The Women We Adore and Those We Abhor

“True friends stab you in the front.”

—Oscar Wilde

1. They sing one-note songs: “Me Me Me Me Me”

2. They never ask what you’re up to

3. They do everything right, from being model mothers to superb chefs

4. They smile too widely and too frequently

5. They never compliment you or your accomplishments

6. They find every opportunity to criticize something about you

7. They think they have perfect children and perfect husbands

8. They’re secretive about what they’re up to

9. They contact you only to brag or to ask for a favor

10. They never extend themselves for you

11. They’re always oh-so-busy doing phenomenal things

12. They never want you to challenge them

13. They’re not big in the laughter department

1. They’re not afraid to admit their vulnerabilities

2. They never fail to ask what you’re up to

3. They often tell you why they love you

4. They call just to say “hi” and ask how you’re doing

5. They’re not afraid to share their ideas, even if you’re in the same business

6. They genuinely want to know what you think

7. They never hesitate to extend themselves for what you think is important

8. They don’t mind if you act crazy occasionally

9. They are genuinely thrilled by your accomplishments

10. They answer honestly when you ask their opinions

11. They don’t get offended if you call them out on something

12. They don’t need to man the controls in your relationship

13. They make us laugh

Do YOUR friends treat
YOU well?

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