{Health} Bringing the Dermatologist’s Office Home

Doctor’s-office cosmetic procedures, such as laser treatments, micro-dermabrasion and peels, are generally considered a luxury. Perfectly realistic for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills–less so for the average FOF on a budget.

But recently, a number of products that employ medical-grade technology have been approved for home use, from “skin-renewing” lasers to “body-smoothing” eletromagnetic pads. These items aren’t cheap (the Palovia Skin Renewing Laser is $500 and the Brazilian Skin Peel is $78) but when compared to their in-office counterparts, they’re a steal.

The question is–do they work?

We looked at 6 new at-home anti-aging products that employ medical-grade technology and asked Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research Mount Sinai’s Department of Dermatology, whether their science made sense. Then we asked real FOFs who had tried the product to tell us what they thought. Check out the slideshow below to see them all.

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0 Responses to “{Health} Bringing the Dermatologist’s Office Home”

  1. Pam Munro says:

    Oooh! I would love to try it – but the price is NOT affordable for ME! & I suppose, you would have to repeat the process occasionally?

  2. Sherri Rodgers says:

    Please give me a chance. I had wonderful skin without a lot of wrinkles. Suddlenly they hit and not they are trying to catch up for not giving them to me the past 10 years. I would give an honest review of the product and would be very dedicated at using it. People saybi don’t look my age but I am starting to notice the creeping years. Help me fight Mother Nature it would be good to win a battle with her. Thank you

  3. Deb says:

    Probably worth a shot…like the concept of being able to use in the privacy of my own home. Being a woman can get to be pretty expensive in the ‘looking youthful’ maintenance department….how nice to have a product that cuts out the middle-man and saves us some money, IF it actually works. Send it my way and my 56 year old eyes will be the judge as to yay or nay.

  4. loeloe says:

    I’ve heard a lot about this product and am eager to try it.

  5. Gail Armstrong says:

    It’s great that some FOF can afford spa treatments and say that Palo Via is no more expensive than a few spa treaments. For those of us who can’t afford costly spa treatements, the Palo Via is way out of our price range. We need something a little less expensive. I’ve worked since I was 13 and just because I didn’t marry a millionaire or write a best seller doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have access to the benefits to the Palo Via. I guess I’m just frustrated that our country is like a third world nation. Those who make the most money win and can have all the toys. I thought we were better than that, but I guess not.

  6. thriftyniftyfifty says:

    What a wonderful product to make us all look more youthful. I would love to have Santa bring one to my house so I could try it out for myself.

  7. Kelly Saucedo says:

    I would love to give this a try…I’m putting it on my wish list…!

  8. ACeeKayWa says:

    Wow, this sounds like just what I need but can’t afford. I’ve been unemployed for over a year and I’m a 60+ woman in a 35 year old man’s field. I need to face those interviews looking as young as possible!!

  9. gingermclendon says:

    Very interesting concept. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get rid of wrinkles with an at-home treatment!

  10. Karina says:

    As a 70 + year old senior, most people think I’m at least 5 – 10 .years younger. But I do have those wrinkles below the eye area and forehead. Do not want to use Botox or other needle injected methods

  11. The coder says:

    oh, oh, oh, pick me, pick me. Ple-e-e-e-se.

  12. Kiki says:

    I would love to try out this product!

  13. sattalia says:

    I could really use it for all those little lines.

  14. Bridget Cavanaugh says:

    I wish FOF would review the AMP MD Anti-Age System created by two of the world’s leading dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan + Dr. Kathy Fields. Last year, I tried it, saw such amazing results with my wrinkles and age spots that I got so fired up, I became a rep for the company. How often does that happen? If the writers or any members looking for something to use in the privacy of your own home that rivals clinical procedures, send me a message or call me at 406-320-5000. I’m in Montana, but I can get the products to you anywhere. I’ll email a link to learn more! Happy Thursday FOF friends!

  15. suri40 says:

    I definitely could use this ! The reviews are very exciting. Please pick me!

  16. Sharonsue says:

    Okay, I really, really, really want to win this Skin Laser! I certainly cannot afford to buy one due to health issues. This is simply WONDERFUL! Wishing for one!


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