How Dry I Am!

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Once upon a time I had a ball shopping for panties. I’d spend way too much time combing through the vast selection of colors, patterns, fabrics and styles, buy way too many panties, and spend way too much money. Then my joyous excursions abruptly ended. I had developed urinary incontinence, and if I wanted to protect myself from embarrassing leaks at inopportune times, my underwear choices went from wondrous to woeful. Were granny looking disposables my destiny?

Happily, the world of incontinence underwear no longer is limited to drugstore disposables, and even they are becoming sleeker, now that one in three women experience bladder leaks!

I’ve tried a number of brands over the last decade, from undies with pockets to hold washable pads to undies with built-in pads. Unfortunately, the washable pads often came loose from their pockets during the day, and the built-in pads had less-than-stellar absorbability.  Besides, both styles came in fabrics that were either too thick or two cheesy, and their assortment of styles and colors was neither contemporary or cheerful.

The Password is ‘Icon’: Leak It to Every Woman You Know

Finally, my persistent Googling produced results:  I discovered a line of undies, called Icon, that not only promised it would protect me from moderate bladder leakage (absorbing up to eight teaspoons of liquid and keeping me dry), but it looked hip, came in styles from thong to hi-waist, and in lovely colors, soft rose to saucy spice.  Starting today, and for one week only, these sensational undies are on sale for 33.3% off.

        Hi-waist in rose

Icon undies feature four ultra-thin layers of absorbency technology: (1) a fast-drying, moisture-wicking inner lining, so you don’t feel damp, even after a leak. (2) an absorbent layer in a high-tech fabric that doesn’t bulk up as it absorbs liquid. (3) an anti-odor layer, featuring antimicrobial technology, that keeps you smelling fresh and feeling clean. (4) a breathable leak-proof layer that protects your clothes from dampness. The undies are available in two absorbances, light and moderate.

Check out this clever Icon video

These gloriously thin undies look and feel like a pair of fine underwear. The soft fabric includes Spandex so it has a perfect amount of give, and fits and feels wonderful against my skin. And, you don’t see panty lines under summer pants.  Icons also machine wash beautifully in cold water and can be tumbled dry, which makes them better for the environment than pads and panty liners, which comprise 7 percent of landfill waste. “Icon decreases your carbon footprint and elevates your bladder-leak solutions,” a company spokesperson said.

Taking An Icon-ic Cruise

       Hiphuggers in spice

I just purchased four pair of the light hiphuggers and one pair of the moderate hiphuggers. Could not be more pleased!!” wrote Claudia G, who leaks  everyday from sneezing and exercising. Claudia was thrilled to take her Icons on an 11-day Caribbean cruise! “No yucky pads sticking to me and wilting in the tropic warmth; able to change from bathing suit and back without worrying about pads, and so comfortable. Rinsed them out every night and dry in the morning. Next time I will not bring my backup underwear and pads–more room for Caribbean rum! Used the moderate  pair for the all-day plane ride back home and it worked beautifully! Going to refer several friends. Thank you, thank you!!” Claudia wrote.

Icon not only wants to provide comfortable, flattering, and sustainable underwear for leaks, but to educate women about pelvic floor health and give us a way to connect with each other on its blog The Iconic. Please check it out!

Now that you can’t wait to slip into a new pair of Icons, you’ll be thrilled to know that all its sensational styles are on sale starting today (Monday, June 18th) at noon ET. Since Icon rarely holds a sale, it wants to make sure it’s a biggie.

for 33.3% off on Icon undies through Monday, June 25th at noon ET.*

*As Icon cleverly says: “Peeing is believing. Take Icon for a dry run.  If your love isn’t undie-niable within 30 days, we’ll refund you. Easy pee-sy!”

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