Hell to Pay

 “Air for my tires.
Sylvia Wilson
“Able people who refuse to work, and keep having more kids.”
Cindy Corbin Fisher
“Paying for cable channels I NEVER watch.”
Claudia Burnette
“Trump and his golf outings!
Suzanne Burker MacLean
 “Showing my 401K withdrawals as income. We pay taxes on it twice. Once when we take it out & then as income to pay taxes again.”
Marilyn Coulter Dilley
 Parking at hospitals and doctors’ offices.
Jerri Ann Carnefix
School taxes after never having kids! After a certain age, you shouldn’t have to pay school taxes at least!!
Mary Ann Kallis
“Taxes! When these rich corporations don’t pay their fair share!
Nora Dauser
“Car insurance. Pay monthly for 30+ years. Said I would save $70 a month if I took off full coverage. Was only $30. And the premiums still keep going up. And I’ve never had a claim.”
Pam Freeman-Koss
“People who work for our government and do absolutely nothing worthwhile!!!!
Rebecca Vert
 “All the necessary health-related upkeep, like blood work, dental, eye check-ups, because you not only pay with money, you pay with TIME in the waiting room. I resent wasting time more than anything.
Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta
“Toilet paper and feminine hygiene stuff.
Peggy Hamilton
“Specs….eyesight is an essential and necessary part of most of our lives. My varifocals cost me over £300 every two years.
Denise Olivia Taylor
“Interest. Look at the amortization schedule for the payments on your home. Credit cards are just as bad.
Kathleen Lockhart Gordon Neal
“My luggage at the airport!
Debbie Weeks
“Salsa for my burrito.
LaDonna Stephens
“Two very overrated overpriced mattresses!
Susan M Moore
“I agree with all of the important things on here but I’m adding “trash bags” to the list…I’m buying them to just throw them away!
Margie Smith

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