{Giveaway} Win a $350 bag!

This week: Win a Scout leather messenger bag valued at $350. Browse through the FabOverFifty Shop, then comment below and tell us: What are your 3 favorite items? This contest is now closed. Thanks to all who entered!

0 Responses to “{Giveaway} Win a $350 bag!”

  1. auntaud says:

    wow! awesome!!

  2. FabulousMimi says:

    gorgeous orange bag…the color is so unexpected and fun…my best friend, Margaret would love this as orange is her favorite color…maybe she would let me borrow it!

  3. bvolker says:

    I love the shape of the bag and the color

  4. sjoffey@aol.com says:

    Looks like a bag that would look great for my fashion taste.

  5. auntaud says:

    my fave color!

  6. theolar says:

    LOVEit !!!!!

  7. Debra says:

    I love the metallic leather laptop.

  8. Laraine Larkin says:

    I LOVE the Helmut Bended Satchel. It is absolutely stunning

    I would love to read 1,000 places to see before you die

    the passport cover is adorable

  9. Virginia Jones says:

    I love the colorful scarfs, the mustique clutch and of course the linens. I am a sucker for linens.

  10. Cynthia Gilmore says:

    I love your Flora Bella Big Sur and Imperio Gajumbo bags. The Pebble color is awesome in the Gajumbo piece. The Katherine Cuff and Anna Beck’s drop earrings would really punch up an outfit. Your things are spectacular; gutsy colors, bold designs.

  11. Janet Noel says:

    I love the draped tunic, the slim pant and the city cardigan because those three timeless pieces can update an existing wardrobe or create a weekend wardrobe. I can wear flats or heels or sandals with the pants to create any number of looks. Jewelry and other accessories only make these pieces more versatile.

  12. Cherie says:

    Love the Gamidi2 Orange Pebble Leather Bag- Perfect sife and color for Fall. Also, fond of the Paige Novick Kate Necklace in Gold or Gunmetal with the Planet Clothing Easy Tunic (and Balloon Pant – of course)…. All together? Fabulous!

  13. karin says:

    1. twisted cuff bracelet…timeless and elegant

    2. scout bag…perfect for any occasion

    3. jarbo tunic…a blend of comfort and classic

  14. karin says:

    1. twisted cuff…timeless and elegant

    2. Scout bag….perfect for abroad or the neighborhood store.

    3. Jarbo tunic…classic and comfort combined

  15. Cathy Pfeil says:

    ballerina tees are the best!
    The long flowing skirts are great but the black boiled wool jacket with ruffles is by far my best buy so far this season!

  16. Deena Jo says:

    I actually LOVE the Scout Bag – it is very classic-looking, and a perfect size. Can’t decide if I like the orange or green color best. I also like the Big Sur Tote – love the natural fiber look and it would be perfect for the beach. Lastly the Gamidi2 bag is also a great look. Very nice collection of bags and accessories!

  17. roseann says:

    i love the nepal bag to shop with, also the shapewear torsette, and the linens, the papillon ruffled shams and duvet cover.

  18. Barbara Brand says:

    Hard to pick, but I would have to say my 3 favorites are:
    The Paige Novick “Katherine Cuff” is so elegant; the Millianna
    “Dupas Choker” is a great piece; and the Aeon “Scout Bag” is just fabulous. I will be travelling quite a bit in ’11 and this bag would be indispensible!

  19. Connie Hurst says:

    Loved the Howard Bib Necklced in antiqued Gold
    The Jordan Tunic, just lovely
    and the firm titted camisole, what FOF doesn’t need a little help now and then.

  20. Barb says:

    The Big Sur bag looks like a fun exciting accessory. Just the light weight airiness will add youth to your appearance.
    The Scout Bag by Aeon comes in great youthful colors that will accommodate any wardrobe.
    The Howard Bib by Millianna will dress up a frumpy dual outfit to make it dressy or fun.

  21. Loie Docter says:

    the black jarbo hooded jacket is superb! It’s length, functionality with large pockets, zip front and hood, and impeccable styling make it the perfect garment for the Northwest, dressed up or down. second choice, the pearl bib, so delicate, an exquisite jewelry option for an upscale, yet casual look. And, my third choice is the messenger bag, great size, a real classic, simple styling and the colors are vibrant, a necessity at this time of year!

  22. Valerie Jackson says:

    First, I love the orange messenger bag … orange is supposed to make us look younger, so I am loving that one.
    Ahhh, the Jarbo draped tunic … in black, it will be so flattering.
    And, the leather camera case, in orange, of course, will go beautifully in my lovely new bag!

  23. Tina Staniscia says:

    Only 3 items? Okay, the Vanessa necklace by Paige Novick, the paisley yoga bag by Kim Michie, and the double collar shirt by Planet Clothing. Thanks!

  24. kay wolter says:

    pick Me please smile

  25. kymberly davidson says:

    Amazing!! this was easy to pick from because there all beautiful..Aeon Scout Bag, Paige Novick (have a pair of shoes to match!) Imperio Gamidr2.. Looking for the mail as we speak…lol…

  26. Deborah Hoffman says:

    Yummy -Moksha Isabella scarf for a wrap with the
    Anna Beck open flower chandelier earrings after I go to class with my Kim Michie blue paisley yoga bag!

  27. Patrick Alexiou says:

    “I would say my 3 favorite items would be hooded raincoat, orange hand bag, & the graphic image camera!”

  28. Dolores says:

    So many lovely things and I can choose only three!

    The Scout Bag is definitely a winner. I’d love to have it in all three colors!

    The Brussels Duvet Cover and Shams are a must have. I’m a decorative pillow fanatic so would get all of the shams. I especially like the embroidered shams.

    The Clarice Crystal Bib by Millianna Design would have to be my third choice. Choosing which one was too difficult, so I’d have to have it in both Hematite and Smoke!

  29. Sandy DJ says:

    The Aeon Scout bag in BLUE absolutely MATCHES my Vespa scooter (by the way, I just passed 10,000 miles this past Saturday…not bad for 4 years riding only 6 months out of the year!!!).
    The Graphite Image BLUE passport holder would be fabulous for my planned trip next year to Italy to ride Vespas through the Tuscan countryside.
    And in keeping with the BLUE theme, how about Om Yoga Mat by Dream Yoga Mat? I can never have too many yoga mats! Especially with 55 year old knees 🙂

  30. Fabulous Mimi says:

    Fabulous bag for fabulous women! Orange, what an amazing color-so vibrant and Fallish!

  31. Sheryl says:

    My favorites are the Anna Beck reversible square necklace, the Jarbo 3/4 sleeve draped front dress, and the Imperio
    Gamdi2 bag.

  32. Rochlle Drucker says:

    I like the Metallic Leather Laptop Case and the Graphic Image Leather Camera Case. Both have real cool colors and are durable for carrying a laptop and camera, especially when traveling. The Papillon Linens Brussels Duvet Cover would be a beautiful extreme makeover for my bed and it would keep me cool in Florida’s hot climate and warm on cooler days!

  33. Roch says:

    Orange you a fab find for a hands free fun day, and the back thanks you also.

  34. Robin Hosey says:

    Although I am in Love with just about every item, I would have to say my 3 FAVS are the Jarbo Oatmeal Duster. A coat for me is just to much, I think this duster is perfect for all occasions. My second favorite is the Planet Clothing Ruffle Opera Coat. I just seems like a timeless piece every woman should have. You can dress it up or go casual. My 3rd choice would have to be the Anna Beck Twisted Skinny Cuff. Again it’s an any occasion / versatile piece we all should have at our finger tips.

  35. Deedah says:

    Faves are the Aeon Scout Bag, the Moksha Laguna Scarf and the Clarice Crystal Bib Necklace. You have awesome merchandise and fab items for we women over 50!


  36. joyce says:

    I like the Scout bag,The hooded rain jacket and the city cardigan by Jarbo.

  37. Diana says:

    I’m a total bag person – love the scout bag, flora bella big sur bag and the graphic image leather camera case.

  38. Susan Day Pfeifer says:

    Imperio Gamidi2
    Flora Bella Sumatra White Tunic
    TC Fine Intimates

  39. cindy ward says:

    I love the orange acon scot bad, the color for fall is fab. I also liked the orange camra case, same color and lovely to go with the bag.The moksha scarf also caught my eye for fall, what wonderful colors to go with the season. Absolutley fab. items for everyone.

  40. Martha S. Kerr-Burke says:

    My favorite items in the shop were the Jarbo rain jacket, Planet (?) balloon pants & tunic and I liked pretty much all of the linens . We’re in the process of remodeling our home and any of those would look very nice !

  41. Tina-Joy says:

    Helmut beaded satchel, Gilda hat, Isabella scarf

  42. Robin Van Vleet says:

    I especially liked- the Jarbo hooded rain jacket, the Graphic Image leather camera case and the Anna Beck stud post earrings!!

  43. Erica says:

    I found so many great items, it was hard to choose just three.

    My top three favorites are:
    The Jarbo Long Tunic -Looks incredibly comfortable and you can sex it up with heels and a great pair of earings.
    The Moksha Inca Scarf -All of the designs were beautiful, but this one grabbed my attention the most.
    The Dream Yoga Lotus Yoga Mat -I’m on the prowl for a new yoga mat and the sweet lotus design on this one reminded me of a recent trip to Vietnam. 🙂

  44. Marla says:

    The FabOverFifty Shop has so many things to offer and it was difficult to narrow it down to my top 3. My first favorite item is the “Leather Envelope” by Graphic Image in Silver to keep me organized, my second favorite item is the Scout Bag by Aeon which will be a perfect place to put my silver organizer, and my third favorite selection is the Hasselt Pillow Shams by Papillon Linens because they would add that little somethin’ somethin’ to the look of my bedroom.

  45. Suzanne Johnson says:

    The Moksha Laguna Scarf, Jarbo City Cardigan, TC Fine Intimates high waist bike pants. Love them all but these are tops!

  46. Pamela Wood says:

    Scout messenger leather bag X three. I love it times three!!

  47. Jennifer Brown says:

    I like the dish-shaped post earring, the bright orange leather camera case, and the bright green leather passport cover — for colorful traveling!

  48. susan says:

    1. Jarbo long tunic is just my style
    2.Inperio gamidi2 would fit all my needs for a big bag with simple elegance
    3. Moksha is just gorgeous!

  49. Mary says:

    I love the Scout bag, that’s why I’m entering. Also the Mokshu scarfs are beautiful and the book “1000 Places to See Before You Die”, because I’m working on that!

  50. Andy says:

    This purse is just awesome! It needs to be in my closet to compliment my fall wardrobe 🙂

  51. JoAnne says:

    Love this bag, so cute. The 3 items I like the best are:

    Scout Bag by Aeon
    Hooded Rain Jacket by Jarbo
    City Cardigan by Jarbo

  52. GINGER Mc says:

    The ImperioGamidi2 lo.oks so versatile and would look lovely with a bright Moksha scarf. And the TC camisole would give just the amount of control our more mature figures need to look sleek!

  53. Debbie says:

    This bag is such a classic, and classics never go out of style.

  54. Ysconsin says:

    What can I say? I’m a scarf FOF. Moksha Garden, Elizabetha and Laguna. They are versatile enough to shade the sun on a scorching day or ward off winds on a blustery afternoon. All with style and a range of colors for any season.

  55. Angela Mogin says:

    I love the colors of the messenger bag. Most of the bags I have bought are in the black, brown and navy category; it’s a pleasure to see a versatile bag in such striking color.

  56. Hallaren says:

    My faves are:

    Imperio garmidi2 in orange

    Anna Beck open flower chandelier earrings

    Graphic image leather camera case in orange

  57. Karen Coughlin says:

    Love the purse!

  58. Barbara Desmond says:

    The Aoen Scout Bag is practical and fun.
    I like the Paige Novick Venus Ring and the Anna Beck Drop earrings

  59. Jamie says:

    I am a big fan of the color orange!
    In the FabOverFifty Shop I like the firm control Torsette,Anna Beck drop earrings, and the Aeon Scout Bag in all the colors.

  60. Pamela Ray says:

    Thanks for the chance to win

  61. julie tinkey says:

    hooded rain jacket, leather passport cover, orange messenger bag!

  62. Gabrielle says:

    The Jarbo City Cardigan is perfect anytime or anyday. It can keep you warm in the office or can be worn over jeans on the weekends as well as over a dress for a night out.

    The Scout Bag by Aeon that comes in the most eye popping colors is the perfect size messenger bag to keep all of your essentials.

    The Antwerp Duvet Cover & Pillow Shams by Papillon Linens transforms your bedroom into a fine hotel. Be on vacation all year long with these luxurious linens.

  63. mau says:

    talk about the proverbial kid in the candy store – and telling her she can choose only three items!!!! this grownup kid chooses: 1. graphic image python laptop case in python blue- who knew? woo woo!!! 2. imperio gamidia orange pebble leather w/ cognac straps/long – can’t go wrong with leather and cognac! and 3. berry moksha isabella scarf – so berry beautifully bohemian! thanks for the chance and the eye candy!

  64. Jacki Barycki says:

    The scout bag, all colors are exciting, the brown python ipad case and the flora Bella Tanya hat.

  65. Wavygravy says:

    I adore the paisley yoga bag- I would feel so chic walking into class sporting it. I also love the gold diamond patterned cuff in the jewelry section. But since I am a pursaholic, of course my favorite item is the Scout leather messenger bag. I pay particular attention to shape in a bag and this is a tried and true shape for me. it also looks very soft!

  66. AJB says:

    My favorites are the Ruffle opera coat, Sumatra white tunic & Brussels embroidered duvet cover.

  67. STP says:

    I love the Leather Envelope by Graphic Image,
    Firm-Control Torsette by TC Fine Intimates, and
    Hi-Waist Bike Pant by TC Fine Intimates.

  68. Luckycooz says:

    Papillon Linens Antwerp Duvet Cover with the pillow shams in the natural color.

    I like all of the shapewear pieces by Lisa Cole

    Absolutely love the Aaeon Scout Bag!

  69. Hope says:

    My three favorite items are:
    1 Jarbo hooded rain jacket
    2. Anna Beck studded skinny bangle
    3. Jarbo Slim Pant

  70. Valerie says:

    They say life is full of choices…too many choices!! After browsing thru the selections…I would have to say my top 3 choices would be the LATTICE YOGA BAG, ia adorable, and I would love walking in to my 5:30am class in style, the Beaurtiful pink leather passport case, very styleish, and the Scout bag in Blue! Amazing designs, those are my top 3 fab’s but there are so many more how can you ask us to choose!!!

  71. Elaine says:

    Loved so many of the things I looked at. I really like the Scout bag, Graphic Images passport cover and luggage tags, as well as the Anna Beck drop earrings and teardrop necklace. There are so many lovely things that I had a hard time narrowing my list down!

  72. Linda Charlton says:

    the orange camera case, the laptop bags and the paisley yoga bags are my favorites.

  73. Shea Burgamy says:

    I love the Scout leather bag, and though I have never worn orange before – other than the University of Texas burnt orange, of course; I am trying to incorporate it in my fall/winter wardrobe this year. I, too, really like the Raffke Opera Coat, and the hooded rain jacket is perfect for our rainy season just ahead!

  74. Belinda Boyles says:

    There truly are too many great items to just choose 3, but I’m partial to the Isabella Scarf in Berry – the Anna Bella Cuff Bracelet – and most of all, that wonderful Flora Bella Gilda Hat!! Wow – that would be terrific on the beach in Cabo San Lucas!!

    Would LOVE to have the Scout bag, too!

  75. Meg Wheatcraft says:

    Raincoat, poncho and messenger bag purse

  76. Vickie Youngblood says:

    I love the Venus Ring by Paige Novick — a show stopper. I want the Moksha Hula Scarf – love the colors. I want the Flora Bella Marie Gold Hat — I could use that at our beaches.

  77. Sharon says:

    My three favorite items are the AEON Scout Bag, the Sumatra White Tunic by Flora Bella, and the Jarbo City Cardigan. All three would be wonderful to have on my Bahamas cruise in January.

  78. Kai W. says:

    This Bag would so neat and just in time for me to go traveling. I could fit all of my necessities in this bag to travel light.

  79. Barbara Loffler says:

    Big Sur, Scout Bag and moderate control camisole……all great items

  80. nancycrom says:

    I love the Planet clothing balloon pants, all of the python accessory covers, and of course the scout bag!

  81. Nancy says:

    Only 3?! I love the scout bag, the hooded rain jacket, and the chocolate 3/4 sleeve draped front dress.

  82. Julie Moreland says:

    I love the “1000 places to see before you die” book. I’m retired and expect to travel as long as I can afford it. I also love the Anna Beck diamond pattern medium cuff bracelet and the studded skinny cuff bracelet.

  83. Marilyn H says:

    my three faves are the Varigated rib poncho, Paige Novick “Laura” earrings, and the Ghent duvet cover. It was very difficult to limit to three items!

  84. Diane says:

    My favorite three items in the FabOverFifty Shop are the Aeon Scout Bags that you’re giving away. I love them in all three colors it would be hard to choose. I also love the TC Fine Intimates Moderate Control Camisole and the Candy Cuff bracelet by Paige Novick with the green stone and gold. All three items would be wonderful additions to my otherwise skimpy fall look!

  85. Faith Rogers says:

    I could wear this bag with my chocolate brown outfit, it would really make it pop!

  86. Pamela says:

    Loved the leather bags and envelope! Also the Anna Beck jewelry…especially the cuff and studded bangle!

  87. Kathy says:

    Hooded rain jacket, Scout bag, Anna Beck earrings

  88. Tyra London says:

    Such beautiful products – favorite 3 are the Biana necklace by Paige Novack, double collar shirt by plant clothing and Graphic Image book, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die – would be so fun and fabulous to wear the shirt and necklace to one of those 1,000 places! Inspiration, pure inspiration!

  89. Mary Anderson says:

    I’d love the Peace Yoga Mat, Firm Control hiwaist brief and Aeon scout bag!

  90. DIANA DAVILA says:

    I really like the Paige Novick Helmut Beaded Satchel because I think its gorgeous, the Graphic Image Leather Passport Cover because we travel quite a bit, and the Graphic Image Metallic Leather EReader Case because I never leave home without my EReader.

  91. freda says:

    I love this bag! the color is perfect for fall. Pick me!!

  92. Bette E Butcher says:

    Beautiful orange. Great color. So many things to choose.
    I chose the followinig three:

    Ghent Duvet Cover
    Python Laptop Cover
    Inco Scarf

  93. maggie says:


  94. eloria says:

    There are so may beautiful things it’s hard to choose. I love to Flora Bella Gilda hat it is very glamorous. Also like the bronze Imperio Gamidi2 handbag and the Millianna Design Clarice Crystal Bib necklace-Stunning!
    (although the name makes me think of Silence of the Lambs-Hannibal. Not the most pleasant of thoughts haha!)

  95. Amy Taylor says:

    3 fav items….
    Anna Beck Earings
    Yoga mats, dream tree
    Aeon Scout bag

  96. Michele says:

    I love the Slim Ponti Pants and the draped tunic over them. Top it off with the diamond pattern bangle and what a great outfit!

  97. Susan Bishop says:

    I love all of the Anna Beck reversible necklaces–what a practical idea!– and the Paige Novick Katherine cuff, and, of course, that scrumptious Scout bag, in any color!

  98. Patricia Assanowicz says:

    To be honest it took me awhile to browse through all you have to offer. Without a doubt when I looked at the Papillon Linens and saw the Brussels Embroidered Duvet Cover I fell in love, I would choose Ivory, to me Ivory is a very calming and relaxing cool shade, of course I would also choose the Brussels Pillow Shams in Ivory. Having such luxury on my bed after working a long hard day, soaking in the tub and I would feel like I was sleeping on a cloud. My third choice would be Paige Novick’s Candy Cuff, The sea glass stone from Brazil is so beautiful to look at you can almost get lost in the beauty of the stone and the gentleness of the Teal color, blue is my absolute favorite color and mixed with the greens of Brazil gives this Teal cuff a magical feeling to me, yes, without question no two would be the same and feeling this rare stone, looking into the beauty and appreciating the skill of the artisan I would be proud to wear this.

  99. Nancy Herman says:

    These are a few of my favorite things:

    Gorgeous Helmut Bead Satchel – great everyday anywhere bag.

    Jarbo Slim Pant would make me look so skinny.

    Long Tunic Raincoat I could sure use right now in this Vermont weather

  100. Debbie Bain says:

    I like the Aeon Scout bag, the OM yoga mat and the Lattice yoga bag. I practice yoga twice a week at the gym and love the flexibility and strength I have gained.

  101. Alice says:

    1. Jarbo Long Tunic
    2. Firm Control Full-Figure Camisole
    3.Aeon Scout Bag in Luscious Lime

  102. Faith Williams says:

    My Favs: Jarbo Hooded Rain JAcket, the Scout Leather Messenger Bag, & All of the Shapewear!!

  103. Michele Bowles Hamid says:

    It’s so hard to choose! But I’ll give it a try! Any of the Anna Beck dangly earrings, the Jarbo 3/4 sleeve draped front dress, and the black leather passport cover!

  104. Cathy Truman says:

    1. Anna Beck Studded Skinny Bangle
    2. Howard Bib Necklace by Milianna Design
    3. Helmut Breaded Satchel

  105. Kimberly says:

    I like the
    1. Jarbo
    3/4 sleeve draped front dress
    2. Riau Reversible Square Necklace by Anna Beck
    3. Ruffle Opera Coat by Planet Clothing

  106. Janice Neal says:

    Love the passport cover, the shapewear, and the orange messenger bag.

  107. Susan Lockwood says:

    My favorites are the Jarbo hooded rain jacket, the fabulous scout bag, and 1,000 places to see before you die.
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  108. Patricia Assanowicz says:

    First let me say the creations by Jarbo, are breathtaking.
    My first chioce would be the “Hooded Rain Jacket by Jarbo
    2nd: The Slim Pant by Jarbo
    3rd: The abaolutly beautiful 3/4 Sleeve draped Front dress by jarbo. The Scout Leather messagner Bag can be worn with any of these creations, I believe a woman must have black in her closet, to me black can be worn to almost any occasion, the beautiful hooded rainjacket worn with the 3/4 sleeve draped dress or the slim pants. There are so many differen styles you can create with just a few items. To win this along with the bag would definatly help my career, I always love to make a great first impression and wearing clothes made by a designer not only makes you feel so well dressed it also shows others that you care about your appreance, I can only say that I truly hope and Pray these outfits will find their way into my closet, they would make me feel like a 3 year old at Christmas, I can imagine opening each box and trying everything on jumping for joy, the only thing I can say is WOW, and thank you for this once in a lfetime chance.

  109. Lora Eddings says:

    I liked the Anna Beck reversable disk necklace because it’s a classic piece that you can dress up or dress casual with, then I liked the T.C. Intamite F C Torsette because it will cover a multitude of sins as well keep me comfortable and last but not least my favorite was the 1000 Places to see before you die not just for the places to see but for the million, billion, trillion memoiries to be made after all isn’t that what’s most important?

  110. susan troche says:

    1. Blue Paisley Yoga Bag

    2. anna Beck studded skinny bangle

    3. Milliania Desighn Howard Bib

  111. JAN NICHOLS says:

    I absolutely love the orange Aeon Scout bag! Two of my children graduated from Auburn University and orange is our dominate team color. I could show my Auburn spirit with that lovely bag. War Eagle! I also love the Jarbo long tunic, very flattering apparel. Last but not least, another favorite is the twisted skinny cuff…gorgeous!

  112. DGW says:

    There are so many but the Raffke Opera coat, Hooded rain Jacket, and most of all the Leather Passport Cover as I just applied for mine!!!

  113. binafer says:

    would love to win this as it is sooo fab!!

  114. karen says:

    Love love the Helmut Beaded Satchel, Classey new accessories can make your older outfits look new again. Love the 3/4 sleeve black Jarbo dress. Always a classic that can be dressed up or down, I also love the packability of the material. Last but not least the cuff bracelet in that dark drusy quartz. probably not with the Helmut bag, but with my jeans and tunic top at night along with the beautiful bag up for grabs. I just had my 64th birthday but still like to look as good as possible, esp. when my husband and I go out . A gal can still dream at any age!!! Good luck to everyone. Awesome site,

  115. Norma Garcia says:

    My three picks are: the Firm Control Torsette, because sometimes I just can’t “hold it in” anymore; the Draped Tunic by Jarbo because you can always use another “go to” blouse that’s COMFORTABLE; and my last pick would be the Double Drop Earrings because they’re classic but youthful – which is a FOF requisite.

  116. paulag1957 says:

    the jarbo-hooded rain jacket would look great–the leather scout bag would also look great–and the millianna necklace to set off the arrangement.

  117. bonnie says:

    Candy Cuff by Paige Novick
    Gamidi2 by Imperio
    Diamond pattern medium cuff by Anna Beck, these are my favorites

  118. Terry Perl says:

    Graphic Image luggage tags and passport covers and envelopes. You can actually see those colors inside a dark purse or against dark luggage.

  119. hofken says:

    My three favorite items are the Howard Bib Necklace by Millianna Design, the Kim Michie Beige Paisley Yoga Bag and the Flora Bella Gilda Hat.


  120. Soledad says:

    I love jewelry so I would pick the Anna Beck multi-drop earrings and Millianna Boleyn earrings.

    I also like the Nepal bag.

  121. karen budnick says:

    the three anna beck cuff bracelets are awesome.would add pizzaz to any outfit.they look chic.i love jewelry.

  122. kim upright says:

    Opera Coat, Long Tunic and of course the Hooded Jacket!!

  123. Kim Frazier says:

    Just three things?! Ok, first of all, I LOVE the Scout Leather Messenger bag in this giveaway! I also love the Imperio Gamedi2 Bronze Bag – it’s gorgeous! And I love the Flora Bella Gilda Hat!

  124. Faith Rogers says:

    Well, it’s quite difficult to choose. The bag we are trying to win is wonderful. I guess the moderate controle camisole by TC Rine Intimates, the Scout Bag & Auna Beck Jewlrey all catch my attention.

  125. Genie says:

    Oh! I’d love any of the clothes but I wouldn’t fit into them, sorry to say. But I’d be over the moon with the Katherine Cuff (love the strong geometry of it), Tanya cowboy style hat with turquoise accent (I still wear my mother’s necklace of huge turquoise chunks she bought in Santa Fe in the ’70’s), and to accent my new pixie haircut which exposed my natural hair color (silver ! who knew? It’s always been red or blonde), the fabulous Howard Bib of crystal beads and black ribbon. Yum!

  126. Arty4ME2 says:

    My favorite three items are:

    1. Kim Michie Lattice Yoga Bag
    2. Anna Beck Drog Earrings
    3. Jarbo Slim Ponti Pants

  127. Corinne Garrett says:

    There are so many wonderful items to choose from – but….my favorites are the leather luggage tags with the colors that pop so you can find your bag immediately on the luggage carosel. I also adore the very cute Kim Michie yoga bags for toting a mat and water bottle to class in style. The last of the top 3 is the gorgeous picture brim Flora Bella hat called “Gilda” – I am crazy for hats and this one is way dramatic!

  128. Patricia Chambers says:

    My three favorite items in Fab Over Fifty Shopping site are:

    1. FLORA BELLA White Tunic

    2. FLORA BELLA Big Sur Purse

    3. Millianna Design Dupas Choker

  129. Laura McLendon says:

    Wow, what a treat!! For my 3 shopping trip favorites today, I am choosing TC Fine Intimates Camisole, Jarbo City Cardigan, and Flora Bella Gilda Hat. If I was lucky enough to win, this would be an awesome foursome. (My lucky bonus treat favorite of the day, my little addition to the day, would have to be the book- “1,000 Places To See Before You Die” by Graphic Image”!! A girl can dream, right?!!)

  130. swhite says:

    Personally I love the orange brocade yoga bag it is so pretty, the yoga tree of life mat will go so well with it! Quite a good looking set. The laguna scarf will look lovely with my black dress. I think the messenger bag would be perfect for fall (I would no problem take it off your hands).

  131. kymberly davidson says:

    Love the 3/4 sleeve drape dress,the Catherine Cuff is to die for! Ok, your killing me the Helmut Beaded satchel is just fab! Now this would finish any outfit any day…Thanks for the tease…lol..

  132. Marla Davis says:

    I really love the Auna Beck jewelry.
    1) Auna Beck Chandelier earrings
    2) Auna Beck Double drop earrings
    3) Planet Clothing black skinny pant

    These are my fav’s. Beautiful!

  133. Marcia Robinson says:

    Why should I have to decide? It’s an almost impossible decision to make.

  134. Joetta Gillespie says:

    Scout Bag by Aeon in luscious lime, Gajumbo by Imperio in pebble, and Leather Passport Cover by Graphic Image in lime. The styles are awesome.

  135. lisa augustyn says:

    love, love love the frye boots with studs and the parisian jacket, I can go on but to say it easily, I love everything

  136. Scottie Hexter says:

    I like those things NOT made from animal skins — namely, the Flora Bella Sumatra White Tunic, Flora Bella Gilda Hat and matching Nepal Bag (hope those handles are NOT made w/leather!). Can FOF please promote and advertise VEGAN companies that don’t rely on murdering animals to produce their wares, please?!!

  137. merrill plumlee says:

    Love the Anna Beck studded braclets, the shapewear (who can live without that!) and just can’t decide on the htird-too many great items!

  138. gratheeus says:

    Helmut beaded satchel
    city cardigan
    3/4 sleeve draped front dress

  139. KT HESS says:

    I’m more of an accessories type gal (they always fit)
    I like the python laptop case, the reversible Clover necklas (love clover and cross’ Perfect for me) and really love how cute and fun the Moksha garden scarf is!

  140. Ann says:

    l certainly like the Aeon Scout Bag for carrying the things I need. The Flora Bella Gilda Hat would keep the sun off my face. The Ann Beck Multi drop earrings would look beautiful in the sun or night-time lights.

  141. Kai W. says:

    My 3 favs are peal necklace = timeless classic, cross pen, and black wallet clutch.

  142. C.A. says:

    I had a fabulous time ‘shopping’ at the FOF shop online! Every item looked unique, luxurious and stylish. I had a lot of trouble narrowing my choices down to three items, but here are the ones that I think would look spectacular on me – or anyone!

    First – the bag – we all know a great bag is an essential statement and I chose Gamidi2 by Imperio in red napa leather.

    Next – the dress- for style, comfort, and class I think the 3/4 sleeve draped front dress by Jarbo in black can’t be beat! The great fabric drapes beautifully and flatters any woman!

    The final touch – BLING! – and I think the Howard Bib by Millianna Design is the perfect piece to bring this smashing ensemble to the pinnacle of style and fashion.

    Thanks FOF! I had a great time shopping with you!

  143. mary beth zeni says:

    1. Scout bag for travel – my mother and I are taking our first vacation together to Italy – and she is in her 80s.
    2. Flora bella hat
    3. yoga mat and bag

  144. Anne says:

    My 3 favorites: the Hooded Rain Jacket in black – living in the desert and traveling a lot makes it one of the most practical pieces of apparel; the metallic leather E-reader case because reading is one of my favorite things to do while “in transit” and in the evenings after arrival at my destination; the Graphic Image leather camera case because picture taking is my thing.

  145. doreen Mallozzi Hicks says:

    I def love jewelry, shoes and bags, preferably black patent leather hobo bags. I am recently unemployed and can always hope.

  146. Karen says:

    FOF’s done it again — put together a perfect assortment of exactly what will work for me!!! The Flora Bella hats are fantastic – they combine sexy with the sun coverage we all need, especially here in the southwest. I want that cobra yoga mat — it’s wonderful!–and one of the gorgeous brocade bags to tote it around in. Thanks for giving me an excuse to window shop!

  147. Donna Witiak says:

    My favorites were hard to choose….but I would have to say Flora Bella Nepal Bag ….large and colorful…Firm control Camisole….just what I need…..and Paige Novick’s Laura Earrings….geometric and modern.

  148. Lori MacLeod says:

    Love the Tree of Life yoga mat, Anna Beck chandelier earrings and “1000 Places to see before you die”

  149. Elyse says:

    Love the skinny cardigan sweater! I’ve been searching for the perect cardie and that could be it. The Kim Michie Beige Paisley Yoga Bag would be perfect for the stuff I schelp to exercise class, and last – but certainly not least, I have been truly coveting the Scout leather messenger bag in orange. It’s just a fabulous bag!

  150. Enna Calderon says:

    I like three things:

    I’m a sucker for anything that’s firm control. Why? People say that I have a fabulous figure (I don’t) so I’m racing to get the Firm-control hi-waist brief by TC Fine Intimates.
    All Latinas like big earrings (yeah, right), so pass along them the Double drop earrings by Anna Beck and the Python. Actually, they’re cut.
    Gotta get something to carry my E-reader so it doesn’t scratch. Gimme the E-reader Case by Graphic Image!!

  151. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says:

    I love the shapewear (and could use it), the hooded rain jacket (I’m wearing a rain coat that is almost 20 years old), and the Helmut Beaded Satchel by Paige Novick (this would be my frivolous item)!

  152. Adrian Humphreys says:

    I would just love, love, love to have the following items: Flora Bella Mustique White Clutch, Jarbo Hooded Rain Jacket and the Ruffle Opera Coat. I know i would look just fabulous in these pieces or accessorizing with these pieces.

  153. Gigi says:

    Moderate Control Camisole by TC Fine Intimates
    3/4 sleeve draped front dress by Jarbo
    Studded skinny cuff by Anna Beck

  154. Karen Coughlin says:

    any 3 pieces of jewwelry by Anna Beck. Gorgeous!

  155. E.D. Green says:

    I love to shop for shapewear (e.g., TC Fine Intimates Hi-Waist Bike Pant); accessories (e.g., Flore Bella Big Sur Bag); and apparel (e.g., Jarbo City Cardigan).

  156. E.D. Green says:

    I love to shop for shapewear (e.g., TC Fine Intimates Hi-Waist Bike Pant) and accessories (e.g., Flore Bella Big Sur Bag).

  157. Nancy says:

    The slim Ponti pants look shapely; I would definitely wear the control camisole; and I love the colorful Moksha scarves!

  158. Tracey Byram says:

    My favorites are the Big Sur Bag by Flora Bella, the Howard Bib Necklace by Millianna Design and the Skinny Pant by Planet Clothing.

  159. Anna Johnson says:

    I love the Scout Bag, the Clarire Crystal Bib by Millianna Designs and the Dupas Chocker.

  160. Leslie Carcaise says:

    Favorite things:
    Flora Bella Marie Gold Hat – hide my roots on those day before my hair appt.
    Jarbo Rain Jacket – never had a rain coat
    Firm Control Torsette – help for the muffin top ( or to be really honest- tops )

  161. Becky says:

    I love the Jarbo Hooded Rain Jacket, the Planet Clothing Opera Coat and the Jarbo Long Tunic. I also think I will be ordering the Firm Control Torsette right away!

  162. Mommalee says:

    Want, want, want Opera Jacket in black. Need, need, need Millianna necklace~ Howard Bib. And I would adore, adore, adore Helmut Beaded Satchel. I would look FABULOUS Over Fifty~ face it, I would just look fabulous!!!!

  163. Jeany says:

    First, the scout leather bag of course! Then the Lotus yoga mat and the twisted skinny cuff —

  164. Holly Hartman says:

    Moksha, Isabella scarf! gorgeous! can wear with everything!
    Graphic Image, Python e-reader case! Love my e-ready, have a boring case right now…
    Flora Bella, Big Sur bag – I just gotta have somewhere to go!

  165. julie says:

    You have some wonderful items in the FOF shop!!

  166. Karena says:

    I adore the giveaway bag, perfect color for my fall wardrobe!
    The 3 items are the 1) cream poncho variegated pleating, 2) the Ana Beck Gold drop earrings and 3) the orange camera case to go with the new bag!

    Art by Karena

  167. Linda says:

    I love, love this bag and I also love
    Anna Beck’s Twisted Skinny Cuff,
    Millianna Design’s Dupas chocker and Gajumbo bag

  168. Olga Martin says:

    Love the Moksha Soho Scarf, the Varigated Rib Poncho, and the Aeon Scout Bag in green, actually. Lovely accessories! Hard to pick just three favorites.

  169. Rose Shuman says:

    My passion in life is collecting leather bags and accessories. So, of course, my favorite three items in the FOF Shop are the Aeon Scout Bag, the Graphic Image Envelope and the Luggage Tag. To me the smell of leather is better than the smell of baking bread.

  170. Mary Sims says:

    Flora Bella Marie Gold Hat
    Imperio Gajumbo in Napa Red
    Anna Beck Twisted Skinny Cuff

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  171. deb c says:

    My 3 favorite items are:
    1) Jarbo Long Tunic
    2) Gajumbo Bag in pebble natural by Imperio
    3) Kate Necklace by Paige Novick
    Thanks for the great contest and the chance to win!

  172. Eileen says:

    Hard time choosing just three. Love flora Bella Mustique White Clutch, Anna Beck Drop Earrings, andSumatra White Tunic, and of course the giveaway bag.

  173. Eileen Hammer says:

    Hard time choosing just three. Love Flora Bella Mustique White Clutch, Anna Beck Drop Earrings, andSumatra White Tunic,also love the purse giveaway.

  174. Diana says:

    I LOVE the Scout messenger bag…and then I love: flora Bella hats, Moksha wraps and Anna Beck cuffs, not necessarily in that order!

  175. Robyn says:

    Thanks a hard one….I love all what I have seen so far. I think my three would be the Yoga Bag (I cant choose yet all cute) Yoga Mat (same thing) by Kim Michie. I have yet to see such a adorable bag yet.
    And then of course the Acon scout bag. When I first saw the bag, I could only dream of smelling the leather poping out of the box. The colors are dreamy, so love each one!

  176. Abee says:

    I love the Moksha Garden Scarf, Millianna Design Dupas choker, Anna Beck open flower chandelier earrings (and as a 4th it would have to be this Scout leather messenger bag…it is amazing!)

  177. barbara wicklund says:

    Helmut Beaded Satchel by Paige Novick
    Gamidi2 by Imperio
    Python Laptop Cases by Graphic Image

  178. Linda says:

    favorite items-
    Dream Yoga mat
    Anna Beck-Diamond cuff
    flora Bella-Tanya Hat

  179. NJJ says:

    My 3 faves are:

    Moksha Garden Scarf
    Jarbo 3/4 Sleeve Draped Front Dress
    Paige Novik Sloane Bracelet

  180. Nancy Wolfe says:

    My three favs are: Anna Beck Diamond Pattern Medium Cuff, Paige Novick Candy Cuff and Paige Novick Helmet Beaded Satchel.

  181. JoAnn Arnold says:

    My three favorite things are(1) Scout leather messenger bag,(2) the dream yoga mats and (3) the shape wear.

  182. Sandy says:

    After perusing the site, it’s hard to make only three choices with so many amazing things to choose from! But here are my final three… the Hematite Clarice Crystal Bib, the Hematite Boleyn Earring by Millianna Design, and the incredible Midnight Isabella Scarf by Moksha. Wow! Thank you so much for the offer!

  183. Crystal Walker says:

    Oh I love the Anna Beck studded skinny cuff, the Acon Scout bag and love love the TC Fine Intimates bi waist brief

  184. Johnnie Greene says:

    Ilove to shop of course, hehe I like the jewelry, the large bracelets, shapewear to hold it all in, and the great wardrobes for the FOF!

  185. Sonja Turetsky says:

    Add one orange scout bag, pair it with the Moksha garden scarf, add an ATC Fine Intermate Moderate Control Camisole to make me look svelte, top with a pair of jeans, casual T, put on my RED HAT, slip into my comfy sneakers complete with white sweat socks, get into my car, and off I go for a 3 P.M. second grade pick up of my granddaughter. I am just a Fashionable over 50 G-Ma fashionista at heart.

  186. Bonnie Kirchner says:

    My 3 favorites are under the catagory travel and include the Flora Bella gilda Hat, the Flora bella Tanya hat the the flora Bella White Tunic. What a fun contest and, shopping besides!!

  187. Fran says:

    My 3 favs are Milliann Design Poiret Necklace, Moksha Jamaica Scarf, & Jarbo Varigated Rib poncho

  188. Patricia Hight says:

    My three favs are: Diamond pattern drop earrings
    Python laptop case
    Hula scarf

    and my best for last……faboverfifty website!!!

  189. PHYLLIS says:

    I Love the messenger bag! So many favorite items!! I will choose the Jarbo city Cardigan to wear for all seasons. The striking Kate Necklace in gold, I would Love to wear Everyday. The Marie Flora Bellla Gold hat (oops its sold out) perfect for the beach or shopping. Lovely items to choose from! Thank You for the Giveaway.

  190. Val says:

    Jarbo Hooded Rain Jacket, even though we are in a drought right now, when I travel I like to take rain jackets because you can layer underneath them
    Paige Novick Kate Necklace
    TC Fine Intimate Moderate Control Camisole

  191. Vickie says:

    I love the jewelry, especially the Millianna Design Dupas Chocker, Howard Bib and Milli Earrings. Simply beautiful

  192. Kristine P says:

    Hard to choose – love the giveaway bag and favorites follow:
    1) Paige Novick Helmut Beaded Satchel
    2) Imperio Gamidi2 – Chocolate pebble
    3) Millianna Design Boleyn Earings

  193. Anne Cintron says:

    The Anna Beck diamond pattern drop earrings, the Torsette from the Shapewear collection and this pocketbook are all winners in my book!

  194. Sherry Golden says:

    Scout Bag blue
    Tanya Hat
    Hi Waist bike pant shapewear

    (I also like the ruffled opera coat if you don’t accept the Scout bag as a choice. I put it on the list bec I really like it!)

  195. Barbara Houseman says:

    My three favorite items at the FOF Shop are the Aeon Handbag, the Balloon Pant and the Isabella scarf. It was hard to choose as there are more than three items I really, really like. Great job, FOF Buyer!

  196. Ro Turner says:

    Beige Paisley Yoga Bag by Kim Michie
    Leather Luggage Tags by Graphic Image
    Leather Luggage Tags by Graphic Image

  197. Mary Jo says:

    My 3 favs are:
    Aeon Scout Bag, a Dream yoga mat and a Kim Michie yoga bag. I love this website and all the great giveaways so I would LOVE TO WIN!

  198. Jenny hebert says:

    The Giveaways
    The BAgs
    The Fashions

  199. Sandra Marshall says:

    I really adore this style of bag. I really feel this bag is very stylish and functional. My favorite three items from the FabOverFifty shop are the Millianna Design -Clarice Crystal Bib, Planet Clothing’s -Ruffle Opera Coat, and Page Novick’s -Helmut Beaded Satchel. Love them all!!!

  200. Robin McGann says:

    I love most of the shop items except the apparel. Here are my favorites:
    Flora Bella Mustique White Clutch
    Paige Novick Sloane bracelet
    Dream Yoga Mats Lotus Yoga Mat (pink and orange!)

  201. DOTTI WOLFE says:


  202. renee says:

    I love the Accessory shop with it’s wonderful bags. The Travel shop is my next favorite because of the dreams that it can create. Then the Jewelry shop is fantastic with all its fun jewelry big and exciting! The other shops are just as great. Keep it up!

  203. Mary Ann says:

    Great site!!! Loved the yoga mats, the Jarbo 3/4 sleeve draped front dress, and of course, the Scout bag by Aeon….love the colors!!! Fun, fun!!

  204. Skye Wentworth says:

    Having fun window shopping at the FAB shop with regards to your contest question!

    I love Jarbo everything! But my favorite is the 3/4 sleeve draped dress.

    2nd item would be the Millianna Design Howard Bib neckland.

    Number 3 is this very bag. I’ve had my eye on it for some time. It’s perfectly wonderful and my kind of size!

  205. Andy says:

    LOVE the bag; perfect for a stunning fall wardrobe!
    l: Gold toe Chanel flats
    2: Passport cover; really practical
    3. 3/4 sleeve knit dress

    Voila !

  206. Doreen says:

    It goes without saying I love the bag, but I’ll say it anyway.

    Three items:
    1.) Any Imperio Gajumbo bag
    2.) Slim Ponti Pants
    3.) Anna Beck Reversible Square Necklace

    All the items in the FOF shop are LOVELY!!!!!!!!

  207. Kimberley says:

    Graphite Image leather E-reader case, Anna Beck open flower chandelier earrings and drop earrings.

  208. Juls says:

    Aeon Scout Bag
    Anna Beck Cuff Bracelet
    Planet Clothing Skinny Pant

  209. Lynn Miller says:

    I love this bag, and would love to own it! My 3 favorite things are: 1-Millianna Design Dupas choker, I love pearls. 2-the Jarbo City Cardigan, looks warm and cozy. 3- the Imperio Gamidi2 bag (brown). This was a difficult choice for there are so many beautiful things.

  210. Nell Jean says:

    What a fun giveaway!
    My favs are
    twisted skinny cuff in sterling,
    marie gold hat — the puppy chewed my straw hat
    and moderate control camisole in nude.

  211. Debbie Sorg says:

    My 3 Favorite things are;
    Graphic Image Leather Envelope
    Moksha Garden Scarf
    Flora Bella Tonya Hat

  212. Jeanette Marr says:

    Fabulous bag!! Luscious color!!
    Of course the Aeon Scout Bag is one of my picks!
    My other choices are the yummy Moksha Laguna Scarf and
    the wonderful Imperion Gamidi2 Bag.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  213. Gloria Monroe says:

    My 3 favorite items are – Jarbo hooded rain jacket, graphic Image Leather Camera Case and Dream Yoga Mats OM Yoga Mat

  214. Marcia Mason says:

    My favorites are the Flora Bella Marie Gold Hat, Anna Beck’s reversible clover necklace, and Moksha Jamaica scarf. I’m pretty conservative, and wear a size 24, so the clothes and shapewear wouldn’t fit. Also, I love clip earrings, and you don’t have any in your FOF shop. Business wear is so hard to find in larger sizes, and it’s what I spend my money on most.

  215. Nena Carmody says:

    My favorite items in the FOF shop are the Jarbo hooded rain jacket, Anna Beck necklace and the scout bag (in orange) what a great combination!

  216. d. frank says:

    The Scout bag is perfect and I would love to win it…on your shopping site I loved so many items that narrowing to 3 is really unfair…
    1st choice is the Hooded Rain Jacket by Jarbo
    2nd is the Om Yoga Mat
    3rd is the Leather Envelope by Graphic Image
    I will be purchasing something!

  217. Rhonda H says:

    1) I love all the Jarbo clothing pieces, I couldn’t possibly decide on a favorite!
    2) I love the blue paisley yoga bag.
    3) The leather camera case (in orange, my favorite) is great!

  218. Patricia N says:

    My favorites are the Flora Bella Tanya Hat, the Paige Novick Laura Earrings and the Jarbo Hooded Rain Jacket

  219. loulou2 says:

    1. Tree of Life yoga mat
    2. Elizabeth Scarf
    3. Imperio Gemidi2

  220. Michelle G. says:

    The FOF shop is happening! As a personal trainer, I was floored to find so many goodies to help me look forward to my workouts. My 3 picks are : Kim Michie’s blue paisley yoga bag, the lotus yoga mat, and Moksha Inca scarf will be the perfect finishing touch!

  221. Dollie Curry says:

    The colors/design of Scout leater messenger bags. Wouldn’t mind having one of those!!! 🙂 The three items that really caught my eye are: 1. Paige Novick Helmut Beaded Satchel; 2. Paige Novick Sloane Bracelet; and 3. Paige Novick Venus Rings. These can be worn together very well. Dress up! Dress Down! I am styling!!! 🙂

  222. Dorothy Borgese says:

    Skinny jean and OM Yga Mat. Thanks for the opportunity. Good Luck to all.

  223. Joanne Vicente says:

    Actually, this bag is definitely my favorite. I can’t whittle it down to three individual items, though. I love every one of the bags, and every piece of the jewelry. All the scarves are just gorgeous, too, and I could almost feel myself wrapping up in them!
    Can I count that for three items?

  224. Suzanne says:

    Super bag! I also like the Hooded Rain Jacket by Jarbo, Multi drop earrings by Anna Beck an the Pill Yoga Mat by Plank.

  225. Juanita Jahn says:

    The drop earrings and the twisted skinny cuff bracelet and the Jarbo draped tunic.

  226. Robin says:

    You ask the hardest questions! So many favorites, but narrowing down to the top 3:

    Acon Scout Bag — scrumptious colors, size, shape
    Jarbo hooded Rain Jacket — love all things Jarbo!
    Paige Novick Venus Ring — perfect accessory for my daughter’s wedding

  227. Rita Snipes says:

    OH what a bag!! Gorgeous!! my 3 favs in the Fab over 50 shop are: 1) The Flora Bella Marie Gold Hat (I live on an island and this is perfect) 2) the Moksa Laguna scarf (Great Colors) and 3) The Millianna Design Boleyn Earrings (Go with anything!!) Thanks!!

  228. Margarida Brei says:

    I love the colour, design and compact style of the orange leather messanger bag. The moksha scarf in orange and gold has a lot of potential for animating my wardrobe. As a professor, I think the white pelum shirt has a very professional look for me. So I particularly like the scout bag, moksha scarf and peplum shirt.

  229. Jacqualin says:

    I’m a tall dramatic type, the Planet Clothing ruffled opera coat would be sooooooo me. I also love the Jarbo long, chic oatmeal duster for long autumn walks. The Flora Bella Gilda hat is the perfect attention grabber for wine-tastings

  230. Annie says:

    My favorites: Helmut beaded bag actually made me tingle; 2) Imperio Orange Pebble bag; and 3) Nepal Bag. These bags were absolutely gorgeous, if I could afford to I would buy each of them.

  231. marcy says:

    Love the bag
    planet clothing opera coat
    flora bella tunic
    paige novick helmut beaded satchel

  232. Susan says:

    Love the Aeon Scout Bag, the matching Leather Passport Cover and Flora Bella Marie Gold Hat.

  233. Ellen says:

    I absolutely love the bag – the colors are fabulous and I like to carry smaller bags when I travel. I could see me wearing the Moksha Hula scarf with black. It’s big and again I love the colors. The third item I really like is the Anna Beck reversible square necklace. And then who wouldn’t love practicing yoga on one of those great mats – I think it would add to my practice.

    I like so many of the items in the FOF shop it’s hard to pick just three. Thanks FOF…

  234. Terria says:

    My 3 favorite FOF items are: Massage, hand fan and a shawl. Gals over fifty have to stay stress free and need a warm shawl or a cool breeze whenever those hot flashes hit. LOL!

  235. Cyndi Goldfarb says:

    I am an accessories person, but there are many things here that I truly love.
    The three things that I choose in addition to the bag that I love is.
    1-Anna Beck Multidrop earring in silver.
    2-Flora Bella Gilda Hat.
    3- Laura Earrings by Paige Novick in siliver.

  236. Mell says:

    I love the FOF Planet Clothing ruffled opera coat, the Ana Beck studded skinny cuff, and the Paige Novick Venus ring.

  237. Kathy says:

    I love love love this bag.
    My three favs: Isabella scarf, double drop earrings and the opera coat!!!

  238. Marilyn Stephens says:

    My favorites are:

    Metallic Leather iPad Cover
    Flor Bella Napal Bag
    Helmut Beaded Satchel by Paige Novick

  239. Maureen says:

    Only 3? Are you serious? The hooded rain jacket is very cute. But purses, soft, buttery leather purses in every color, and long dangling earrings… it’s like the old potato chip commercial, “you can’t have just one” .

  240. Sylvia Hull says:

    Love the bag! My 3 favorite items (hard to narrow it to 3) are the Moksha Inca Scarf, the Planet Double Collar Shirt and the Anna Beck Twisted Skinny cuff.

  241. Diana Prewitt says:

    Paige Novick Venus ring, Anna Beck cuff, Helmut beaded satchel!! Wow, lots of great choices.

  242. Jodir says:

    1. Flor Bella Napal Bag
    2. Graphic Leahter Passport Cover
    3. Graphic Leahter Luggage Tag

  243. Shirley Jones says:

    I absolutely love this bag — the color is gorgeous! It’s so hard to choose just three other favorites, but here they are — the Jarbo 3/4 sleeve draped-front dress, the Millianna Design Howard Bib, and the Graphic Image E-reader case.

  244. Jo Cavins says:

    Love the double-collared shirt, the square necklace, and the cute camera case.

  245. Theresa Buchle says:

    (1) I love the Metallic Leather iPad Cover in silver, (2) the Elizabeth scarf by Moksha, and (3) the Aeon Scout Bag in Bermuda Blue!

  246. Phyllis says:

    I got right into the Jewelry FOF shop and love the Anna Beck twisted skinny cuff bracelet & her wire rim disk necklace but I LOVE BEST OF ALL….ta…da….drum roll please…..the Scout Leather messenger bag!

  247. Jody Jordan says:

    My three favorite items are:
    Ruffle Opera Coat
    Reversible Disk necklace
    Tanya Hat
    These are only a few, I love every item that you offer.

  248. Marcie says:

    Hmm, tough question because of all the fab choices!
    1. Jarbo dress
    2. Helmut satchel
    3. Om Yoga Mat

  249. Jeanne says:

    Love, Love, Love this bag…

    My other favorites are:
    1) hi-cut brief by TC fine intimates
    2) The Aeon Scout Bag
    3) Flora Bella Clutch

    Can you tell I’m a “Bag Lady”? 🙂

  250. Phyllis says:

    The Hooded Rain Jacket by Jarbo and the Double Collar Shirt by Planet Clothing and last but never least Helmut Beaded Satchel by Paige Novick.

  251. Lucrezia Burris says:

    With so many fabulous choices it’s difficult to narrow it down to 3, but here goes…
    1. Diamond pattern medium cuff by Anna Beck
    2. Leather Passport Cover by Graphic Image
    3. Firm-Control Torsette by TC Fine Intimates
    Love the FOFS and that Aeon Scout Bag rocks too! 😉

  252. Brenda says:

    I love the Gilda Hat, and the Flora Bella Clutch,
    oh what about some Hi waisted Brief… LIfe and reality!

  253. Linette says:

    So many beatiful things to pick from!!!
    1.Oval drop chandelier earrings by Anna Beck
    2.Soho Scarf by Moksha
    3.Helmut Mixed Beaded Leather Clutch by Paige Novick

  254. Deb Preston says:

    Love the jarbo city cardigan along with the draped tunic – topping it off with the millianna design poiret necklace

  255. karen spector says:

    My three favorite items are
    1. The passport cover in green leather because it is practical and colorful.
    2. The Aeon Scout Bag because the bright colors are eye catching.
    3. The Graphite Image Leather Luggage Tags because they are attractive and durable.

  256. Kim says:

    I love this bag!!!!!
    1. Varbo City Cardigan
    2. Helmut Beaded Satchel
    3. Planet Clothing Skinny Pant

    This is such a fun site to check out everyday!!!!!

  257. Deborah Hoffman says:

    If I can only choose 3 things, my favorites are:
    Helmut Beaded Satchel by Paige Novick
    Millianna- Dupas Mocha Choker
    Om Yoga mat by Dream

    But ALL the jewelery is fab!

  258. MARY says:

    Moderate control hi-cut brief by TC fine intimates, Flora Bella Tanya hat, Dream Peace Yoga Mat.

  259. SuznBob says:

    1) Jarbo 3/4 sleeved draped front dress 2) Paige Novic Venus Ring 3) Planet Clothing Skinny Pant

  260. Toby Wollin says:

    I love the post earrings – all of them. I’m not a ‘dangly’ person and find posts, in general, make me feel I’m looking more professional. The long tunic and the 3/4 sleeve knit dress by Jarbo are great wardrobe additions.

  261. Shellie Robin says:

    Love this bag! And also love:
    1) Helmut Beaded Satchel by Paige Novick
    2) Imperio Gajumbo
    3) Varbo City Cardigan
    Great choices in the FOF shop!


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