questions and concerns! still not sure if I’m ready, but you don’t know if you don’t try. I think it came out of my mentioning to the wonderful ladies who create this site that I felt ready to open up again to meeting someone especially now that I’m retiring soon, and I think they decided to give me a little push!

      as to how I got this far without meeting someone. your guess is as good as mine. but about 10 years I moved out to this cabin and before you know it I hadn’t dated in a looong time. my life was full, I was content, and I just wasn’t in contact with available women on a regular basis, so I adjusted and stop thinking about.

      Prior to that I suppose it was just not having met the One.

      • BlueBear says:

        Stan, too bad we didn’t meet five years ago. I’ve worked and lived in the Far East for eight years and the same in Europe for another eight years. I’m a computer geek and have been using them since 1966 when I learned COBOL for my job at NASA. After seeing and doing so much, I wanted a quiet life and I married a great guy from Pittsburgh who, like me, was a computer geek and, like me, wanted to live a simple life. I love my life now and there’s a lot to be said for no bindings to keep either of us from having the life we wanted. I hope you find someone to grow old with, as nobody should grow old alone. I wish you peace and most of all, I wish you love.

  22. mtwheat says:

    Stan sounds like a wonderful man, but I’m just wondering how he’s going to manage to get to know some of these women that live thousands of miles away and are interested in him? (I live in S. FL) I am also a great Animal lover and have been single for over 10 years. My Golden Retrievers are my constant companions and I’m also working on my “fixer-upper” house. It’s hard to talk about yourself, but this is a great idea for FOF!

  23. Elisa says:

    I am also looking for a a life partner, and hopefully a soul mate. In the interim, I am living my dreams. Currently I am in the Cook Islands writing this. I am in my final week of 5 weeks, meeting people both local and international, and making friends and learning and experiencing. I am a friendly person and make friends wherever I go.
    I am also financially secure but not materialistic. Experiences and laughter mean a great deal to me. Laughter is one of the most important things to me, and one of the first things I notice about others.
    I would write more, but this is public. I am happy to share more about me in a private venue.
    There is so much to see and do in life! I am a happy person and would enjoy sharing that joy and happiness! I also have a passion for travel, and it sounds like we have much in common.
    Good luck with finding someone!
    Best wishes,

    • Stan says:

      Wow Cook Islands! I’m jealous! How’s the surf?

      always wanted to go there. Actually had a ticket once as part of a circle the Pacific trip but ran out of money after Fiji, New Zealand and Australia and had to skip Cook Islands and Tahiti on the way home, much to my dismay. that was back in the days when I worked making surfboards, I’d make what I thought was enough for a trip and take off. then come back and start over. the joys of being young and carefree…

      • Elisa says:

        Stan says:
        February 16, 2012 at 7:48 pm

        Wow Cook Islands! I’m jealous! How’s the surf?

        always wanted to go there. Actually had a ticket once as part of a circle the Pacific trip but ran out of money after Fiji, New Zealand and Australia and had to skip Cook Islands and Tahiti on the way home, much to my dismay. that was back in the days when I worked making surfboards, I’d make what I thought was enough for a trip and take off. then come back and start over. the joys of being young and carefree…
        Hi there again,
        So lovely to hear back from you! The Cooks are amazing in so many ways, not the least of which are the people. They have beautiful hearts.
        The surf is wonderful and today is warm and sunny. I did some visiting of friends today, and am headed out to the night market at the moment. There is a celebration and the queen will be there.
        So you make or made surfboards. Your personna runs deep. At this age there is much to us and much to discover. Isn’t that exciting?!?!
        Again, this will be brief as I believe it is public. Ah….

  24. kariann says:

    I give kudos to the person who thought of this idea. I am widowed and am now doing the on-line dating scene, gosh I should write a book about all the strange people out there….Stan sounds like a nice man, surprising that he’s stayed single all this time. I think our distance would put me out of the running. I love being around my family and they live nearby. Good luck Stan, this should be fun.

  25. Joyce Fuller says:

    I promised my Dad right before he passed that I would never marry again since, as one of the best friends I have ever had said . . .You are one of the smartest people I have ever met but when it comes to men you haven’t got a lick of sense.
    So, I am working and living with animals . . .cats to be specific in my home . . .at a rescue sanctuary for cats and dogs.
    I have an eight year Bachelors degree from Suffolk University -Boston.
    I miss the north on some days but love wherever I am.

  26. Diana says:

    Stan, you are not the man for me, but I am sure there are a lot of interested women out there who fit you to a “T”. You sound confident, secure, are good looking, healthy and have a lot to offer some lucky woman. Let us all know who she is when you find her.

    Wish I had a man who fit my needs who lived closer and had the great qualities that you have.

  27. Ellen says:

    Stan sounds like a great guy, someone I would like to meet and talk with and laugh with. I am a professional counselor who also has a career in the travel industry. I also love Nova Scotia – I am envious! However, I’m coming off five very hard years and don’t feel I have anything to offer him, so don’t put me in the running. I did want to comment, however, because he sounds wonderful and I wish him much luck in finding many new friends and, hopefully, his soulmate.

    • Stan says:

      Hi Ellen,
      sorry you’re coming off a long rough patch. been there, done that. someday it will be long in the past and you will have many happy years behind you. hopefully you will also find someone by them and not be in my shoes. not that I’m unhappy but as another commentor says below, its a challenge to try to find and create a relationship once you found your groove.
      all the best! if you’re ever up in Musquodoboit Harbour NS look me up.

      • Ellen says:

        Ah, so Musquodoboit Harbour is east of Halifax…I have been west of the city…Brooklyn, I think. Friends from here in Birmingham spend their summers there. I think I probably drove through the Musquodoboit Harbour area traveling to or from Cape Breton.

        Thank you for replying to my post, and for your kind words. Best of luck! Oh – and if you ever want to chat, my e-mail is ellenfalkenberry@yahoo.com

  28. stephanie says:

    stan, you sound like a wonderful guy… i’m a little out of the FOF age bracket, and in MI to boot, but if i were in PA, i would definitely consider throwing my hat in… being divorced for 8 years, i have run the dating gamut… not having much luck, as i am looking for MORE than what those i’ve come across are seemingly willing to offer– a true partnership. you don’t think it would be that hard to come by, but in my experience, it has been. my advice for you– stay true to who you are & what you want. it appears you have so much to offer someone (not talking materialistically)… just make sure you take care that ‘she’ has just as much, or more, to freely & lovingly give to you.

    • Stan says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      where in MI?
      I partner a lot with an old friend who has an ad agency in Cheboygan. I’ve built a ton of web sites for the city chamber and businesses up there. Feel like I know the place. check out our new site cheobygan.com just launched a week ago. working on about 4 more right now for surrounding communities. falling in love with it and do plan to visit maybe this spring before heading to Nova Scotia.
      thanks for the sweet advice and wishes. that was very touching.

  29. Laura says:

    I enjoyed reading what Stan had to say about himself, and in realizing a few parallels, decided to write. I’m a 53 year old mother of two (independent)adult daughters living in Houston, Tx. I have lived in many places, including a 12 year stint in Abu Dhabi where I worked as an art teacher, then returned to the U.S. and became a licensed counselor. I have been living independently since my divorce in 98, and currently I work with the Houston Police as a mental health clinician. I ride in a patrol car and respond to emergency mental health calls with my officer partner. It is exciting work and I love helping people. I have a painting studio in my home and attend art classes more for social aspect than to hone my skills. I am a strong animal advocate, as are my two daughters. We are vegans but don’t judge others if they are not! I grew up on the beach in Texas and surfed as a kid, and have driven my surfer daughter to the west coast of Mexico just for the awesome waves! I am perfectly happy where I am in life, yet am open to new possibilities. Definitely would like to start a conversation with Stan 🙂

    • Stan says:

      Hi Laura,
      wow we do have a lot of common interests. you sound like you live a very exciting and full life. these days mine is quiet and peaceful and pretty laid back. and you are way far away…

      I would love to start a conversation tho. (how do we do that? hmm… don’t want to put my email here, I do have a web site in my own name, and a facebook page…)

      starting with: where did you and your daughter surf in Mexico, Puerto Escondido? huge scary waves there!
      I want to explore further down where there are some long right points rumored about…and Novy is too cold in the winter.

      • Laura says:

        Hi Stan,
        I sent a message to you on facebook 🙂
        We could exchange email addresses through that site if you like.

  30. Jacquie says:

    Stand sounds like an interesting person. He seems to have a lot of creative outlets and energy. Hoo-Rah for another animal lover.

  31. badgefanz says:

    Very charming man and looks like he would be fun and interesting to talk to! His face has alot of character!

  32. Christianne says:

    What a great idea!

    Stan is definitely a charming gentleman (shy smile: and handsome)! I know where Northampton, Pennsylvania is located – I spent a long portion of my adult life in Allentown before moving to Bucks County, then Mercer County, New Jersey. I’m 58, about to be 59, and am interested in computers as well – for the same reason: creativity. And I love it that he is devoted to animals – as am I. I wonder if he’s visited the Lakota Wolf Preserve near Philipsburg. I too am independent yet willing and able to allow others into my life, and I have spent the last ten years or so developing an ability to self-nuture.

    I also agree with Stan about what he’s looking for – ultimately soulmate, partner in life, but willing to find good friendships as well. This type of perspective allows for friendship where two people may not spark as soulmates. My thoughts EXACTLY.

    Again, I congratulate FOF! This is a fabulous idea!


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