How Old Are Your Friends?

Is age really just a number, or do different age friends bring you different experiences and attitudes? We asked about the age of your friends. Here are some of your most interesting answers.

People my own age have generally let me down…so no friends my age..older ones are mum in law is a great friend…she has always been there for me, especially after my mum passed away… my daughter is my best friend…she has been there through traumas, bad health and now my separation ..our friendship is unshakable…I am blessed in these friendships.”
Carine Munro
Age makes no difference. They all bring something special to the table of friendship.”
Paulette Greyn
“Around my many similar experiences we can relate to!”
Leslie Alber

Although most of my friends are close to my age, I agree with these comments…doesn’t really matter!”
Alice Siegel Warren
Older, they don’t want anything from you but you..they also teach you wisdom!”
Karen Marshall-Salyers

Same age. When I was young, those friends were back stabbers.”
R. Navarrete
I made the decision to retire early for health reasons but omg, do I regret it! I’ve never encountered so many moaning old people in my life. They can’t see any positivity and constantly need their ego massaged. I know many of you will disagree but that has been my experience. Thank goodness for my friends of my age and younger!”
Theresa Spence

Doesn’t matter. I just want a friend who is true.”
Sophie Crête
I have friends in all age groups, age is just a number, it has no baring on my friendships, personalities are what is important! That and loyalty, honesty and love.”
Jeanie Knight

All ages. Age is just a number”
Trudy Hines Golding

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