{Giveaway} Secrets to a breathtaking bod

FOF Rosie Battista is giving away the secrets that transformed her body from this:

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Enter to win, by commenting below and answering: What part of your body do you love the most?

As she approached her 50th birthday last year, Rosie Battista experienced a true mid-life crisis:

“I had to sell my house in a bad housing market,” writes Rosie on her website. “I had a broken-up relationship, a lost, messy floundering business, topped off with seemingly insurmountable life issues… All of this toxicity evidenced itself in the most obvious symptom of a lifestyle gone awry, an overweight, uncomfortable body.”

In an effort to get her groove back, Rosie decided to tackle one long-held goal: Compete in a body-building contest. Over the next four months, she completely transformed her body through an intensive dieting and training program. She lost 35 pounds, toned up and placed 17th in the competition.

“I was the oldest one in the competition and my 19-year-old daughter who trained and competed with me was the youngest,” says Rosie. “At 50, I am finally comfortable in my own skin and have the confidence to say it. Confidence enables and entitles me to sleep naked!”

Now, Rosie spends her time spreading the love…teaching others how to love their bodies and enjoy their food. She authored three brilliant books: Sleeping Naked After 40, an e-book which includes Rosie’s weight-loss and confidence-boosting lessons, Cooking Naked After 40, a cookbook of the recipes that transformed her body and Mini-Treats, a collection of dessert recipes without refined sugar.

Bonus! Preview one of Rosie’s recipes from Mini-Treats by clicking here.

“I LOVE chocolate, but that doesn’t mean I have to eat chocolate bars, candy and sugar-laden layer cakes. It is possible to sweeten your life while reducing the sugar you consume.”

Chick Pea Brownies

These are a favorite in my house because they freeze so nicely and actually taste like fudge when you remove them from the freezer. With no white flour and no refined white sugar, these treats are delightful and your whole family will be amazed.

1 bag dark chocolate chips
2 cups of garbanzo beans
2/3 cups of agave nectar
1/2 tsp baking powder
4 eggs
Walnuts/almonds (optional)

1. Melt chocolate in double boiler
2. Mix beans, agave, baking powder, eggs in a blender and mix in chocolate.
3. Pour in pan and bake at 350 for 25 minutes.
4. Sprinkle with nuts if desired.

(These keep great in the freezer!)

Enter to win Rosie’s books, Cooking Naked After 40, Sleeping Naked After 40 and Mini-Treats plus a 30-minute phone consultation with her by commenting, below: What part of your body do love most?

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Contest closes February 17, 2011

[Read more about Rosie here]

0 Responses to “{Giveaway} Secrets to a breathtaking bod”

  1. Susan says:

    I wish i had that much confidence in my fifties to wear a two piece bathing suit. You rock! Would love to try your book and work toward a better body.

  2. ragamuffins says:

    My very curly blonde hair!

  3. wendy says:

    This story sounds like me in the beginning anyway. I am in my almost mid fifties , having furnished and decorated the ideal house my once significant other and I designed we broke up after 15 years, now my winter get away is gone, I am menopausal and have gained that apple mid section. Although I don’t want to compete in a contest I need help with this body I no longer recognize as mine. The part I like best…my breasts as they don’t look badly larger.

  4. Nina Witham says:

    I love my calves. I like the way they look in heals.

  5. mary says:

    My calves – at 60 my knees are sagging, but my calves still look great!

  6. Rosie says:

    I am doing another competition on May 7 and now I am letting everyone watch me as I blog about my progress daily at http://www.sleepingnakedafter40.com. Join me in losing some weight together as we give 100 percent commitment for the next 100 days to get where we want to be with our weight and just in time for the first day of spring.

  7. LADY PHASHA says:

    I like my face area most the rest of me needs help….victim of cancer at 33, now I am 65 & glad I refused chemo or radiation…it was a gamble but I am healthier because of it. I would love to get my body into shape after sitting behind a desk for 15 years.
    Love what Rosie has accomplished!!! Good work!!

  8. Melissa jernigan says:

    My favorite part of my body would be my hands because I use them to convey love. Sometimes it might be by preparing a special meal, giving a relaxing massage, reaching out to touch a friends arm when they are having a hard time, or holding my husband’s hand to let him know I am there. The power of touch is amazing in many ways.

  9. Roberta says:

    Have to say my smile. Need to work on the rest of me, but you can never go wrong with a great attitude and smile!

  10. Deborah says:

    The part of my body I love the most are my almond shaped eyes, and long eyelashes!

  11. Carol says:

    I love my mind. Because with my mind I can accomplish every goal I desire.

  12. off2thespa says:

    My hair!

  13. Dodie Simmons says:

    My eyes are my favorite part. They are clear blue, sort of a different shade. They see pretty well too so I know how much work I have to do to get the rest of me in shape! I am a Nurse Practitioner taking care of really sick patients. I need to start working out not only to improve my physical health but to relieve the mental stress of my profession.

  14. Becky says:

    I have to say my breasts are the best part of my body. At 54, they still do not sag. I want to tone up the rest of my body though. I’ve had a lot of physical problems over the last 10 years that have prevented me from exercising as much as I wish. I’ve recently had surgery that will hopefully resolve a lot of those problems. I would love to know Rosie’s secrets so that I can get in better shape.

  15. Debbie says:

    Arms that look great in sleeveless, is where I am at the moment. I’m working on other things, but right now, I’m enjoying some nice definition just beginning in my arms. Yeah for exercise!

  16. Linda Meyer says:

    I love my breasts. They are full and round and definitely make me feel feminine, even when the rest of me may be making me feel not so beautiful. And my beloved appreciates and compliments me.

  17. Ellen Gideon says:

    Very motivational. Would love to read.

  18. donna dorney says:

    My ankles. They are tiny and one of the few parts of me that remind me how much smaller I used to be. A program that would guide me back to a healthier and firmer self would be a God send!

  19. Linda says:

    My heart, the most important part of your body, both literally and figuratively. So far my heart is still literally strong at 67 and figuratively (we’ve been through some tough times together, but I think I can always trust it to guide me in the right direction.

  20. Lisa says:

    Oops – I forgot to mention the body part I like the most – and I would have to say its the curve of my lower back.

  21. Lisa says:

    Thats amazing. I could definitely use some inspiration to make such a big difference in my life. At 47 I’m floundering badly in a dead end job with no relationship – just a couple of cats.

  22. sandra Crispo says:

    My long silver hair, the rest needs work, and after having right knee replaced in 2009 lost 35 lbs. and expect to loose more after left knee operation this month. I am a person who has a wonderful family who loves me for how I am so I like myself pretty well lol!!!

  23. Lynette says:

    Hi Rosie, the part of my body that I love the most is my face because I have bright eyes and a cheerful smile!

  24. Vicki H says:

    Since it’s the only thing I can think of, it would be my nose. The rest has gone down the tubes, lol.

  25. mamayogi says:

    my smile, it’s not the biggest or brightest, but I love the fact that it is there whenever I need it!

  26. Wendy says:

    I love my smile!! It reflects my thankfulness for each day I’m able to open my eyes and breath fresh air.
    I feel beautiful inside and try to live healthy and keep working on the outside.

  27. Deborah martin says:

    I love my hands. They’ve held my children when they were babies, held their hands when they were older, wiped their tears and now pat them on the back as they have grown to be adults. My hands help me be creative (knitting, cooking, sewing, gardening, writing), add drama when I speak and provide a big wave when I see a friend. Yep, without a doubt, I love my hands! 😉

  28. Cindy McGarry says:

    My body part that I like most are my hands. I’d love to win this and learn more about Rosie. This is too cool!!

  29. Peachy says:

    I love my nose – being in the middle of, what my husband calls a georgous face, it is a clean, crisp nose – free of any flaws and is not altered! It is like a beautiful ski-slope perfectly nestled between two gracefully aging cheeks!! The rest of me desperately needs help so this book will tune me onto what truly will finally get me back on track – and my commitment is there! I look forward to putting it into my daily habits!

  30. Lu says:

    I would have to say my facial skin is my favorite. At age 53, I constantly get questions/comments on how I maintain my skin. All I can say is sunblock, sunblock, sunblock!!!!!!

  31. MMY says:

    Can you do anything for a 75 year old? Let’s see?

  32. Deb says:

    My biceps. I love them most. They are certainly as big as Michele Obama’s biceps. When I was a teenager I did gymnastics, the uneven parallel bars, probably because I had innate upper body strength. Now I like to tease the guys that I can beat them in an arm wrestle. I can’t really, but I’m good “for a girl”. They look impressive when flexed. That impresses people a lot!

  33. Ann Morrone says:

    My shoulders… I have been working out at the gym and walking alot, which really makes me feel good about myself.

  34. Barb Mazzara says:

    My eyes smile big & bright with tutti-fruitti color!

  35. rose mortimer says:

    i love my hair the most. it’s the only thing that doesn’t give me a problem. a bad hair day i just pull it back in a ponytail. thank you

  36. Rebecca says:

    I love my arms since they are the most toned part of my body.

  37. Pat says:

    I like my legs the best. The rest of my body can use some help, but my legs are still in great shape!

  38. Darlene says:

    I love my spirit that inhabits my 59 year old body….lol

  39. Karen says:

    I love my arms Im wroking on me I been for some ,
    time I work out with my hunben 6 days a week.
    He feels Im looking good but I can some changes,In
    how I look.

  40. Jenna Summa says:

    I guess I love my smile the best. It’s by no means perfect-no way! It’s crooked, as are my teeth a little, and I always got teased for having “cho-cho” lips(a local saying) & “horse teeth”. But people have always commented about it and I certainly enjoy using the muscles it takes to make a smile-forget the laugh lines! They show I have lived & laughed alot in my 55 years. For that reason I love that part of my body. It’s right out there in front, can’t hide it and wouldn’t want to!Besides-everyone is getting lip enlargements of one sort or another-something I’ll never need! Just gotta keep brushing good & visiting my pain-free dentist. No gym for equipment needed for smiles!

  41. butterfly says:

    Without question, my face. That’s my fave part. Ask my fiance and he would agree as long as you let him say my behind as a close second ’cause that’s the part he likes; even though I don’t agree. Thanks for the awesome offer!

  42. Geri says:

    My hands; wish I had tried to be a hand model when I was younger.

  43. Cindy says:

    I love my brain because it controls my heart and soul.

  44. june eggers says:

    My feet. I’ve got fairly small feet and am not bothered with a lot of the complaints I hear about. I believe one of the reasons is that I go barefoot a great deal and have since I was a child.

  45. Renee Klein says:

    At 63 I work out hard to keep strong and healthy. I lift a lot of weight to keep my muscles strong. I love my back because I stand straight and walk with confidence that I do all I can to keep on going.

    I would love to learn more about Rosie’s program!

  46. Jan Carson says:

    I would have to say my eyes. I get compliments on their color all of the time. Besides, my eyes don’t have a weight problem.

  47. Maureen says:

    I’m going with my eyes on this one…yep, my big brown eyes. The rest of me needs work but I’m not complaining about it. I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor and I’m happy to wake up each and every day and see my pudgy little self looking back at me in the mirror!

  48. Shellie says:

    My favorite body part. Hmmmmm. Gravity is setting in, need to get to the gym more…would have to say my calves. Pretty good muscle tone there!

  49. Gigi says:

    Can’t think of one part that I love at all.

  50. Mary says:

    I’ve always thought my butt was my best feature, I remember my first real boyfriend telling me that it looked like “a basketball, perfectly cut in half” and put in my jeans! I also know for a fact my breasts are (were) nice, too. As soon as I got “comfortable” in my own skin, I started to put on weight, especially after we moved to the UP of MI, and I turned 50. Had a second back surgery last year and I need to get on treadmill and learn yoga and pilates. I’d love to swim, but there are no public pools here. No YMCA close either…

  51. Chris says:

    Proud of my arms — I try to do 100 pushups every day

  52. Darlene says:

    My smile.

  53. sandy haber says:

    my eyes

  54. Debra says:

    I love my arms. I’ve always been strong, and they still come through when I need them (opening jars, lifting little ones, moving furniture).

    I’m so inspired by Rosie that I’m probably just going to buy her book. I have a blog that encourages “late bloomers” and I’d love to profile her!

  55. Stacia says:

    That is a tough one. I guess at this time it would be my eyes since I think that is the only part of my body that after 40 can’t gain weight:)

  56. Cynthia says:

    I’d have to say my hands as they perform so many functions and make my life both easier, and a joy. I can carry groceries, type, drive, hammer a nail, hold onto an eliptical or my bike, goose my husband, feel the silk of my grandchild’s cheek, pet my cat, plant flowers, shovel snow, hold a book … I love my hands!

  57. Mary says:

    My arms. Absolutely no flab. Rosie looks powerful!

  58. Janis says:

    Is a smile considered a body part? I guess my favorite body part is my mouth. Although I have been working out with a trainer for over a year now, I am still struggling with my weight and body image. I am just now learning to love the rest of it.

  59. Susan says:

    I love my legs the most. But all of me needs to work. I can see that improving the body would help anyone to feel better about themselves. Me too.

  60. Vera says:

    My eyes have always been my best feature. I’ve also got good skin thanks to my mom. It is still fairly smooth, even at 60. Very soft and I don’t have to wear foundation.

    I’ll be honest. I would be very happy to to have Rosie’s “before” body!

  61. Leslie Carcaise says:

    I guess it would be my feet and hands. Honestly, since I hit menopause and quit smoking that’s the only parts of my body that hasn’t gained weight…

  62. Debbie Burgo says:

    I almost forgot – I think I like my green eyes the most!

  63. Debbie Burgo says:

    I turned 50 last April with another one coming up in a couple of months. Your so inspirational. Go Rosie, Go Rosie, Go Rosie…Thank you

  64. Cynthia Madsen says:

    My butt-for some reason at 56 it’s still a peach shape. I get wolf whistled frequently and when I turn it is always amusing the face of the admirer when he realizes I’m older than his Mom!

  65. Marilyn Trent says:

    Well, I must say the list got shorter after 50 but I still like my legs, my hair and my chest. The rest, I am working on and it certainlly takes much longer to see results than only 10 years ago! I have a better sense of humor than I did so I am better able to handle this fact.

  66. katie says:

    At the moment none

  67. Chinchilla says:

    My hands and feet, followed at a close second by my KNEES! I have always gotten compliments on the structure of my hands and feet, even as a child. The special-ness of my Knees I discovered in France, while on an Artist Fellowship. I actually got chased around a little Carnival by a Frenchman who kept shouting (in French), “It’s the KNEES!!!!”

  68. susan beamon says:

    I like all my body. Its only problem, beside the almost constant pain from arthritis, is that it is rather flabby right now. That has not been enough of a concern yet to make me spend time to work on it. (Or as some say, I don’t have time to exercise to firm up.)

  69. Kim says:

    I have allways loved my long arms and my shoulders and the way my neck is shaped,it leads to my lovely cleavage.

  70. Kim Lencsak says:

    My favorite body part are my calves…when I wear high heels, I still have defined calves and they still look pretty good for almost 49 years old…..

  71. Elyse says:

    I really like my arms and shoulders. I have put a lot of work into them and am seeing great results. I’m ready to go to the next level!

  72. GinaParker says:

    Hmm I don’t really love any part. Maybe my eyes. I like that I’m tall. This book sounds great. The fact that she transformed her body in 4 months is inspirational. Makes you feel like you can get there..or at least make a nice dent…in your own transformation and feel good about yourself before summer’s end!!

  73. AJB says:

    My hands are my best feature because I have long fingers with nails that are strong and grow easily.

  74. Erika says:

    Hi there,

    I just turned 61; used to look like the picture on the right (until I had a baby at 45) and now look like the photo on the left. Although I dance 4x per week, I wouldn’t evn know where to begin to get myself back on track…..is it too late for me?


  75. VIckie says:

    I love my mouth. I was born with a “bow” heart shaped lips. Everyone has always commented on what pretty lips I have.

  76. Cindy says:

    I love my curves but would love to tone them up and would love to try a nutrition program to help with that and to feel more energetic & strong!

  77. beth w. says:

    Hmmmm…..these days, it would be my hair, hands down! short, low maintenance, and if it has any cellulite…I haven’t noticed….yet.

  78. Catherine Adde says:

    Thanks for this contest!
    My favourite part of my body would be my skin, at 55 it’s still supple and though it has flaws here and there, it is smooth and honey coloured.

  79. Laurie Dichtel says:

    I am going to be 59 on February 16. I have lost 18 pounds. I started by doing portion control and walking and working out with weights. My favorite part of my body is my tri-ceps as I have always gained weight in my arms. No more bird wings back there. My whole body has changed for the better. I learned to never give up. If you want it you can achive it. I am a good example of a women in her late fifty’s having a fit body. A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest.

  80. zoe hunter lee says:

    I love my eyes and hair

  81. Sue says:

    Favorite body part….
    the skinny girl hidden within!

  82. Charlotte says:

    I really like my ankles. I like the way they look and I like the way they work. I didn’t gain a full appreciation of them until I slipped down the stairs and badly sprained my left ankle. While the tender ankle slowly recovered I realized how much I took my ankles for granted.

  83. Susan says:


  84. Nancy says:

    My legs and brain!

  85. Faith says:

    Well, I like my hands. It used to be my legs, but I can’t say that anymore.

  86. Susie says:

    The part of my body that I love the most are my legs! I have always thought that they were my best feature! However as I am getting older I have developed spider veins and no longer feel comfortable in showing them!

  87. Lynn Jorgensen says:

    Love my butt ~ get lots of compliments on it and love that it’s still firm at my age. Keeping it firm is a bit challenging, but started taking a fitness boot camp class a few months ago ~ at 51 yrs of age, I am by far the youngest one in the class, but I manage to keep up with the “kids” ~ and I see results already!

  88. Nan1167 says:

    I like my nose, that’s my favorite body part>

  89. Roberta says:

    I really love my self, its hard to pick just one thing. I learned to love the whole me a long time ago. Also the author looks fab (you go girl).

  90. Debbie Sorg says:

    I love the fact that I have really long legs. My mom had the greatest legs I’d ever seen and thankfully it was passed on to both myself and my sister. Helps camouflage weight gain!

  91. Betty says:

    My favorite body part would have to be my calves.

  92. Toby Wollin says:

    Part of my body I like the most: My legs. They are very strong from riding a bike – I’d like to make the rest of me strong and lean too.

  93. Beth Beggs says:

    I love my brain the most! Since that is probably not that for which you are looking in “comments”, I will add that my calves are also satifactory.

  94. Pamela Ray says:

    I would love her tips for getting fit.

  95. Shari says:

    My favorite body part is my shoulders! As much as I really *hate* the resistance training exercises for them – when they are cut, they look awesome! All the aches and pain are worth it!

  96. Anne says:

    My favorite body part…my chest!! Sometimes I just think I was a really late bloomer!! But seems like the last few years- as I put on that after 40 weight- most of it settled in my bra size. Now if I could just get motivated to tone up everything I could have the figure I longed for in my twenties.

  97. Judy says:

    What a healthy take on brownies–can’t wait to make Rosie’s recipe. They actually sound really good!


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