If You Won The Lottery, Would Your Kids Win, Too?

Imagine if money wasn’t a concern. What would you give to your adult children? We especially love what Bonnie would do for her son and Lori’s clever idea!

“Investment properties, college funds for my grandkids, a grand trip for all of us to share…so many ideas!”
Katie Drew Jensen

“Buy my daughter a condo in a gated community and, my son, not sure. He’d have to tell me.”
Jeanette Koehler-Campbell

“I started to say houses and land. But I don’t think I’d just give houses without them putting any investment in. So maybe seed money for investments.”
Elizabeth Lyons

“A new vehicle. My son has never had a new car or truck. He always buys and fixes up. He’s a good mechanic, thank God, but it seems every minute he can spare he’s patching this or that. He works long hours at work, comes home and works long hours raising his son, alone. He’s a great man.”
Bonnie Trott

“I would have them be debt free, a house, vehicle and the best healthcare so they pursue their dreams.”
Linda Adams

“A chance to go play soccer in Europe.”
Tonia D’Anna

“Nothing. Period, no handout teaches them a thing. But I can see maybe a trust fund for when they reach middle age or later if they would need it for health reasons or for some unexpected expense.”
Janet Hayman

“Pay my son’s student loans, send my daughter to the best doctors in the world, buy them both homes & new cars. Not because I have to but because I love and appreciate them for EVERYTHING they do for me.”
Christie Patterson

“Pay for any schooling. Start a retirement fund that they will contribute to, match the money they have saved for a down payment so they can have the satisfaction of purchasing their own home and knowing they are capable, responsible adults, not dependent children. Too much help does not teach independence or pride in one’s self.”
Terry Arthur-Pratt

“I would not do anything except put the money up to help their children, my grandchildren, with college. That would be helping my children and grandchildren all at the same time.”
Lynda Ward Barret

“Youngest-paid dental surgery. Middle-paid further education. Oldest-paid home.”
Michelle Darville Scott

“If money was not an object, I think I would richly reward them each and every time I saw them doing for others! Let them give to get!”
Lori Lemmenes

“I am lucky enough to have two wonderful, responsible, hard-working sons. Their significant others are also the same. They are working hard to provide a loving family life for their two children each. I would like to pay off all their credit card debt and student loans. The only other thing I would do is help.”
Lynn Kammerer

“I would take them on a seven-day cruise. My grand kids are grown, do I would take all five of them. Cruising is something that they would never do for themselves. What a pleasure this would be. I am feeling warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it.”
Sylvia Person

“Both my daughters are self-employed and work so hard. I would love to provide good health insurance for them and a trust for their senior years when I am gone.”
Evelyn Phillips

“Pay off student loans. Buy a huge piece of country property and divide it evenly between four (including myself in that) and build houses for them. Then take a family vacation every year as a family.”
Denise Robinson Miner

“A house. A car. Money for school. Pay for the back surgery my daughter needs. A new mattress so she can sleep in a bed. Not high expectations but important to me.”
Rose Marie Mills

“A savings account until they really knew how to appreciate money.”
Sue Remus

“They have what they need, so a secret savings account. Divided evenly upon my death.”
Kari Hahn

“I would love to buy them a nice home so they wouldn’t have a house payment, and when they start a family they would be free to spend all the time they had enjoying each other instead of having to work all the time.”
Tiffany Mckeel Boucher

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