{Foxcroft Style Challenge} Foxcroft Style Challenge 2 winner announced!

Last month, we sent five FOF style gurus a Foxcroft Grosgrain Ribbon Tunic and invited them to take the Foxcroft Style Challenge. Each guru styled the shirt in her own, unique way. Then, we asked you to vote and tell us: who wore it best?

The polls are closed and the votes have been tallied. The winner is….

Zipporah Sandler
Florida-based lifestyle specialist behind the brilliant blog, Champagne Living.

What did you think of the shirt?
The fit was extremely generous, it covered my sins (tummy and thighs), was long enough to wear with leggings, and easy to use to create so many different looks.

Tell us about how you styled your shirt. What other pieces did you pair with it?
I simply tossed it over a short black skirt, added a wide scarf around the waist that I cinched with a belt and added a black men’s style vest, and a pair of black wedges.

What made you choose to style it this way?
I’m a scarf girl. You rarely see me walk out of the house without something draped around my neck or shoulders. Given the length of this shirt, I thought it was perfect for a cumberbun, and simply tied one of my many large scarves around the waist to give it a casual, fun feel. I was going for a marriage of 80s Diane Keaton with today’s accessories.

Where could you envision wearing an outfit like this?
I’d wear this everyday!

Don’t forget to vote on this month’s style challenge and visit FoxcroftCollection.com for 20% off any pink shirt through October. (Discount applied automatically. Can’t be combined with another offer.)


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12 Responses to “{Foxcroft Style Challenge} Foxcroft Style Challenge 2 winner announced!”

  1. onewiththeclay says:

    Congrats to you Zipporah

  2. Lisa Samples (@lisasamples) says:

    Congrats Zippy!!!

  3. Still Blonde after all these YEARS says:

    Congrats to ZIPPY!!

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    […] P.S. Meet last month’s Foxcroft Style Challenge Winner, Zipporah Sandler! […]

  5. Evie says:

    I do not wish to insult anyone but I agree with the previous comments and think it’s outrageous that Sherrie’s styling did not win. The contest is meaningless as an assessment of the participants’ work.

  6. Maggie says:

    No offense to the winner, but I can’t believe this was the chosen “look.”

    Others were far more credible. I particularly commend Sherrie Mathieson for creating a look which used the shirt as it was intended to be worn and yet put her own personal (and tasteful) spin on it.

  7. Karen says:

    You must be joking. This is why contests like this one are so ridiculous, inauthentic, and terribly unhelpful for the fashion conscious and the fashion “learner.” There is not a woman on earth who would look flattering in this outfit, and I am sorry to say, this includes the model. She would have looks far better in the shirt without the winter scarf wrapped around her waist. This contest was more about who has the most fans, not who has the best taste. Really. I am extremely disappointed.

  8. christy martin says:

    i thought sherrie’s look was amazing and a sure hands down winner…this woman should not be wearing this belt, period. it is simply and utterly not good style for her: she is not tall enough and it does not help with her body shape, it draws attention to her middle. she needed to elongate, not chop in half…

  9. {Foxcroft Style Challenge 3} Who wore it best? [short version!] | Fab Over Fifty Style Blog says:

    […] P.S. Meet last month’s Foxcroft Style Challenge Winner, Zipporah Sandler. […]

  10. Boni says:

    Really? I thought I wasn’t understanding this as the winner and kept looking around to find the truth! Are you sure?

  11. LindyBelle says:

    I do not think this look should have won either. The short skirt and ankle straps accenting chubby legs, wide belt on wide waist, and long shirt on what appears to be a short body is not the most attractive look she could have gone for. I still congratulate her for trying, although fail she did.

  12. Mick says:

    This ensemble was a winner? Really? Where is the “man’s black vest” in this picture (that might have made a ‘win’ credible)?


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