You Told Us About Your Healthiest Habits

FOF women inspire each other, especially when it comes to taking care of ourselves. We sure admire Holly for how much she walks every day, and for what Terry gave up to lose weight and stay healthy.

“I walk four miles a day, drink lots of water and ride my bike.”
Cynthia A Thompson

“Eat organic and avoid sugar.”
Deb Beatty

“I walk everywhere. I don’t drive.”
Carine Munro

“Morning workouts at Myleanbody Boot Camp!”  
Sheryl Vincent Broq

“I pray every day and night and in between. Take walks and, of course, clean the house!”
Kathy Hameldunn

“I walk daily for 1.5 hours. Love it!!”
Holly Irene Oler

“Eat LCHF (low carb, high fat)  & get in 10,000 steps at least 5 days a week.”  
Pat Beal Williamson

“Yoga, walk, drink water, sleep well, small healthy meals…what I need to do; strength training.”
Anna Laurie Ivins

“Swim and walk. Drink tons of water.”
Tracey Lee- Matthews

“Chocolate milk was my ‘thing.’ Drinking water now instead. And losing weight.”
Terry Arthur-Pratt

“20 minutes a day of Pilates.”
Donna Stack

“Ride my stationary bike!”
Paula Bernhardt

“Drink water! No sodas for a long time now!”
Annette Dawson Laster

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