{Giveaway} Edgy earrings by FOF Shaune Bazner


FOF Shaune Bazner designs fabulous jewelry and accessories for all types of women. Her company, Shaune Bazner Accessories, is giving away 5 sets of clip-on earrings (retail value: $30-$32/pair). Her colorful collection, which also includes hair sticks and necklaces, are all under $100– beautiful and affordable. To win, answer the question: Which set of earrings is your favorite?


How old are you?
62 years old.

What were you doing before you started your business?
I was a dancer and yoga instructor.

How and when did you get started with your business? I started my business out of a personal need to find a hair accessory that would not give me headaches or damage my hair. I founded the company in 1978 with one accessory, Mei Fa Hairstyx*. It’s still our flagship product.
*MEI FA translates to “beautiful hair” in Chinese. The hair sticks keep your hairstyle comfortably in place.

When did you start designing jewelry?
I started designing jewelry a few years after launching the company. I heard from many women that there were no clip-on earrings out there that were comfortable and fun looking. I jumped on this opportunity and we have one of the largest selection of handcrafted clip-ons available.

Where are you based out of?
All of our products are made in our studio in Washington, D.C.

What is a typical workday like for you?
Extremely varied! Which is part of the reason I’ve been at it for so long. I do trade and retail shows. We sell to about 600 stores across the country. I design two jewelry collections each year. I have a good sense of priorities and naturally gravitate toward what needs to be done.

What accessories do you sell?
Mei Fa Hairstyx, shawl pins, convertibles, necklaces, bracelets, ID beads, eyeglass cords and earrings (wire, post and clip-ons)

What are convertibles?
Convertibles are multi-purpose pieces of jewelry. Shaune Bazner has 60” of stretch cords with seed beads, faceted crystals, and pearls which can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, pony-tail holders and more!

Why would FOFs like your earrings?
First, they’re comfortable and not heavy. Next, we have such a large variety to choose from that a woman can match any outfit for work or something more artsy for play. Many women have gone back to clip-ons because of stretched out holes in their pierced ears. Our earrings take care of this problem. The most popular type of earrings are pearls. Ours are sophisticated and edgy.

To win, answer the question: Which set of earrings is your favorite?

5 FOFs will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes June 13th, 2013 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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  • patricia lockhart

    The blue and green pair

  • gina faulkner

    I live the gold ones

  • Gianna

    The turquoise pair in the middle right.

  • Buddy Garrett

    The first pair is my favorite.

  • Angela James

    I like the gold on the bottom right! So pretty!

  • susan smoaks

    i like the all gold earrings the best on the last row, they are simply gorgeous

  • Sandra Thomas

    I love all of them. I’ll pick the pair at top left, gold with large drop oval bead


    The top middle. Silver flowers with blue & green dangling beads.

  • Kendra mcbride

    Hard to pick

  • Nora H

    All of them.
    But to pick one…silver pair, bottom row, left

  • Linda Lansford

    third row last

  • dani marie

    the square one with the teal ball.

  • strawberry3d


  • Laurie Emerson

    I love the gold ones in the last row on the bottom.

  • The 2nd pair on the top row are my favorite.

  • Mary A. Hebda

    First row, second pair in.

  • Shannon Houston

    I love the blue and green ones in the first row.

  • shannon Baas

    I like the blue and green.

  • Mihaela Day

    The second on the top line is my favorite!

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    second row, 4th pair (navy)

  • sara forster

    I love the silver pair on the bottom row with the pearl. So pretty.

  • kathy pease

    I love the first pair in the top row 🙂

  • Linda

    LOVE the silver with the flat copper bead & then the pearl (?) silver ball (?). They really rock!


    I like the gold last pair!

  • I love love love them all! They’re all so fabulous!

  • Marilyn Wons

    The second on the top line is my favorite!

  • I love them all! i only wear clip on ear rings.

  • Carol

    I like the yellow ones on the top right.

  • Merri Matalon

    I would love to win any one of them. The silver with the light blue green bead if I had to choose.

  • travelgirl

    I do not wear clip-on earrings, as my ears are pierced. However I wanted to tell you that these look beautiful! It would be hard to choose just one, but my personal favs are the ones in the middle picture – top row (silver-tone with blue & green dangles)
    Good luck with your business!

  • Patti

    they are all beautiful, but my favorite are the ones in middle of the top row with the 2 blue and 1 green hanging bead

  • I love all of them…difficult to choose just one.

  • Traci Baez

    Middle right – silver with light blue/green bead. Hope I win! All the earnings are something I would wear.

  • Lynn Hood

    My favorite pair of earrings are the silver pair on the bottom row, left.
    They are simple yet refined.


  • Cynderma

    I like the silver earrings with pearls on the end.

  • Kathi

    Wow! I can’t pick one pair of earrings as my favorite because they are all so Beautiful and elegant. I would be Thrilled to win and would wear any pair of earrings.

  • Diana


  • Pam Bonfiglio

    They are all wonderful!! I particularly like the first pair in the last row and the silver with the red bead!!!

  • Terry Murphy

    I Love these earrings!!!!!

  • Wendy Dector

    I really like all the earrings I am looking at! They are stylish and I am an earring nut!!! I cannot just choose one pair!!! So pretty!!!

  • Natalie Pirtle

    The first pair in the third row.

  • Deb

    the first pair

  • Cynderma

    I liked the silver earring with the pearl drop.

  • Betty League

    My favorite pair of earrings is found in the upper right corner of this page. They are colorful and nicely designed. thank you

  • shirley weissman

    Love them all!

    Especially the upper left corner pair.

  • Jennifer Rubick

    My favorite are the silver toned rectangle with two silver pieces dangling and the round turquoise bead. I really like your style in general. Very pretty.

  • Camille Long

    My favorite are the blue and silver…looks like there is a flower motif in the silver….they look lovely

  • Patricia Assanowicz

    my favorite color is red, i love the red ball with the goldtone cris cross design, hard decision, great work, thank you

  • hofken

    My favorite are CODE: E-C2-10


  • Joanna

    I like the ones in the middle bottom row!

  • Soledad

    They are all pretty and unique but cannot narrow it down. It would have to be a pair that has silver in it. The last time I used clip-ons though, made my earlobes hurt.

  • yyoerger

    Of the clip-ons, I’d pick E-C-01. I love the combination and balance of the square tops, transitioning to a round loop, transitioning again to hold the little globe drops. I also like the texture combination of the hand-hammered look on the golden tops contrasting with the sleek, smooth amber spheres. And the color tones complement each other perfectly too.

  • Larisa

    All earings are so beautiful – it is almost impossible to choose, but if I have to have only one:
    E-SA-27 or E-SA-26 are still 2 the ones I wouls choose. I am definitelly will shop there – it is like candy store for my eyes.

  • Ida Khodorkovskaya

    The first one on the picture- long golden ones are beautiful. And the silver one on the 3rd row first – so whimsical. I love all of them!

  • Carlita

    Love the gold pair and the silver pair (with the snowflake like ball/design @ the top)! Have outfits that will go with either.

  • Sandra

    I really love the E-C4-10 earrings. Would look perfect with a tribal print tunic I have!

  • Dawn

    I would love any of these!

  • Jean Bearrick

    I like the bottom left-hand pair.

  • Basya Skalozub

    I love Pierced ones. CODE: E-P2-05 is exquisite! I love all of them and the fantasy of designs is awesome. I hope I win one.

  • Zenaida

    Clip-on Earrings E-C4-11. They are the first pair on the last (third) row. They are beautiful!

  • Alice Strunk

    WOW! What a hard decision. I like them all. My two favorites are the E-C4-05 silver with multiple shades of green and E-C4-03 silver with turquoise. I have just the outfit for them.

  • Teena Kilbury

    I like them all but I like center top one, that are blue and green.

  • Sara Donahue

    I like them all, but the blue ones at the far right in the second row really catch my eye!

  • velder dion

    silver dangle with pearls

  • Delia Sadler

    Silver w/red

  • sharon crutchfield

    Silver and green !!!

  • Sherry Ann Abrams

    I love the style and color combination of the E-SA-40 earrings. Turquoise and coral accented with yellow is perfect for summer fashions!

  • Mary

    I love the pair on the bottom right hand corner

  • Susan Lockwood

    I like the red, blue, and yellow pair at top right row.

  • Patty

    I like E-SA-07 in the pierced style and E-SA-29 in the clip style. Great color/metal combos!

  • Beth O’Donnell

    I love the pair on the right of the top row, with gold pieces and colored beads. Perfect for summer

  • ginny

    I love all of them … but the all silver dangle earrings are my favorites. I like the circle & its design at the top of the earrings.

  • Sandy

    I like CODE: E-C4-05 — shiny silver disc on the ear with a moonstone-colored, variegated drop bead, joined to the disc with a faceted bead in a beautiful olive color.

  • pamela gwinn

    All of them but if I was going to wear a pair it would be the silver ones with the green bean on the end.

  • jhsaiche@gmail.com

    The silver dangle earrings are so pretty, they can be used for an elegant evening-or to make a casual outfit -POP!

  • Anita S

    I love the silver dangle and pearl earrings with the copper center piece. I love mixing metals!

  • This is definitely a difficult choice. The styles are all very attractive. I think I like the silver discs with the red beads.

  • I like your brown oblong earrings to help thin out my face.

  • pameladw

    I love the silver dangle earrings and the pearl dangle earrings! They are all beautiful!

  • The set w/the sapphire blue stone hanging from the silver button emblazoned with a flower.

  • Debbie Fry

    My favorite is the silver flower posts with blue and green dangling beads. I actually love all of them! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Michele F

    I love the flower ones with the blue and green dangles.

  • Tammi B

    I have to pick? Oh my goodness, decisions, decisions..the sapphire blue with silver buttons with a sun embedded on them. Reminds the best of both worlds–the sun and the ocean..life cannot get any better than that, right?..Oh wait, yes it can, while I am wearing my new earrings! xoxox

  • Gonhikin

    Love the silver with flower in the middle and blue stone dangling! Nice stuff!!

  • Sharyn

    I love the silver ones with the blue ball attached. I wear a lot of blue, so they would be perfect.

  • they are all so cool

  • My favorites are the silver ones with the orange ball at the bottom