FOFind: A Winning (And Inexpensive) Gift For Parents With Little Kids!

615OQfuL8WLI recently purchased two copies of the 2011 best-selling book, Go the F**k to Sleep for my adult children, thinking it might be my most original gift, ever! Yes, I also smiled when I read the title!

Written by Adam Mansbach, it’s fittingly been described as a “children’s book for adults.” Each of its clever bedtime rhymes, accompanied by charming illustrations, ends with the title phrase that parents of young kids invariably think, but never utter, when they’re attempting to get their little darlings to sleep.

What a perfect read this would be for parents struggling with one of the most trying aspects of child rearing, I thought. I can’t wait to see my kids’ expressions when they read it.

My three little grandsons certainly have their rough nights. I’m feeling confident this book will give their parents a good laugh on those frustrating, anxiety-inducing evenings, when they’re tempted to scream “Go the f**k to sleep”! –Alice Warren

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