{Foxcroft Style Challenge} Who wore it best?


We sent five FOF Style Gurus a Foxcroft Non-Iron Tunic (recently featured in the September issue of O, The Oprah Magazine) and invited them to take the Foxcroft Style Challenge. Each guru styled the shirt in her own, unique way. Now, tell us: who wore it best?

When you vote for who wore it best and leave a comment below telling us which color tunic you like the best, you’ll automatically be entered to win the stunning Foxcroft shirt featured in this challenge (in the color of your choice)!

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Susan Grant
Merchandise manager for Muse, a full-service jewelry showroom.


Ellen Hart
Founder of Careerbags.com.


Susan Sommers
A personal stylist with 25 years experience in the fashion industry and founder of Dresszing.


Lovey Dash
Beverly Hills-based stylist, formerly in VIP sales for Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive.


Glenyse Thompson
A personal home and wardrobe stylist and the creator of Styleosophy.


Who wore it best?

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For more details on how the gurus styled their shirts read their entire interviews, here.

Don’t forget to enter to win the stunning Foxcroft shirt featured in this challenge by voting and leaving a comment below telling us which color you like the best.

For an extra chance to win: “Like” Foxcroft on Facebook and “Follow” the brand on Pinterest.

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One FOF will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes September 13, 2012 at midnight E.S.T. Winners will be announced September 20, 2012.

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  • I do not want to vote on this…I want to buy it in Orange color. Where can I get it?????

  • I really like getting the letters, but please will not go telling folks they are going to receive about an individual a week. I have been lucky to acquire a single a month. You need to do a little better than that….or quit the pinocchio stories at the very least. If just one a month is what it is, then that’s what it is.

  • Roz Rickman

    The simplicity and graceflulness of this shirt would make it a must in my wardrobe

  • Carole Penner

    Although I love bright colors, in this shirt I would pick white. I’ve been noticing articles in fashion magazines about having a good white shirt in your wardrobe. Although I didn’t vote for the styling of the blue shirt with a white shirt underneath, I see more possibilities for the white shirt as a classic addition to my wardrobe.

  • VanessaHH

    I absolutely adore the “Currant” color!

  • Tracy Culbert

    Blueberry Freefit is my favorite. I wore a version of this color when I soloed this summer. It makes me feel confident and powerful.

  • ladonna

    The top stands on its own. Love black and blue together.

  • Blue

    It’s my favorite color.

  • deborahf2

    I love the blue pictured…think all looked great and the shirt is really versatile…hope I win one…

  • Pam Mari

    I like the richness of the currant color.

  • Wendy

    I love the fruit punch!

  • Phyllis

    I like the blue

  • kellykat

    I always like bright blue.

  • Sierra Delta


  • Kathy

    I like the blue because it can be paired with any other color.

  • Monicaustin


  • Deb

    Pomegranate definitely has the most “wow” factor.

  • Suzy


  • Ellen

    Always loved fox croft but hard to find

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  • Denise Hill

    I vote for Ellen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cfarrellsc


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  • nancdep5

    I liked Lovey’s look the best and the color as a bright accent against the black. This was the most stylish look. Glenyse wore it well also. Like the blueberry color.

  • betsy cortez


  • Marsha Calhoun

    That blueberry always catches my eye and makes me feel great when I wear it.

  • cathylwood

    Love the “juniper” color — it seems seasonless and could go with skinny cords, boots and turtleneck in winter as well as leggings, sandals and pretty jewelry in the summer.



  • krispy9

    I like the Fruit Punch best

  • Thereislightonthehorizon

    I really like the Buttercream Colored Tunic as I can see myself wearing it (as soon as tomorrow and through the fall) with a wood and stone necklace that would compliment the tunic along with a few bangles 🙂 I’ve also been “eyeing” some of the colored skinny jeans and there are a few brown shades that would look like Autumn’s natural sunset with the tunic.

  • Gothicrise

    I like black

  • Janice

    Well must admit to not liking how any of them are “styled” and I would wear none of those “looks”. What exactly are the credentials for being a ‘style maven’?! Can I apply? Did not vote.

  • Corinne

    I like the top in Currant.

  • Sheryl

    I like the blueberry and the juniper.

  • Roxirwin


  • Carol

    Glenyse looks like a million bucks!
    Fruit punch is my favorite.

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  • Glenda Steffee

    Fruit Punch with my jeans! Love the look, Glenyse

  • Laurakb

    I really liked Ellen’s take on the tunic, loving orange this year but I had to give it to Lovey, I like the tunic buttoned better. All of the ladies rocked it! I love royal blue so if I won, royal blue would be my choice.

  • Onehsancare

    Currant, but the blue the models are wearing is really my favorite! Glenyse really rocked the tunic!

  • Dana

    Blueberry is my favorite

  • Lauren

    fruit punch packs a whollop!

  • Elisse


  • Stillwater Sue

    Love the simple, classic way that Glenyse chose to wear this tunic!I love the royal blue shade that she is modeling!!

  • Sherry

    I like blueberry best and love the simple elegance that Glenyse is showing.

  • ellen

    liked on FB too!

  • ellen

    Currant – love that color – goes with everything.

  • Leona

    I like Blueberry since I have finally let my hair grow out and it is now white. The brighter colors seem to look better now on me.

  • Carol in Denver

    Currant is a wonderful color! As versatile as black but not so dull.

  • Claudette Taylor

    A great look on Glenyse, simple ,elegant and not overly accessorized.

  • leo39

    My fav has to be POMEGRANATE

  • Amy Baker

    Currant but they are all gorgeous!

  • Karen C

    I love the blueberry!

  • Janet

    I would like the blue, but more fitted to show off my slim waist.

  • jed

    I love the Pomegranate hue!

  • loralee roberts

    pretty top

  • Rosiey

    Fruit punch, something sassy to energize you for the day.

  • Kathy Davenport

    I would choose the blueberry (although white would be a better choice–always a good color).

  • Betty Mordecai


  • Wanda

    If these ladies were my only window to Foxcroft, I wouldn’t even consider their product. I don’t like any of the looks. Certainly, none of these women looks like a ‘style maven’ to me. Wearing a big loud belt slung low to “make my hips look smaller”? Hello!

    Based on what I see here, I won’t be voting. I wouldn’t want this piece in my wardrobe. It would just hang there, taking up room.

  • stellaglo

    ironic that this perfect for plus sizes tunic is actually unavailable to us. too bad.

  • joyce

    I like blueberry.

  • grnwillow

    I agree with Cherie L, Glenyse has a look that works no matter what your body type or age is. It looks clean, modern, and it’s perfect for day or night depending on your accessories! Love it! I like the fruit punch and current colors since fall is on the way. I guess I would pick fruit punch first though. Nice colors.

    • Glenyse

      Grnwillow thanks for your compliments. I hope my look inspires others to try it out!

  • Kathi

    I Like the Blueberry free fit, I wish black was one of the color choices, but what a nice tunic, so many different ways to wear it! I would be honored to wear it

  • Simona Giveaway

    my fav colour is Pomegranate

  • Kristin


  • Bita

    I definitely voted for Ellen. She looks very stylish … I like the Pomegranate color 🙂

    • Ellen Hart

      Bita you are so nice to have voted for me and I appreciate your effort

  • jennifer t. schultz

    I love the skinny jeans with the tunic. The combination makes the model look even thinner.

  • carla hoffman

    I vote for ellen, love her style

  • Brenda Leon

    Blueberry would be the color for me to match my eyes!!

  • kim

    I love the fruit punch!

  • dmnyes

    I actually like the buttercream, because it works with so many colors to create so many looks!

  • Amanda G


    Super hot paired with my fav color, orange. You dress as well as you cook!

    • Ellen Hart

      Amanda you are so kind, thanks for the vote

  • shonda

    ellen is the best

  • Laurel

    Beautiful shade of blue!

  • Barb

    I really liked the color combination Ellen chose, orange with the brilliant blue. To me it has a fresh feeling to it, and the orange sandals were a great tie in. Also, I preferred the width of the belt she chose.

    The blue color all the models are wearing is the color for me!

    • Ellen Hart

      Barb, thanks for taking the time to vote. I really do love the top

  • Annette

    I will also vote for blue

  • Fifi

    Glenyse’s look is simple, slimming, sharp. For an evening look, I’ll pair it with a pair of leather pants, a man styled gilet/vest, a white shirt underneath, rhinestone ties and a pair of boots. Cigarette holder optional

    • Glenyse

      Fifi, your outfit sounds fantastic! Thank you commenting!

  • Susan Evans

    Fruit Punch! Sweet and juicy.

  • Melody

    Blueberry or Currant…can’t decide!

  • Christine Norman


  • Liz Pastula

    Love the Pomegranate!!!

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I would love the shirt in pomegranate free fit and I voted for Ellen

    • Ellen Hart

      Thanks Brenda I appreciate your vote

  • Robin

    The purply pink would add a shot of something different to my neutral wardrobe.

  • Beth

    Fruit Punch is the color I love – but oh, that Blueberry is stunning!

  • nancy norris

    Glenyse REALLY rocks this shirt.Less is more
    That rule really must stand here.All the rest of the gals look fine but also like they threw every sort of accessory on
    before posing for the shot.Glensye also used the long chunky necklace to her advantage.Drawing the eye down and away.
    I think the best color for me would be the red/coral one .
    Or the blueberry………..or………..
    Well,just love them all!!

    • Glenyse

      Nancy, thank you so much for your compliments!

  • ctgal

    I love the currant. I am just all about blue this year.

  • Rita

    Ellen, go girl that’s the way to dress. like the color !

    • Ellen Hart

      Rita I appreciate your vote

  • Nancy Jachcik

    Really like the purple.

  • tracey

    I like the Pomegranate color – vibrant and classy.



  • Leslie

    Blueberry…Nice to see some color coming back …fashion colors have been soo drab lately

  • Ianete

    I love the pomegranate color. So bright, so happy.

  • Kathy

    The royal blue is such a rich color and can be worn by all hair colors and skin tones.

  • colleen

    I like the blueberry a lot but the buttercream is great too.
    Tough choice between Glenyse and Ellen but the orange pop underneath pushed me in that direction.

  • Boni

    Without a doubt Glenyse! The proprotions are perfect. The lines are slimming. Nothing futsy. Age appropriate yet trendy with those excellent shoes and necklace! Love the hair up. Glenyse can dress me anyday! Fabulous!!!

  • Dindy904

    I loved the electric blue…a great color for all four seasons !

  • ewhatley

    I chose Glenyse because it’s probably the way I would wear this top. Her look is fresh, neat, uncluttered, sophisticated and polished.

    • Glenyse

      Thank you, ewhatley!

  • k_lemmel

    Glenyse’s look works with any body type. Love it! The ‘currant’ color is my choice.

    • Glenyse

      Thanks for the compliments k_lemmel!

  • Leslie Bonner

    The Juniper is a color flattering on practically everyone.
    Loved seeing the different styling on real people.

  • sharon

    I like the way ellen wore the foxcroft, with the orange shell and orange sandles, they just looked so right together. Now th collor I would choose ia purple.

  • Peggy Kleiss

    I thought Ellens look was stylish and put together better, you could wear it for many occasions. The color is one of my favorites.

  • Deanne

    This girl is amazing and energetic to a plus. Her products Re amazing!!

    Go girl!!!

  • Melissa Fraher


  • Cherie L.

    I think Glenyse is getting the most votes because her look is good for all body types. A couple of the other looks while cute, would only work on a thin person. Glenyse’s look works for everyone! This looks like a great shirt and I’d love it in the Royal Blue! It’s my favorite color and I have the perfect jewelry to match!

    • Glenyse

      Cherie, thank you for your compliments!

  • Annette

    Love the blue and the timeless of the shirt style. All are winners but love the punch of orange!

  • Nancy

    I love the blueberry!

  • Pat

    Fruit Punch- that colors looks nice on me. It would go great with jeans- black or blue!

  • karen transue

    I love that color blue, I think Lovey wore it best! looks awesome with that charm belt!!

  • arlene kohler

    I really like the blueberry

    • arlene kohler

      weird..time is wrong…it is not 10 58 but 6 :58

  • arlene gerger

    I love the vibrant blue popped with the orange. You look so hot!!!

  • Donna Black

    Love the blueberry.

  • Soledad

    I like Fruit Punch.

  • chrisskins

    I’ve been waiting for this shade of blue, “Blueberry” to re-emerge since its wild run in the ’80s. It’s such a fabulous hue – eye-catching without being screamy. Welcome back!

  • Jill

    Like the fushia color

  • yyoerger

    Pomegranate. Healthy fruit; great color.

  • Rene

    I like it with the skinny jeans and the accessories

  • Gaye M

    I voted and Blueberry is my favorite.

  • Diane Mason

    Blue, definitely!!! And I like Ellen’s styling the best.

  • Jody


    I want this tunic!

  • Brenda

    Glenyse looks great!

    • Glenyse

      Thank you Brenda!

  • Sue Zabritski

    Glenyse looks the most comfortable to me, so I’d have to pick her. Pomegranate is a color I’d love to ry.

    • Glenyse

      I agree with you Sue, I am comfortable in this outfit. I think it is one that has a lot of different occasions an FOF or FOForty could easily wear it to. Thank you for your comments.

  • debel

    Currant is the color for me!

  • Kath

    Glenyse looked classy, regal like the blue color of the tunic.

    • Glenyse

      Thanks Kath! (you made me blush!)

  • ticki566

    I love how versatile and easy to care for!Would have one of each but my most favorite color would be Currant! This tunic would work well for my job or just going out for a casual dinner.

  • Donna

    I think the “fruit punch” color would look great with my auburn hair!

  • gshep

    I like the blueberry the best,but the purple is a close second.

  • Nancy

    Very tough choice, I love them all! Very stylish and lovely ladies!

  • Nancy

    Glenyse looks classy and the skinny jeans and jewelry she chose make her outfit look fashionable. All the tunic colors are nice.

    • Glenyse

      Thanks Nancy for the compliments!

  • Marcia

    I picked Glenyse’s look the best, it fits her and my shape, is neat and uncluttered, and is perfect for work and a casual dinner out. The other looks seemed like they were trying too hard to be different. The colors available are delicious! I’d like to try the fruit punch, but could use any one of them with ease.

    • Glenyse

      Thanks for the compliments Marcia, and you are right this color would look good on any lady. I love it!

  • CB

    the blue is perfect

  • Penelope More

    Great basic piece and fun to see all the different styling choices. I liked them all except for Lovey’s. I totally get a bit of funk but piling on five attention grabbers just doesn’t do it for me. Glenyse is a class act head to toe! I ‘d choose turquoise because it brings out my baby blues best.

    • Glenyse

      Thanks for the compliment Penelope!

  • Christine

    like the Blueberry color

  • Jeanne T

    I liked Ellen’s look with the blue and orange. Also Glenyse looked smart in the plain shirt with the skinny jeans.

    • Glenyse

      Thank you Jeanne!

  • Kaylea

    I think that Glenyse wore it the best because she looks so comfortable without having all the extra accessories. I love when you can wear an understated look and still stop traffic.

    • Glenyse

      What a compliment! Thanks Kaylea!


    Love the blueberry

  • Cindy

    Blueberry . . . especially with the orange accents!

  • LindyBelle

    I like the blueberry color best. I chose Lovey’s look because I am short and would need to belt at the hips and pull the top up some. The belted, hippie-chic look Lovey created would work for me and it is a fun take on this tunic.

  • Teresag

    What the heck was Susan G thinking??? I love the shirt and think Glenyse, Susan S and Ellen wore this shirt the way most FOF’s would wear it. any color for me. Thanks 🙂

  • AnnaLeaf

    Liked & Followed & Blueberry is my pick!

  • amy rouse

    fav color: Currant. Love the color combo Ellen chose.

  • Sharon

    I think that I would look as good as Glynse in this tunic as I am well over 40!

  • Kirsten

    Love several of the colours, but I will pick Fruit Punch as my favorite.

  • Adina Weinstein

    Blue is gorgeous. This tunic would be quite the addition to my wardrobe.

  • Carol

    I voted for Glenyse and her style is perfect for the blueberry shirt. Love that color and style.

  • wizardewu

    I voted for Ellen. I like the Fruit Punch color the best.

  • eve

    Love the blueberry! I have a hard time accessorizing with belts, so am glad to see it worn fashionably without.

  • Cheryl

    I love wearing tunics – The blueberry color is so jazzy! I would definitely be able to wear this to work and I like Gleneye’s look with the chain necklace. Very classy!

  • suerae01

    I agree with Lori, the blue and orange I really dramatic together, and very much a combo I would try. I like the Fruit Punch color best, but it was a tough call

  • Maurine

    Love the Fruit Punch color! Have been afraid to wear skinny jeans, Glenyse shows how to do it fabulously.

  • Kaydee

    I voted loved the blueberry color!

  • Robin Stanfield

    I really like the blue, but prefer the Fruit Punch color best.

  • Sandra B

    I voted for Glenyse. I like the way she wore the collar up…..very classy. I like the Blueberry.

  • Dimitra

    Love the blue!!!!!! I want Glenyse’s look!!!

  • carol berman

    The blue definitely. It’s bright enough, looks good on everyone, can be dressed up or down, and because blue looked good on everyone, whatever their shape, size, and skin color. It is also a color which can be worn in all seasons. Hooray for BLUE!

  • kimberlyirby@ymail.com

    I found that I loved each one of the ladies’ fashion style in one way or another. I picked Susan G. because she was wearing a slow slung belt, (hip belt), which looks great on us ladies who are short-waisted like me. Frankly, I see some part of each of the ladies’ outfit that really makes the way she wears it. Hard decision!

  • Gail Stephenson

    I like the currant. Both my undergrad and law degrees are from schools with purple as the school color — I could wear it to football games!

  • tarheel4ever

    All of the colors are beautiful but if I have to pick, I’ll choose the Currant. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  • Suzanne Unger

    I liked the blueberry color. Glynse’s choice was simple and elegant, women of all shapes and sizes could pull off that look successfully.

  • Mary fazekas

    Since they all seem to be the same shade of blue, I’ll say I was attracted to it from the start. As for styling, I like the way Susan G. styled hers in a simple, easy to accomplish way without too much fuss. The chunky ring and belt are a nice contrast to the long, lean necklace. This would be good to lay out the night before to save time in the morning.

  • Sharon Goulet

    I think everyone didi a great job with the challenge, and I would love to rock a purple tunic.

  • Lynne S.

    Sleek and slimming.
    Got it all together.

  • Susan

    I like the Blueberry color. I like the way Glenyse wore it. She looks really classy!

  • Ruth Sklar

    I love the fuschia color! I have shoes that are also this color and could make a smashing outfit with a belt, a scarf, and the shoes….

  • Lori

    My favorite color tunic is Blueberry, and I liked how Ellen styled her tunic. I love the pop of orange against the blue.

  • pmernick

    I voted! I like the Blueberry color.

  • patatwell

    Cute, I think they all look good. I would have likes Susans better with pants. I would love all the colors with the exception of the Buttercream, not a flattering color on a larger person.

  • tracey byram

    I like the Juniper color.

  • Denise

    Love, love, love this top! The pomegranate pops and is perfect for me with my white hair!

  • Francine Tucker

    I like the navy blue Foxcrof shirt one of my favorite colors. The styling Glenyse chose is compatible for any womens body. I am small built and although I have a small waist this shirt makes you look long and the color highlights your neck stem. Nice

  • Mary G

    The currant is my favorite.

  • grammarista

    Juniper would be my choice, as it is one of my best colors. I loved the way Ellen styled her outfit with that unexpected pop of orange – not too out there, but enough to get your attention. She used the contrast in colors as a way to enhance the tunic and didn’t try to clutter up her look with other colors, patterns, accessories. It worked well with her figure and coloring.

  • Lori McCluskey

    Diggin’ the purple!

  • Still Blonde after all these YEARS

    I followed Foxcroft on Pinterest as Still Blonde after all these YEARS

  • Still Blonde after all these YEARS

    I liked Foxcroft on Facebook as Shelley Zurek

  • Still Blonde after all these YEARS

    I like the shirt in the color shown.

  • Gaye

    I wouldn’t mind one of each but if I only had one I’d go for the currant

  • CJ

    Blueberry! and OMG, LOVE the fringed leggings!

  • Merry

    Everyone did a great job of showcasing the shirt, but Ellen put it just over the top. I would love to have it in pomegranate…

  • Jane NC

    The royal blue is so cheerful & multi-seasonal too.

  • Mary

    Like the shirt – would go with the Fuit Punch.

  • LynneH

    I like the Pomegranate. Great color for fall!

  • Richard Talbert

    I love Susan Sommers style! And her model is so sexy!

  • eddyrobey

    Fruit punch

  • Toni

    I have a LOT of Foxcroft shirts from Nordstrom and I wear them very simply- some of these looks were too much for me!

  • Mitchelle

    I think the blue that they all tried on is pretty. So is the hot pink. Actually, just looking at them, I like all the colors.

  • Debra S.

    Wow I like this tunic! I love the Fruit Punch color the best. Gee, after Glensye, I liked the way Susan Sommers put it together!

    Oh my- Lovey Dash, but your look is not something I would wear, but my 21 year old would! I’m not that “adventurous” in my fashion!

  • Mary in MN

    All the women looked good, but I like the more classic look that Glenyse had.
    I would pick the tunic in pomegranate, it would be good for all seasons.

  • Holly C.

    follow on pinterest (Holly Chernoff- http://pinterest.com/hbbs55/)

  • AJB

    The pomegranate color. I’m surprised this tunic doesn’t come in classic white!

  • Holly C.

    like Foxcroft on facebook (Holly Chernoff)

  • Alison Braidwood

    I like the teal tunic.

  • Laura Royal

    I like it in the pomagranate color

  • Holly C.

    I like it best in Juniper!

  • Lisa States

    Oh I forgot to say I would like the Blueberry the best!

  • Sande Nosonowitz

    The Blueberry!!

  • Lisa States

    I love the way it looks on Susan the best. The low belt look is stunning and the jewelry she chose looks great!

  • Joni

    The fruit punch would be a fun color. I like the way that Ellen styled the tunic. Tends to my sense of style.

  • Laura R


  • jankeyser

    I actually love the color “Juniper Free Fit” because I favor the turquoise color more than the other ones shown. It is a great shirt; very nice and it looks very comfortable to wear, too.

  • Ruth

    I voted for Glenyse’s styling, although it was fun to see different ways of wearing the tunic. A multitude of older (or any aged) women of different body types could copy Glenyse’s look as long as they get the proportion right for their bodies. I love the cobalt blue and look forward to wearing it with black slim pants, white jeans, and maybe even red or teal jeans.

  • Lourdes

    I like Glenyse’s styling the best. Hers was a very simple yet chic look. And I always say, simplify, simplify, simplify! My favorite tunic color is Fruit Punch!

  • Linda Carswell

    I like Currant and Blueberry – both are rich and lively colors.

  • Jewel Hopson

    Buttercream is my favorite shade for this versitile tunic. I can’t always find a nice yellow for my warm, tawny color skin.

  • Maggie Rowe

    The pomegranate pops! I would totally wear that look to work.

  • Deborah

    I love the beautiful blue shirt the best. It is very bright and crisp and paired with the black skinny jeans makes an impressionable statement for any foxy lady with any body shape!

  • amy mayer

    I like the juniper color the best–would go great with any shade of the brown family, grays, black etc…

  • Cynthia

    Glenyse I think made the most of the look. It’s elegant, updated, fo anywhere/anytime look. Doesn’t hurt it’s a fantastic color on her and she is such a striking woman to begin with. Everyone else did a ‘belt’ look so it’s obvious that is a look this shirt does well but Glenyse kept it simple. Love the blue too!

  • Victoria Salti

    Glenyse gets my vote. She looks elegant, comfortable & she rocked it for me. The other ladies look great also.

  • Dorothy B

    Mrs. Thompson wore it best. Love the royal blue

  • Liddy

    Susan S. hit it right on the head. Age appropriate and style forward not over done nor lacking effort. LOvE it!

  • PrincessTamera

    I love the purple the best as purple is my favorite color! I love the way that Susan G. styled her tunic; it would look good that way on all ages of women!

  • Debbie Terry

    That shade of blue is beautiful

  • Penny Boyer

    I like this cute yet simple tunic in the Currant color.

  • Katie5

    I like the yellow.

  • Paceda Petrone

    I like the juniper the best. It would go with many other colors for fall.

  • katie

    Tough pick but I do love, Lovey’s look. The color is perfect for all the ladies and the shirt is obviously very versatile.

  • Marcie

    Glenyse has a casual look and she looks comfortable in it

  • JM

    I like juniper best

  • Karen Phillips

    Love the blueberry!

  • Kari Judd

    I really love the Blue!

  • sharon

    Juniper Free is the money color 😀

  • Cindy

    I like the Juniper Free Fit.

  • ktpotat

    I like the juniper

  • Norma Byrd

    I voted for Lovey because I love (and wear) this style all except for the gigantic bag. It’s WAAAAY too big. Imagine if you filled that thing—you wouldn’t be able to pick it up, let alone wear it on your shoulder. I probably would go back and vote for Glenyse because her look would work on almost any woman and be neat yet cool, again with one exception—toeless boots make no sense at all. They’re just too contrived and gimicky.

  • MaddiesMom

    I like the blueberry free fit, apparently chosen by all of the stylists.

  • Tania B

    I love the Juniper colour tunic. I liked Foxcroft on FB (Tania B) and am following them on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/tjbugnet/)

  • Judith Smith

    Love the Blueberry. Awesome color and glad it is in right now.

  • Kathryn

    Blueberry for me!

  • Deb

    changed my mind – blueberry or currant

  • BlueBear

    Glenyse isn’t gilding the lily with her choice of how to wear the tunic and I love her for that. A simple choice for a very chic look! Everyone else looks like they’re trying too hard.

  • Deb

    I mean Juniper.

  • Deb

    I like blue!

  • Anna

    Liked the currant….nice fall color!

  • Tricia Andrews

    I voted for Glenyse! I love the pomegranate!

  • Melanie Montgomery

    I’d choose the Juniper color! Glenyse rocked it.

  • Jerrilynn Atherton

    Blonde (and white) hair, blue eyes…have to go with Blueberry!

  • Phoenix

    My favourites are Fruit Punch & Blueberry.

  • Mara Kaplan

    I like the Currant the best.

  • nancy morrell

    I think this blue is stunning

  • Linda

    Currant looks great. Liked Ellen’s look best because this year I love orange!

  • NoreenB

    Fruit Punch for me! What a warm, cheerful color!

  • Mary Gobbo

    Glenyse wore it best! Classic lines, and definitely the most flattering. There is no one who could wear it like she did and not look terrific!

  • Amy Hall

    I need the Juniper! That color would make my eye color pop! I’d love to see it in a coral also. 🙂

  • brendell

    It classic, comfortable and unrestricted and the blueberry is beautiful on many skin tones

  • Mary Ann

    Ellen looked the best to me.

  • llock92

    I love the pomegranate. I’m trying to bring new colors into my wardrobe.

  • Susan Krich

    Blueberry but with a pale pink turtleneck


    Too many accessories on other women. Like the sleek and clean look of Glenyse.

  • Rinda

    The Blue is very pretty

  • Kathleen

    I love the simplicity of Glenyse’ look. We all love the skinny jean look, but finding the perfect top to hide our flaws is touch. Glenyse’ look is stylish.

  • Linda

    Forgot to say I love the blueberry color!

  • Dorothy Campbell

    I like the color of the shirt worn by Susan G the best!

  • Tfabglam5

    I like the bright perwinkle purple top that Susan G is wearing. It really stands out and I think will work with all hair colors and skintones.

  • mlh125

    it was actually between Susan G. and Glenyse for my vote…I like the Juniper color best b/c it’s one of MY best colors…

  • B. Lerner

    I didn’t see the bright blue on their website, which I like very much. I also like the Juniper & Pomegranate.

  • Sandhya

    She looks lovely and has the FabOF.

    Bright, Brighten my Day . . . . Maybe Blue

  • Linda

    Glenyse’s look was the most wearable-simple but effective 🙂

  • Barb

    I liked the Blueberry color best.
    I liked that the shirt is 3% spandex.
    Shirts like that are really nice to wear and wash.
    Very Tempted to buy one!

  • Kate Burton

    I’d definitely want the Juniper, well maybe the Fruit Punch…no definitely the Juniper

  • JSaulnier

    I like the blue, because it’s bright enough to put with black, but still works with denim.

  • Mary

    They all look great, but I like Lovey’s look.

  • YaYa C

    Go Glysie! I’d choose juniper.

  • Jacquie

    Glyise gave it adult, hip but not trendy look that I like

  • Sally Alexander

    I have blue eyes and silver hair, so naturally, I’d choose Blueberry!

  • D’ Forman

    Liked the Juniper color on the tunic