The Habits Of Women Dating Over 50

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5 Responses to “The Habits Of Women Dating Over 50”

  1. Coach Christine says:

    I’m a dating and relationship coach and my clients are usually between 45-75. I’m also a recent widow and even though most of my female coaching clients are divorced a few of them are also widows and I’ve found each of us is very interested in being in another loving and committed relationship. And because over one-third of my clients are divorced or widowed men I know there are wonderful men who are in good health (bike, hike, dance, etc.), financially comfortable, interested in what’s happening in the world and are actively involved in finding a woman who believes there are good men still available.

    • Sasha says:

      And those “wonderful” (lol) men want someone perfect – in good shape and financially independent, attractive, etc etc. No one is perfect, but many people are not realistic about finding companionship.

      • Sasha says:

        That’s why many women have given up, men like this are always looking for perfection, or for a younger woman.

      • Carla-Margaret (Carla) says:

        My wonderful husband had a stroke followed by violent behavior upon seeing me. I had to place him in a nursing facility and although I miss him, I realise ‘there’s nobody home.’
        My daughter set me up on Face-Book and I decided to search names of School friends. I picked a name from my teen years, and found him. He’d just purchased a laptop from a pawn shop and his daughter helped him log in. My first love from when I was 14. Bill was staying with his daughter & family and I was his first contact on his computer. To shorten the story he moved from Ohio to Florida. We are both very happy.
        Sasha, I have money. Nothing from an inheritance, but from growing up poor; not knowing when the next meal would be there, I hid every penny in the bank. I plan to keep my money. And pass it to my children. Bill talks about Cruises and trips to Europe. *I didn’t save all these years to just blow it all* My parents often weren’t able to eat, My older sisters took all their savings. So it was me that brought in the groceries. That paid the Electric. That insisted they go to the Doctor. To which I often drove them.
        BF keeps suggesting we buy a boat. NO!
        I am at a place I am comfortable. I want to keep it this way. His kids can work, but still bug him for money when they can’t pay a bill. I am insulted they feel since I can pay his way… they are entitled to his bank accounts. Yes he never tells them “NO”…. I have a nice 401K but it so happens to be MINE. It will be my childrens inheritance.

  2. Bagbabe53 says:

    Not widowed or divorced (am married); but… I sing with several widows in a group which performs at hospitals and nursing homes all over my city. They all say they never want to marry again, even those who were crazy about their husbands. My friends say most men their age are looking for a nurse/cook/housekeeper, and they feel they’ve already put in their time. As one told me, “I would not mind one in my bed, but not in my closet.”


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