Stamps of (Dis)Approval

I asked a tattoo artist friend of mine how much it would cost to get a small heart tattoo on my shoulder. He told me they start at about $50. Then I asked about the pain level, and he said there was a good amount of pain so I thought it over and went out and bought new shoes.
Bonnie Gentry
  “Here is one of mine! I have 4 others! I LOVE tattoos!
Paula Bernhardt
I have one. I got it one year ago at age 72. It is a cardinal in memory of my mother💕.”
Margaret Hatcher Barnett
My opinion of tattoos is not the popular opinion! Many people who  I love have tattoos so I refrain from saying anything to them as its their body and their choice. Tattoos don’t make me love them any less!!! Since this poll asks my opinion….I think that they are trashy looking….especially on women. Back in the day only men who had been in the military, prisoners, motorcycle clubs, and trashy women had them. I know that’s not the case now as a large portion of society has them but I don’t care for them at all!
Connie Whitfield Rigsbee
Always surprises me just how judgy people are. If you have them– good for you, if you don’t– good for you. I got my first one at 40 after years of listening to people say how bad they are, how trashy they are, how you will look as you age– then I decided I don’t care what people think nor do I need anyone’s permission. 😊
Pamela Mitchell
 “I got one when I turned 50! A gift from my daughters.”
Tina Gerberick-Roberts
 “No, because I don’t want to look like a sagging box of crayons. Lol.”
Jan Smith
 For all the ‘trashy’ comments, I’m a self made, well-educated woman. I have not, nor will I ever be trashy.
Josie Darling
My daughter lost her baby who was only one year and two weeks old. The dandelion wish held significant meaning to her. I had my leg tattooed to honour my precious grandson who was taken from us much too soon. 💔My two daughters and I each have a butterfly on our shoulder, too.
Catrina Harding

I have one. To celebrate my son finding recovery from addiction!

Pam Hardy Volk

“I will be the last human left with no tattoos!
Cyndilu Lu
I got this when my Mom died, I was 55.
Lana Smith
“My first and only tattoo done when I was 52 On the inside of my wrist to represent my volunteering at two Olympic Games and the musical notes represent my involvement with singing with a choir formed at the Olympics😀.
Kerry Linden
I got my first (and only one) done when I was 50 and I love it. It’s a poppy wrapped around a snooker cue and is in memory of my parents (cue is my dad as this was his sport, and poppy is for my mum).
Jill Jennings
When my daughter was pregnant 10+ yrs ago, we were told it was a girl, so I had her initials tat (small) on my shoulder! Guess what…it was a boy! By the time my granddaughter was born, they changed her name! I have initials on my shoulder that mean nothing! Someday I may go have a flower or something put over it. It’s a great convo piece though!! LOL
Madeline Kay Norton
“Nine and counting. Love them.
Sharon Mary
“This is my most recent> I have five and got my first one when i was 45.
Donna Parker
I would never deface my property ;).
Maxine Lynn Rubi
This is in memory of my husband whom I lost over three years ago! 😢💔
Paula Bernhardt
I have freckles, many spots, crows feet, wrinkles, and varicose veins. Who needs a tattoo? I don’t want to pay for pain. And I’ve seen what happens to tattoos when skin begins to sag. It ain’t pretty.
Darinda Huntley Venters
“Hubby and I have matching tattoos.”
Diane Strickland
I’ve had a tattoo since old ladies thought you were from the wrong side of the tracks if you had one! Now I am the old lady! I love it, it was from a meaningful time in my life. I’m looking into getting it recolored.
Darlene Chavez Gonzalez

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