{Giveaway} Pluggz


FOF Sharon Whiteley is giving away three pairs of Pluggz (retail value: $39)–super comfy sandals with built-in technology to help keep you grounded. Enter to win by answering in the comments below: Which color Pluggz would you wear?

Sharon Whiteley says she was born an entrepreneur. “I had no choice, it’s my life passion.” She’s manufactured and marketed consumer products for the majority of her lifetime. She had her “Aha!” moment for her latest creation while attending a health and wellness conference discussing the negative effects of separating your body from nature.  “We are cut off from a very natural energy source–electrons, which we receive when we walk barefoot on the earth,” says Sharon. “I thought ‘what better way to be able to ground yourself to the earth [than through your shoes]?'”

And with that, Sharon got to work on Pluggz, a line of shoes that have a built-in carbon plug that fits under the weight bearing part of your foot, and connects you to the earth. “The black plug is a conductor [of energy], Sharon explains. “When we walk directly on the ground, we are connecting back into the energy of the earth, and adding the flow of those electrons into our bodies.”

Pluggz just launched this summer, and they’ve already received amazing feedback, such as write ups from editors at Glamour.com and Betty Confidential.  Pluggz wearers have reported that they feel more balanced and energized, and have fewer aches and pains, according to the Pluggz website. A line of Pluggz ballet flats will launch in early August.

In addition to feeling more balanced and energized, Pluggz provide specific benefits for women over fifty.  “As we get older, our bodies have more wear and tear,” says Sharon. “We have more aches, pains and, inflammation. There are [wearers] who have been in chronic pain who have experienced immediate changes.”

According to Sharon, wearing Pluggz is the closest thing to not wearing shoes. “It’s the same [feeling as] when you walk barefoot on the beach,” says Sharon. “You may think that you’re so happy because you’re barefoot walking on the sand on vacation, but there is actually science behind it.”

Enter to win a pair of Pluggz by answering in the comments below: Which color Pluggz would you wear?

Three FOFs will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes July 26th, 2012 at midnight E.S.T.

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  • Diane McMahon

    I would like a neutral color like the tan so I can match it up to jeans or shorts

  • cindy plemons

    I would wear the silver ones

  • ellen marie walsh

    I think the color options are terrrific. While I want all 3, I would start with the silver. I think they would be the most neutral to go with lots of different color clothing and swimwear. The most important thing is that my aching feet and body will feel better. I am a believer in the ‘energy story’ and am looking forward to wearing Pluggz real soon.

  • linda dazey


  • Phyllis

    I like the gold Pluggz

  • rhonda

    I was at the beach and burned my feet badly on hot sand .Oh my ,help!!!

  • Renee G.

    I like the Black ones!

  • Jessica A

    I would wear the gold.


  • Charlene Kuser

    I love the black ones.They are my favorite and so cute!

  • Tanya White

    I love the Gold

  • Sand

    I would like the Women’s Flip Flop Silver .

  • Betty Newman

    I would wear the silver ones

  • AEKZ2

    I’d like to wear the silver ones

  • Janet Boyanton

    I would like the black or sand.
    jboyanto at swbell dot net

  • Jessica Hays

    I would love the black!!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  • michelle colon

    black because they go with everything!

  • sarah woods

    Stylish and fun for the feet especially for summer. Thanks SW

  • Breanne


  • Ambre W.


  • Marianna


  • Rosey

    I like the silver ones.

  • Leanne

    I’m going to go with the black but I really like them all!

  • kathy pease

    id wear Women’s Flip Flop Black


  • Crystal F

    I would go with the silver ones. thank you!

  • elven johnson

    I like the Women’s Flip Flop Silver

  • Ann Council

    I like the silver.

  • Sasha Dang

    Either gold or black.

  • Jennifer B

    I would get silver

  • Tonya Dean

    I like the black ones.


  • shira

    As long as my shoes are comfortable I dont care what color they are.

  • Karen Mumpower

    I like the gold ones

  • Monique Rizzo

    Womans black.
    Thanks for the chance.

  • Kristi C

    I like the Silver.

  • Penny Boyer

    I would like the black. Most of my clothes are black and purple, so the black would go with all.

  • Jennifer B.

    I would like them in black. Everything goes with black.

  • Amy Woods-Smith

    I would wear the silver ones.

  • Sherry Conrad

    I would wear the silver or black.

  • Gaye M

    I’d wear any of them, but my first choice would be black.

  • Kristen m

    I would wear the gold!
    Blue65829 at aol dot com

  • Melanie Montgomery

    I’d wear the silver!

  • Catherine Finch

    I love the Gold!

  • James Nunnally

    I like the men’s in black

  • Ashley Beltz

    I would wear them in any color, but I especially like the black

  • Christine Zapatero

    Would them them any color they look so comfortable .I would to win . posted on Facebook

  • Andrea A.

    I love the gold plugs.

  • Tiffany Hearn

    I would choose the black pair. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Eileen Burke

    I would love to wear the black!

  • Linda Lansford

    I want black

  • Tari Lawson

    I would choose the gold.



  • lyndsay


  • heather c

    I like the black ones. 🙂

  • janet lindsey


  • Gianna

    I like silver.

  • Theresa H


  • Melody Reibly

    Every color but silver would be my favorite.

  • Sarah W

    I would wear any of the colors! They are all neutral and versatile!

    fs4sarah at gmail dot com

  • Michelle W

    Oh I love the silver

  • thriftyniftyfifty

    black. 🙂 all the colors are great.

  • Erin E

    I would wear the black color. I almost said gold, because I like those too, but I think I would wear the black ones more. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
    Erin E
    busymom369 at gmail dot com

  • Kim W

    My favorite is the silver

  • Ron Miller

    Wife says Gold

  • Janet Fernandez

    Love the gold ones!

  • Christine F

    I would love to wear either the black ones or the tan ones.

  • Joan

    I usually would go with black, they all look great.
    I think I would go with the silver.

  • Jen Dooley

    Can never go wrong with black

  • Christine Sarkauskas



  • Amanda K.

    I’d wear the gold!

  • Ginger b.

    I would like the black ones. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Chrystal J.

    I love the gold sandals.

  • paige chandler

    I like Gold

  • Katie R

    I would wear the silver

  • Amanda Sakovitz


    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  • Jonathan Katzmann

    I would most definitely wear the black ones. Although the tan ones look nice too!

  • Kelly R.


  • Susan Smith

    I like the gold color

  • cfarrellsc


  • Alyssa


  • amber

    Love, Love, Love the gold

  • Soledad

    I would wear any color but the silver ones have caught my eye.

  • Bonnie F


  • fhoagland

    I wear flip flops year round and would love to have a pair of these. I have osteoarthritis and maybe these would be my all-time flip flop from now on. Love the gold as it would go with everything…

  • Mandi Martin


  • Shannon Baas

    I like the black.

  • Kathie

    I like the silver pluggz, but any color would be nice. I have fibromyalgia and have alot of pain…especially in my feet and legs, this may help me!

  • Sharold

    I like silver

  • Rebecca Peters

    I like the gold!

  • Mary fazekas

    I would wear gold! As a stroke survivor, being comfortable on my feet is golden!

  • Katherine

    I like the black ones

  • joni

    I like the silver.

  • alyce poalillo

    I think I would like the Gold ones for a change from my usual black.

  • sherri wellman


  • Elizabeth

    I wear tan.

  • mary gardner


    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  • shawna

    I would like the black.

  • Kaitlin

    Black–it goes with everything.

  • carol gentry

    I love the black

  • Susan C

    I like the black!

  • Sande Nosonowitz


  • Jennifer Reed

    I prefer the black.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  • robyn paris

    i would wear black

  • Leslie S.

    I would wear the black ones.Thanks!

  • jessica

    Black shoes can go with anything. I would love a pair in each color but black is always classic.

  • Terri Dell

    I like the silver ones.

  • Peggy

    These sounds wonderful! I am getting ready to go back to teaching school and the older I get, the more I’ve learned to take care of my feet! If your feet hurt, it’s going to be a long, miserable day! Could use the “energy” from these with my first graders!

  • Still Blonde after all these YEARS

    Gold says Blonde, and I am ALL THAT!

  • Cathi

    Gold is my favorite…goes well with my personal coloring.


    Please send me the gold.

  • mell

    The gold ones look great.

  • Red

    I love the sandals. My size is 9 and I have a hard time wearing flip flops. They hurt between my toes, so I would love to try these to see how comfy the are. Ill be waiting for your call. P.S. I’d love to wear them in Mexico in Feb of 2013. Thank You So Much! (Any color would be awesome or black)

  • Red

    I love the sandals. My size is 9.5 and I have a hard time wearing flip flops. They hurt between my toes, so I would love to try these to see how comfy the are. Ill be waiting for your call. P.S. I’d love to wear them in Mexico in Feb of 2013. Thank You So Much!

  • Sharon

    I am 53 as bad as I would love to have them I would give them to my mother who is 78 years young. I can only imagine what her feet feels like at 78. My hurt all the Time so I just know hers never stop aching.

  • bedford1tom1

    I can wear all colors.. Love the shimmery tan/gold

  • Sara Donahue

    Definitely GOLD! 🙂

  • Carol

    I’d have to pick the silver – they would go best with the rest of my wardrobe. Will more colorful Pluggz be coming out?

  • Eileen

    The black ones!

  • Kathleen

    As an R.N. for almost 40 years, my feet have seen more wear and tear than the average pair! i love going barefoot and wear flip-flops most of the time when I am not working. I would love to have a pair of the SILVER Pluggz. Interesting science! Choose me PULEEEZZZZ!!!

  • disgusted

    gold or silver, something neutral!

  • Mary A

    Black rocks!

  • Marina B

    I like the black.

  • Janice M

    I’d wear them all – first choice is silver.

  • kmariem18

    Oh gosh – gold or silver – love metallics!


    Gold would be great.

  • yyoerger

    I’m joining the gold majority — more versatile for my wardrobe.

  • krispy9

    I would have to go with black as it handles wear best.

  • Bette Butcher

    Where flip-flops all the time. Pretty ones for work – which the Silver would work great!

  • Bette Butcher

    Where flip-flops all the time. Pretty ones for work – which the Silver woud work great!

  • Emily E

    The black pair for sure

  • Sue Garner

    I would wear the gold pair because they would add a little zip to any outfit.

  • smfsprout

    I think I would like a pair of the black ones. The silver ones are great, too.


    Gold for the color of medals for the Olympics.

  • Jana Hayes

    I love the concept behinde Pluggz and would love to win a pair of the black ones.


    I think I would wear black

  • Stillwater Sue

    Ooh Gold please, I would love to try these!!

  • Laura N

    I would wear the silver because I wear silver Jewelery.

  • Cindi

    Black is always my go to color.

  • Lisa Stroud

    I love the gold.

  • Oya

    I’m a silver girl! These thongs look so amazing. As I have a challenge with my stability, I thank you for this grounding technology.


    Gold says summer.

  • bison61

    the black

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  • Rose C.

    I would wear the gold – they naturally “go with” everything!

  • mlh125

    black is cool..always look classy..and just a comment…it bugs me so much that this footwear is now called flip-flops when they were called thongs at the “beginning of time”. now we have to give that term to the underwear that should be called “butt-floss”!…just had to vent that..thanks for reading….

  • XenaCarmela

    Gold, absolutely!

  • Linda Bailey

    Gold for sure!!!

  • KLNobles

    Looking at the website, it seems that the black would be more logical, but I’m tired of being logical all the time. GOLD! although the silver would match my hair….

  • Renee


  • fabulous mimi

    these look so comfortable–I would take any color, but the gold are especially attractive!

  • Riccioli D’oro

    I like Women’s Flip Flop Silver!


    I would wear the gold all summer long.

  • Linda

    Love all the colors, but if I had to pick just one, I would have to go with black.

  • Barbara M.

    I like the silver! I’d wear gold and black too, but silver is my definite favorite!

  • Linda Owens

    I like the silver ones

  • Michi

    They look really comfortable.

  • kate mouser

    I would love black or silver pluggz’s they would go with all my outfits and I am a true flip flop lover..I have had my gravis black flip flops for 5 years ….were them almost every day

  • Jane N.

    Silver would be the perfect choice for me. These look great!

  • hofken

    I would wear these in black


  • spurnky

    I like the Black ones!

  • Susan Lockwood

    Black for me!!!

  • Sandy Phillips

    The gold would be the color I would choose from these options. Are you planning on doing more colors? Some fun colors would be good – maybe a bright yellow – very summery.

  • An

    I love the gold colour! They would look great with anything!

  • debra

    the silver or the gold are my choice.

  • michelle geil

    I like the silver! As cool as the beach itself. I’d love a pair of comfy thongs that I can live in comfortably all summer, thanks!

  • Sue

    In my teens and twenty’s style was the number one proority when it came to buying any type of shoes. Now theat I’m older and wiser, I choose shoes for comfport. There are lots of stylish flip flops but none so
    far for comfort. Silver flip flops would be perfect to wear with summer dresses in this hot weather here in Texas right now.

  • Karen Lewandowski

    I have never been able to wear flip-flops with the thing between the toes, but these look so promising…………. black would be my first choice for sure.

  • Elisse

    I really want to try these! I’d love Gold- or Black- either will go with basically everything!

  • starsmom


  • pam

    I would love to wear the gold ones. Gold for my “golden years” lol

  • Katrina Hooper

    I love flip flops these are very hot!

  • Joanna Baker (@JoannaMBaker)

    Black would be my first choice followed by silver!

  • patricia assanowicz

    definatly the gold, love this color and also the style, i think the gold color goes with alot of my outfits, not to mention they look sooo comfy…

  • Mary Arico-Immel

    I would wear gold, brown, or when in doubt, choose red!

    • Mary Arico-Immel

      Sorry…mental-pause moment, now I get it… I would wear the black….lol…

  • Jennae-Marie Patrick

    that cream-camel-gold color featured- dreamy color/ soft and shimmery

  • Anice Stonerock

    The silver ones because I wear a lot of silver jewelry.

  • Carole

    Basic black! I’ve been hearing more about Earthing.

  • bozjovi

    My Fav Black! They seem SO interesting!

  • Barbara wicklund

    Would wear all 3 colors, but if I could only pick one, Gold!

  • Tamara

    I prefer black – they would go with everything.

  • Karen

    I don’t like to walk barefoot so if these flip flops have the feel of doing so, I’d give them a try. I live in flip flops all summer. I love the gold tone, so summer like.

  • Kat S

    all. silver

  • Bernadette

    I would wear the silver. In addition to the carbon technology, these flip-flops have an attractive, quality look.


    Love the gold for summer.

  • Mia

    The silver please!

  • Liliana

    Gold pluggz are great!
    Thanks for the initiative!

  • Theresa Kingston

    I’d definitely wear the black ones.

  • Terri Haydon

    I really like the black or gold. Either of these colors would go with anything which is a real plus for me. If I had to pick just one color it would black.

  • Karen L.

    Would love to try silver or black flip flops! Sounds like they emit negative ion technology, which is a positive thing.

  • tovismom

    Silver, a pair of silver flip flops. As I get older, being on my feet constantly at work I find myself losing my balance. Any shoe, or flip flop, that help my feet and keep them grounded , well then… Yes, silver would do just well.

  • Connie Faulkner

    either a light blue or beige would work for me

  • Laurakb

    Silver, black would also work with my summer dresses.

  • Connie Tenn

    The black Pluggsz would work well with any season wardrobe.

  • dmnyes

    The color doesn’t matter when it comes to comfort, but, since I have to choose, I have never had a pair of black. Hey, a comfortable accessory to the little black dress, I’m all for it!

  • Diane

    Black; they would match everything!

  • Becky Beer

    Black or gold, I love my flip flops and these are good looking.

  • Lynne Kelly

    I definitely would wear the gold. They would be the perfect summer sandal to wear dressy or just casual. Love them!

  • Mary S

    I would wear the Gold ones. It would highlight my Tan!

  • shewalk

    I would wear any of the colors. They are neutral enough to go with just about anything.

  • wetc87

    The gold ones – a warm neutral that goes with every outfit.

  • alison

    Women’s Flip Flop Black would look great with my wardrobe. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Maureen O’Neal

    I wouold LOVE to try these!! I love going barefoot and only wear shoes(or sandals) when absolutely necessary!And to be connected with the earth and the earth’s energy would be GREAT!! I would wear them in any color, but blue, please, if they have it!

  • Shari Roe

    I’d like the black ones best, but would love any of them. I have yet to find a comfortable pair of flipflops!!

  • ACeeKayWa

    As a confirmed flip-flop wearer, these rock! Black please! Can’t wait to see the ballet flats.

  • Norma L.

    If they are not too low, the heel part, I’d wear both colors. Also the tab between the toes has to be comfortable too.

  • pamela

    silver is it!!!!!!

  • paulette akins

    i would love the silver ones they look classy!!!

  • Jewel Hopson

    Such a difficult choice! However, I think black would show up the best; and I deffinently would want to show off my Pluggz.

  • Ellen Garfield

    I really like the gold Pluggz. It’s an unusual color and very summer. I’m on my feet all day (retail) and when I come home I need feel good sandals that make me feet say ahhhh.

  • Melissa B.

    Oooh! Silver or gold? Both!

  • SUE

    Every summer I buy the comfiest flip flops I can find and would love to try these in black 🙂

  • carm


  • JAN


  • candicech1

    I really like the Silver

  • Debi

    Silver would go with everything, I’d pick silver.

  • Theresa Bowles

    I would wear any color…love the idea of flip flops grounding you to the earth!!

  • JoAnne Fowler

    Gold first….

  • JoAnne Fowler

    I would start with the GOLD. After I become more energized as well as focused, I will get the silver. When my metatarsals stop aching I will get the black as well.

  • Beth Lowe

    I think of gold when its summer. They would help relieve the foot pain I get from working all day…

  • rosiey60

    Flip-flops that are stylish and good for you too? Sounds like a winner. Gold for me please.

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I like the Women’s Flip Flop Black

  • rosiey60

    Flip-flops that are stylish and good for you? Sounds like a winner. Gold ones for me please.

  • GayleM

    Silver works for me!

  • wizardewu

    I would wear the gold ones.

  • colleen gilgenbach

    All three colors are great! If I HAD to choose probably the black, well…

  • Barb

    These sound really interesting. I’d love to try them out in the silver.
    Sometimes I have problems with my right foot when I wear sandals, probably because they are so unstructured. So it would be great to see if these flips help that issue.

  • Connie Williamson

    I like the gold/beige ones. I don’t paint my toenails so I don’t want to have to match my toenails to my footwear. 🙂

  • Glenda

    The black pair really stand out for me – vibrant, basic, and very chic.

  • jankeyser

    I love the black color. Goes with some of my clothing well. Plus it won’t show the dirt too much… Nice product!

  • Barb W.

    I LOVE the silver Pluggz!

  • Jojorrt


  • Sherry F

    I would choose gold for a little glam.

  • Karalee

    I live in flip flops, Black would be my first choice.

  • AJB

    I like both the black & silver.

  • elizabeth

    I like the Silver ones. They would go with most of my bathing suits.

  • Lisa Littleton

    I love the gold one but being pratical minded person I am, would wear the black one.

  • Jennifer

    All 3 colors are pretty sweet, but if I HAVE make a choice, I’ll go with the gold…matches gold jewelry, represents the color of medals our athletes should be winning at the Olympics, doesn’t happen to be a sandal color I currently own, etc.

  • Mary K.

    I would wear any of the colors if they are a prize!! So far I wear Havaannas but would love to win these bc i swim a lot and need comfortable flip flops to wear in the shower and around the pool.

  • joyzkim

    I love the black ones. My favorite color even in a flip flop

  • Nicki Markle

    Oh, no question, gold always gold!!! 🙂

  • Catherine Jerz

    Silver looks like a winner!! I don’t own one flip flop.

  • debbie

    I would wear silver. I love that neutral color for warm weather! These sound like super comfortable flip-flops, and I live in them during the summer.

  • Lori P

    The Women’s Flip Flop in Gold

  • Suzanne M.

    Since my entire wardrobe revolves around black, I think that black would be my “neutral” and work with everything!

  • Christine

    The gold ones

  • Kaye Barasa

    They are all very pretty, but if I chose for me I would probably choose the gold. I have reddish hair and the type of skin that looks good in gold.

  • cathylwood

    “Barefoot on the beach?” Yes, please! I love the silver color, in honor of my late and lamented silvery rhinestone sandals that, literally, bit the dust this year.

  • Diane

    Any color would make me happy

  • Jill

    Gold, I don’t like wearing shoes, so these would be great, the silver would go nice with denim

  • Susan S.

    I’d wear any of the colors, but my favorite, as always, is the LBS … little black sandal. Can never have too many of those, as my closet will attest.


    Would love the gold!!!
    Very neutral and goes wqith everythig!

  • Nancy Jachcik

    I love the gold Pluggz!

  • Pat

    I almost always wear flip flops- Black would be my choice.

  • Pam

    I would wear the black or the silver ones. I have taken the Dress Your Truth course and energy profiling. I am a Type 4 and black and silver are in my color palette. I live at the beach and wear flip flops and sandals nearly year round and would absolutely LOVE to try a pair of these since they are supposed to be comfortable. Would be a great change from the ones I currently wear.

  • Judid

    Always love silver because it goes with my jewlery. It goes with everything in my wardrobe.

  • kelly

    I would love to experience these thongs! I would love thw color shown as it is neutral enough to were with most any color!

  • Lisa

    I would pick silver! They sound and look so comfy!

  • sue telitz

    I would wear any color if they are comfy

  • Kim Cage

    I love the gold!! These look so comfortable!! Would love to win!!!

  • Kathy Callaghan

    I would wear the black – goes with everything!

  • skipheart

    Silver would be my first choose…however all the colors are appealing.

  • Sherry

    I think the metallic gold is great

  • Karen C

    I love the gold color! Thank you!

  • Monica

    I find that black looks better with most outfits because it grounds my body. I find myself gravitating to black footwear most of the time. Size 7 please.

  • velder dixon

    looks comfy-love to win

  • Sheila Chaffins

    Black! They are all beautiful though.

  • Kathy Anthony

    I would love a pair of black one’s. They look comfy, and the idea behind sounds really good as well.

  • Roxane Landry

    I would any color BUT black would be my first choice.

  • beth

    I like the gold the best for sure!! Of course I would try any color! I can see these taking off, can’t wait to test it out. Thanks.



  • Donna

    I would love the gold they would go with so many of my outfits. Size 8 1/2 or nine if whole sizes.

  • Jan Martin

    gold, because they would go with everything!

  • Jan Martin

    Tan, because they would go with everything!

  • g

    I think the gold — the most “blingy” !

  • jetlag383

    I would love to try the black!

    I think these sound terrific!!!

  • ticki566

    I love the silver…would go well with the summer outfits. Can’t wait to try them

  • Donna

    Silver would suit me just fine !!

  • naomi

    I like the basic black!

  • Pattie

    I find that black is always what I grab and it goes with anything!!!

  • Phoenix

    Gold is one of my favourite colours!

  • mink

    I’d wear any color (but would prefer blue).

  • Donna Pienkosz

    I’d go with the gold pair

  • sgoulet660

    I would pick the black because I live in my black flip flops now so these would probably be better for my feet than my $2 pair I am currently wearing.

  • mfabiano

    Any of the 3 versatile colors would complement my casual wardrobe beautifully; however, gold would be a nice change from my reliance on black.

    I am most interested in experiencing Pluggz proprietary “plug” technology. The 100% rubber soles, satin sheen straps, and footbed arches appear to differentiate this product from the competition.

    Yes, I would love to wear Pluggz and flash a fresh pedicure. Gold in Size 9 would be fabulous!

  • Ianete

    I’d go for the silver. So pretty. I live in Hawaii so slippers (or as you call them flipflops) are de riguer. I would get lots of use from them.

  • Beth Surdut, Visual Storyteller

    While living in Hawaii while I designed for aloha shirt companies, I wore slippers (that’s what we call flip flops) every day. I’m really curious as to whether these are special or just hype in any color.

  • chrisskins

    I’d wear the black, because you know what they say, “Once black…” Actually I’d wear any. Really comfortable footwear that doesn’t look farty is my best friend.

  • Patti Petty

    My first choice would be gold, but I would be very happy to wear either of the other colors!

  • Louise

    They are all nice colors. I would tend to say black, as it goes with everything. The silver & gold are very nice too. I would take any of them & love to wear them. Very nice!

  • Kathy

    I would wear any of them- but would prefer the silver.

  • Toni

    The gold ones are a great neutral! And these flip flops are certainly less expensive than the grounding sheets I’ve seen!

  • Catherine

    I would wear any of them !

  • sharon

    Silver hair and silver Pluggz!!!

  • Teresag

    Any color you decide to send me when I win!!! I can’t wait to put them on these tired old barking dogs (feet).

  • Gail W Jones

    The gold ones are great!!

  • Suzy Reschke

    I love flip flops and wear them almost every day. I would love the black ones!

  • Karina

    I’d go with gold because it’s closest to my skintone and would add a slight, sleek bit of glam to anything I’d wear! I love the concept of these Pluggz!

  • Patti

    Definately the silver!!! Would be a nice addition to my wardrobe! 2nd choice black. Pick me!

  • Rhonda

    I would love the gold Pluggz because I have been looking for gold sandals. I am so anxious to try these flip flops. I don’t wear flip flops on the street because they are uncomfortable on my feet. They rub and make blisters by the side straps and they hurt between the toes. I have been looking for some that would be comfortable enough to walk in. Yay! for Pluggz. They fulfill a need for me.

  • gasmom55

    I would wear any color, the gold is cute, but black does go with everything.

  • Lyndsay

    I would choose the black, I think that probably everything goes with black. I own a lot of black and navy, so this would fit perfectly into my wardrobe.

  • Dona

    Classic Black for me.

  • cmpease

    I would love a pair of Pluggz in any color. I am a teacher and being on my feet all day takes its toll! Looking forward to being ‘grounded’.

  • Dawn Allen

    Black is always my go-to, but metallics – either silver, gold or bronze would be great as well!

  • apple2

    These flip flops sound divine!!! My feet love comfortable shoes. I would choose the gold-so glamorous.

  • cyuemura

    All the colors are great – but I guess black would be the practical choice – any color would be great.

  • Judy Brenner

    I would wear any color that was given as a prize! Very nice!

  • auntaud

    any color for me, but I lean toward the gold

  • ann0254

    Metallics are the new neutral and so much more fun!! I fell down the stairs and got a bad ankle sprain. It is still very swollen after 6 months. I’m looking for comfortable fun shoes as most of my sandals have ankle straps that won’t fit now.

  • Susan F

    I’ve been looking for a neutral pair of flip flops since Spring and can’t seem to find any in that color that are comfortable. Would love to have a pair in the Gold color.

  • Terri Butts

    LOVELOVELOVE the silver ones!

  • bloomingidiot

    Gold please. These sound exactly like what I need! If I don’t win I’ll buy some anyway, but then I probably shouldn’t tell you that…

  • Tammy K

    These colors are perfect choices. I own flips in these three colors because they go with everything, however mine aren’t that comfortable.
    I found the gold is the most versatile and flattering on my skin tone, so I’m voting for gold.
    I’m voting for Pluggz totally!

  • Sandra Marshall

    I would really like the black Pluggz. They are all great and anyone would be a great addition.

  • Maria Holzman

    I would love to wear these sandals. I would most likely prefer to wear black or any other neutral color. I like the color shown in the story too.

  • Moonchime

    I would love a gold pair of Pluggz. My aching feet would sure love them too!!!

  • katie

    I love the shoe but will have to go barefoot because I am a size 12 and your shoes only go up to 11. Why is that? So often I want to buy stylish shoes and they only go to 10 or 11. Do shoe designers think that women who have larger feet don’t like pretty shoes? I can always get a man’s shoe but they are ugly. You should consider going up a size or two.

  • Carol

    I would wear ANY color! I am not that picky-I just need comfort, and if you say these are really comfortable-that’s enough for me! I just don’t want to give up my flip flops, and due to a pronated left foot, I was told I need to give them up! If these can help me stay in flip flops-that is spectacular!

  • Cynthia

    Love the idea! I always want to be barefoot but in an all tile house it hurts! These are perfect!

  • Diane

    Black for me! I love shoes………really, really love shoes! But I also love to be barefoot. And I step on stickery things and am always looking for tweezers to remove the offending item. Or looking for a band aid when I stepped on a pebble. If these are so similar to being barefoot then maybe I would wear them and avoid these nuisances. I think I would really love a pair……….!

  • freda witt

    WOW! A shoe that’s comfy and good for me too? Any of the colors would be great. I like them all and can see myself wearing them with so many different things. My go-to summer shoe.

  • CJ

    So, how do these work when you’re not walking on the ground? The majority of our days are spent on concrete, indoor flooring, etc.

  • Lucy Cerf

    I love the gold and would love to slip my feet into something so lovely, fashionable and grounded. Because I work out six days a week I have a lot of aches and pains. I would love to try them out. Thank you.

  • Adina Weinstein

    I love all the colors and they would all match everything I own!

  • Melinda Fabiano

    Any of the 3 versatile colors would complement my casual wardrobe beautifully; however, gold would be a nice change from my reliance on black.

    I am most interested in experiencing Pluggz proprietary “plug” technology. The 100% rubber soles, satin sheen straps, and footbed arches appear to differentiate this product from the competition.

    Yes, I would love to wear Pluggz and flash a fresh pedicure. Gold in Size 9 would be fabulous!

  • Myfoursons

    I would love any color, however black can go well with anything. I need some comfy shoes, as I get older comfort is more difficult to find.

  • Marialyce

    I would chose the gold. They are definitely an in summer color and do tend to jazz up a very summery type outfit. Casual, but definitely cute!

  • Penny

    What a great idea! Would love to own a pair of these. Comfort becomes very important as we age and we all have to find that perfect shoe( or sandal) that fits..along with everything else in our body that changes..we deserve to be comfortable and pampered from head to toe. Also I have M.S..Its extra difficult for me to find flip flops that dont hurt and mold to my feet. Black would be perfect 🙂

  • Mary G

    Black; always black!

  • diana shenderovich

    gold,every women needs some gold

  • Tammy Allen

    Black, it goes with everything!

  • Deb

    Something neutral – the one pictured is nice.

  • sgrissom

    I would wear any and all of the colors. They look great.
    Size 7 please.

  • Linda Paul

    I think my favorite would be the gold, but wouldn’t it be nice to own all three colors to go with different outfits?!

  • lynda

    The gold is gorgeous. I’d love to win those ones!

  • Gail Stephenson

    I’d go with the black, because basically everything in my wardrobe is black and tan.

  • Barbara Krantz

    Since I live in the flip flop world of South Florida, I would love to get grounded as well as have happy feet. I would take any color.. they all go with everything!!!

  • PB

    I’d wear any color, but gold would be my first choice.

  • MoonRae

    To be honest I’d wear any of the colors! I guess black would be my choice but I like surprises….

  • MARY K

    My 1st thought was the gold. But I think I’d really like the black one. All the colors are great & are ones I don’t have. I would love a comfortable flip flop. Sometimes by the end of summer, I can’t wait to quit wearing them.

  • Janet Atchley

    I would love to have any; but if I could only have one I think it would be the gold pair.

  • Carole Kownslar

    I would wear any of the colors but really like the black.

  • Michelle

    Those gold Pluggz would really lighten my step and make me feel a bit glam but I’d be happy with the silver or black too. Sweet prize. My feet, usually complainers, are looking forward to slipping a pair on.

  • Ruthie B

    These sound absolutely wonderful! As i grow older I find that I look for comfort with style a lot more & these fit the bill…black please!

  • Margarida

    I definatley would wear the gold Pluggz!

  • cathy plank

    I would love a pair of black sandles. Grounding is so important for our body and soul! Can’t wait……

  • travelgirl

    OOhh -tough decision! Naturally I lean toward the black because of the versatility, but the gold is really catching my eye too. Beggars can’t be choosers – so I would take (and appreciate) any color you choose for me! Very nice prize, by the way!

  • Connie

    I love the silver. After a lifetime of the highest of heels, at 64, I could use a good pair of flip flops! I rarely wear flip flops because they don’t give me enough support. These sound wonderful!

  • cyndib1

    I am open to any color – I wear flip flops always – even to work I love them and could use another pair!!

  • Patricia

    Love the gold!

  • Kathleen Messer

    I would wear black or bronze.

  • Liz

    Black would be my choice.

  • Christine McCann

    All of the colors are great and would go with many things. It’s the sense of well-being I’m after!

  • eddyrobey

    Gold is my favorite neutral

  • wendec

    Gold, black or silver.

  • Mary W

    Only 3 color choices so my preference is black. Wish there was a dark brown available.

  • inMO

    Gold looks to be preferable, but any of the three would be fine.

  • Anna

    Silver! They would go with my entire wardrobe 🙂

  • LindaS

    Black is my go-to flip flop. Such a classic look!

  • Susan

    These look cool! Love to try them!

  • Linda S

    Black is such a classic look! Love these!

  • Joye

    any color…

  • Camilla Wilson

    The black would be practical @ go with a lot of outfits.

  • Louise

    All the colors are lovely but I do think the gold for the Olympics is very patriotic!

  • abdoggett

    I like the gold!

  • Mary Ann

    I would love the black ones. They are really neat and would love to try them.


    Black Black Black always Black!

  • Betsy

    I would like a gold pair!

  • sandmmom

    I would love to win these because I don’t even own a pair of flip flops. They hurt my toes. Is there one out that is really comfortable? I’d like to own them…. for sure. I do wear sandals, but never flip flops….. Count me in.

  • Roz Rickman

    Your sandal is built with some great COMFORT !!
    I would love the silver as it looks rich — for all seasons !

  • Sactokaren

    I need a pair in black, but I’m always happy with blue.

  • Kathleen L

    I would wear the Gold.

  • Tracey Richardson

    I would wear a neutral color such as the beige that is shown or black.

  • Headinclouds

    Definately the beautiful Gold!

  • Linette

    The tan/gold ones would be perfect for me!

  • Nancy

    I like the gold! Dresses them up a bit.

  • amy

    I Love black because it goes with everything!

  • mtwheat

    Can’t go wrong with “Black”!!!

  • Skye

    Classic black.

    Always in style.

  • Debirah Piera

    Live in flip flops would like to try a new kind

  • vasslt

    Gold, but I love them all.

  • olympicgirl

    Go for the gold! I’ve got the olympic fever……

  • Cindy

    I like the metallics, gold and silver both! I think they would be a good accessory for the summer and I am very interested in how they feel as most flip flops don’t give you the support your feet need and they end up hurting by the end of the day!

  • ktpotat

    I like the grey

  • Christine Frank

    I, a sufferer of plantar fasciitis and bone spurs, would wear the gold Pluggz. Black could be any ol’ flip-flop from the drugstore; the gold would sort of be the casual, therapeutic equivalent of that ubiquitous neutral bone platform heel that so many working women are wearing now–and which is a great basic. Finally, I’ve been wearing black polish on my toenails for about six years straight now. Gold would be a nice contrast!

  • Sharron

    I would like Silver or black……silver is classy, almost elegant!! I’m always looking for comfortable shoes…..have spent too much money on shoes that hurt my feet. I try to continuously look snazzy at age 62, and a pair of these beauties would do just that! Thanks so much!

  • Connied54

    I would prefer the black Pluggz. They go with everything and I could wear them on my way to and from work daily.
    I really would love to try them!

  • Mary

    I would probably choose the black and I would LOVE to win a pair! 🙂

  • Nancy Lawville

    I would love to have a comfy pair of sandals! My 1st choice was black, but after looking at them….I never had silver or gold. So I think I would like to try the silver. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jodi

    Silver –since no one has picked it yet.

  • Barbara

    Silver. I love silver and I love flip flops. I must try these!

  • Isabel Menendez

    gold is great fung shui color for these sandals.
    Thank you i can not wait to wear them

  • ann heffner

    I would wear any of the colors because I love the concept of the shoe. Black would be best, because I would be able to wear it with more outfits.
    I do ground myself on bare earth whenever I can..so if this shoe will let me do that without meeting any bees, that would be great!

  • susan

    i like the silver for the summer

  • Jan

    I’m not picky – I say a color that makes a woman over 50 feel good!


    I would love the white of yellow for summer.

  • msortet

    You can never go wrong with black!