{Giveaway} Dust Off Your Old Videotapes

Do you have a tape of your child’s first birthday, or even reels of your first birthday, but nothing to play them on?

YesVideo digitally converts old film reels and videotapes in less than two weeks. Now you can bring your memories to the present and enjoy them right on your iPad, iPhone or computer.

YesVideo is giving away a $200 gift card to digitally convert your stash of tapes and reels. Once your collection is converted, you’ll get access to an online library, tools to create custom DVDs, free iPhone and iPad apps and online sharing.

If you don’t want to wait to see if you win the gift card, you can send in your tapes right now. The cost to convert them is genuinely reasonable, considering the priceless gift you’ll get. Each videotape conversion is $12.99 and 8mm reels range from $8.99 to $59.99, depending on their size. Over 7 million families have transformed their memories—and now it’s your chance.

Enter to win a $200 gift card to YesVideo and bring those old reels and tapes back to life! 1 FOF will win.

YesVideo converts a variety of formats, including VHS tapes, miniDV, and 8mm film reels.

To enter to win,
comment below by answering the question:
What childhood memory would you like to revisit?

1 FOF will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes February 4, 2014 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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  • Dolly Madison

    Playing in the field with my friends!

  • Thomas mangan

    1964 trip to the World’s Fair with my Mom and Dad.

  • Lisa

    I would love to have our wedding video put on a CD. Right now, we can’t even watch it!

  • I was child bride and married at a very young age and our 40th Wedding anniversary is soon approaching along with my birthday. It would be a wonderful gift to be able to see these joyous memories that were taken from our first black and white movie camera and to help bring some happiness back into our lives during these trying times. Hoping wishes come true…..thanks.

  • Padma Narasimhan

    My son’s 1st birthday

  • Kris Anderson

    Pictures of me as a baby.

  • After my parents died, I found movie rolls that go back to the 1950’s. Unfortunately, I have not way to view them. I would love to be able to see these glimpses of my childhood again.

  • kay wolter

    I don’t know a set time but a time with all the family and My Mother in all Her amazing happy self and giving Self I lost Her when I was 19……

  • Carol

    Time spent with any of my grandparents. But the time I was 15, they had all passed away. As so often happens when we are young, I didn’t take advantage of the time I had with them.

  • elizabeth

    When I was a ballerina in 3rd grade.

  • I have a snip of my parents’ wedding from 1938.
    And several other weddings that would be so nice to see.

  • joc

    I would love to see me on the TV – it would be great to show my kids. My stuff is on reel to reel – nothing to play it on.

  • Lori Pickering

    My irreplaceable memories are not as far back as childhood, but of memories within the last 20 years. I lost my mother unexpectedly and too suddenly in 2004. Prior to this, she and I had created a business together of “Arta-Cloaks”, wearable art clothing. We have interviews from local TV station with interviews of my mother and me. We have fashion shows that we produced for the Juvenile Diabetes Association. All of these are formatted on VHS tapes that I can no longer see.
    The ability to see my mother in these videos would be priceless and I very much want to give life to her artwork again.Thank You Lori Pickering

  • Patricia Nicklas

    I’d love to spend Thanksgiving at the lake with my family. This was a tradition growing up. Great memories…

  • My years as a cheerleader, different talent shows, my children when they were young, my deceased father, broth and brother in law.


    Past Christmases

  • Gordon

    Our senior play!

  • Christine Norman

    Living with my family in my grandparents old farmhouse in the winter when the river froze and flooded and we had to quickly move from our home.

  • Barb

    Spending time, after church, for dinner with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and all my cousins every Sunday when I was little.

  • linda palaey

    Riding the train in Stanley Park

  • Eva J

    I would love to revisit tapes of my parents before they passed and of my children when they were babies.

  • elr

    my memories would come back to life.

  • Gayla

    I would love to see my oldest son take some steps for his Dad. This was a precious time.

  • Tina

    My 10th birthday dinner with my daddy at a nice restaurant.

  • Larisa K

    I want to return to the time when I was 4 and met my future husband of over 30 years for the first time.

  • Beth Weatherford

    My grandparents lived in the country, but on the outer edges of out town when I was growing up. I loved going out to their home and helping in their large garden. We would get to take friends to help, when it was time to dig up the potatoes. My grandpa would have his old horse, Prince hooked up to a plow to turn over the dirt…and we would start gathering potatoes in the freshly turned soil. I remember filling bushel baskets. We would pick peas and beans when they were ripe and then sit on their screened porch and shell them. Tomatoes, strawberries, corn, squash, okra, cucumbers..the list went on and on. I did not appreciate the vegetables back then, but I did love the comradery out in the fields among my cousins and my parents and grandparents. I would love to revisit that time.

  • I have a lot of old videotapes of my children when young that I’d like to see again and share with them. Also there’s tapes with my grandparents who are gone now that I’d treasure seeing again and could show my children and grandchildren who never got to know them.

  • Basya S

    Time, when I went to school with my sisters.

  • I would love to see my Dad and I at one of our boyscout camping trips!

  • I put a comment above! I guess i did that wrong!

  • Deborah D Jones

    Great contest!!! I have a tape of my father being interviewed about his earliest childhood memories. None of my younger siblings or our children have ever viewed the tape. This would be a great way to share the memory of my father, who died in 1997, with other family members.

  • karen

    My first trip to Disneyworld at the age of 12. I remember the 2 day drive with my parents and younger sister. My mom was pregnant with our next sister at the time and couldn’t ride the rollercoasters, we felt bad for her. It was a magical vacation with a visit to the Kennedy Space Center and overnight stay on the beach.

  • debra lander

    old family movies of holidays we took -extra recious after the recent death of my mom

  • Leslie Riddle

    I would love to go back to my very first tap dance recital at age 3. I was wearing a black and white striped costume with little cherries dangling from my hat and neckline. I was surrounded by all my family and friends…doesn’t get much better than that….except I did become a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall!!!

  • Michelle

    My dad passed when I was 17 so our family videos of all of us together and when he looked so happy having us all with him.

  • Antoinette

    My dad always had a Jeep. He fixed up old Army Jeeps. I have such fond memories of riding around in his Jeeps. Sometimes they didn’t have doors or roofs, so I really had to hang on. I miss those wonderful fun times with him.

  • Francine O

    Time spent with my siblings and my parents in the early morning when they came home from work and we shared food and our day.

  • Kay Moxon

    Love to get the kids video converted to digital

  • Geri

    My daughter was very active in a water skiing organization and in fact set state records. I no longer have a VCR and would treasure converting her growth and training in order to show her own children a part of her life they will never otherwise know. I’d love to have this to give to them.

  • isabelle

    My 10th birthday with 20 girls.

  • Lisa Lord

    I would love to see film of my oldest son when he was small. I have the reel but have never had a way to watch it. Just found the reel again when cleaning out and saw this today. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • linda d

    converting our old VCR tapes would be the best present I could have! I would like to win, but I see others who have lost loved ones and would like to see them on their video tapes. Good luck to all of you.

  • Jewels

    I would love to revisit special times with my father, who is no longer with us, and the early years with my four children, who are all grown now.

  • Pam

    Would love to revisit my son and his friends during the days of “the Bartman” and many other fun times of his childhood.

  • I would like to experience being a child again; and not having to become a mother in place of my biological mother at the age of 9 years old! Her responsibility became my responsibility; raising my brothers and sisters. Those times are truly missed.

  • I would like to experience being a child again; and not having to become a mother in place of my biological mother! at the age of 9 years old! Her responsibility became my responsibility; raising my brothers and sisters. Those times are truly missed.

  • Karen Healey

    I would like to revisit my children’s honor band concerts. I was so proud and thrilled when they were chosen to participate in the IA statewide concerts. They are all on vhs tapes.

  • jennifer

    I would love to revisit my 7th birthday! My parents went all out that year for some reason!

  • Linda Carroll

    Fishing with my dad and brother on our boat.

  • Joyce McLaughlin

    an 80’s exercise tape not offered on dvd. I used to do this routine everyday and sometimes twice in a day! I talked with the instructor and she said to convert to dvd. I need a working vcr for that!
    It was always such a challenging, productive workout!!!

  • patti lovecky

    Like everyone else, it would be wonderful to re-live thru video, the times in our lives when the family was altogether, healthy and happy. It’s never about the possessions, but always about the beautiful people that we have loved and lost. I have lost my parents and my brother, and not a day goes by that I don’t miss them.

  • Laura

    When my sisters and I were little we lived in Turkey. My Dad and Mom made 8mm movies and reel to reel recordings that we sent to my grandparents. My Dad and sister have passed on. I would love to be able to see them and hear their voices again!

  • velder dixon

    baby 1st walk

  • Jo Ann

    I would love to see my Dad and his twin brother in our old home movies. My Uncle Bob used to visit us in the summers when we were kids. He brought sugar cubes for our pony and would lead it around with us on its back, took us fishing, and played with my four sisters and I endlessly. I remember taking him to the airport, which was such a treat, until the time that Dad had tears running down his face on the way home. When Mom asked him why, he replied that Bob had told him that he would not be back and he would probably never see us again. We found out many years later that he was the father of my oldest sister whom my parents adopted at birth. He and my aunt were separating and asked my parents to keep her. She was getting old enough that he didn’t want her asking questions and it hurt him too much to see her. It makes me cry to this day. We never did find out where he went until the internet made it possible to find his obituary. I would love to see Dad and his twin brother together and happy again in those old movies.


    I would love to see all the old movies my father took of our family when we were kids and bring back the memories of those who are no longer here.

  • When I was 7 (50 years ago!!), my parents took us on a cross-country road trip and filmed the whole journey on 8mm, and I still have the original reels! Would love to transfer to digital.

  • Mary Grace Gallagher

    My girls are now young adults. We videotaped all their rites of passage, and would LOVE to revisit them , with them!

  • jhendon60

    My grandmothers telling stories–we heard the same ones over and over and knew the punch lines, but they were the best.

  • Brenda G

    Time spent with my relative that are no longer with us.

  • Sue Miller

    I just moved and packed at least 1 full box of vhs and mini tapes. I need to consolidate! My favorites to revisit would be my children opening their Christmas gifts and lighting the Chanukah candles and would love to have those all together.

  • Christa

    I would like to revisit my Birthday parties and other family events that my parents have on reels.

  • Rose Fogarty

    Having had six children and who are having children now would be a blast to see them at their birthday parties and Christmas holidays with their grandmother who lived with us til she was 94. Still miss her a lot!!

  • Rose Holloway

    My Children’s Bday Parties

  • Lisa Danchick

    I would like to preserve the memories of my children for my grandchildren to see!

  • DianeG

    I would like to see the videos of my son’s first toboggan party.

  • Lisa Danchick

    I would like to save the memories of my children for my grandchildren to see!

  • micabrown

    I would give anything to see my parents again. And see my aunts and uncles. I grew up in New Orleans and my aunts and uncles lived on the same street and now they have all passed away. Most of all, I miss my parents and I have no siblings. I do have videotapes, though.

  • AJB

    Family vacations

  • Margaret C

    I would love to go back to the time when my dad (after working all day) would take my sister and I to the park. There was this ride that he would have to run and push so that we could spin around. Then there are my children’s memories. It was sometimes a challenge raising two boys but they were so much fun and they always kept me on my toes. Would be great to watch the old vcr recorded tapes of them again. Memories are great!

  • anna

    My daughters weddding

  • Kathy Handerhan

    I would love to see all the videos we took of my kids, especially since they are old enough to have their own children.

  • Nonnie

    How Great it would be to see what is actually on the old tapes we have! I would like to revisit old family vacations and Christmas time at my Grandmas!

  • Lisa Hoch

    I would love to revisit Christmas mornings with my brothers and sister! These memories were transferred years ago to VHS tape…and now need to be transferred again!

  • Suzzanne

    I would love to revisit going to my aunt’s farm and making dandelion wine with my grandmother.

  • Jan

    Have been looking for a company to do this. Thank you for both the giveaway opportunity and letting everyone know about YesVideo.

  • Dave Taube

    I would like to revisit time spent with my four grandparents, who have all passed away.

  • The Christmas when the tree fell on my Dad and we were laughing so hard no one went to help him!

  • mandradany

    I’d love to revisit the times spent in QueensVillage, when all was so innocent, free, full of laughter, love, sharing and Holidays of 20 somethings years of bliss memories that covered the span of 3 family generations.

  • Betty Babcock

    to have pictures of relatives and friends who are not with us anymore, would be a blessing

  • Jackie Burns

    There’s so many to pick from, but if I can only pick one, it would have to be the first time they walked.

  • Sharron

    Would love to revisit our tapes of when we lived in Colorado, also our wedding and Christmas’s past! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Laurie


  • Frank

    Christmas when my grandparents were still with us.

  • steve Weiner


  • Barbara M.

    I don’t miss my childhood, but I really miss my sons being babies. I didn’t spend the time with them that I should have. I would love to be able to see their tapes again (my ex has them, but he might be willing to let me borrow them if we could both enjoy them again).

  • laurie Weiner

    Would love to revisit the movies of those who have passed…

  • MarcimISTY

    Playing in the yard with my brothers, and my parents.

  • Annette D

    I would like to see the first few moments after my sons were born.

  • laurie Weiner

    Would love to revisit the first birthday party almost 27 years ago!

  • carrie obrien

    pony rides birthday party!

  • Roxanne Akers

    My daughters younger days!

  • Ida Khodorkovskaya

    My first day at kindergarten. I did not behave nice and was crying all day. Now I would do it differently…

  • Cheryl Schroeder

    Seeing the last outing that my family went on before my late husband passed away.

  • Susan Decker

    trips to the beach :O)

  • Karen Cogburn

    My confirmation ceremony when I was 7

  • Sheila Chaffins

    Any memory with my grandmother!

  • Dorothy

    Thanks for chance

  • crystal

    Really need to do this.

  • Rosemarie Sussex

    We started the project years ago, but never completed it. Now with all the great new advances, I would love to get them done. I would always argue with my husband for taking the videos, but now, especially that he’s passed I cherish them more than any other possession.

  • Eddy

    My son’s birthday parties

  • Michele

    I would love to revisit the great summers with the neighbor kids around our swimming pool!