It’s a Steal!

What funny and honest answers you gave when we asked “if you could steal one thing without consequence, what would it be?” 
 “Time, it’s running out too fast. My life is more than half over and not a thing I can do about it.
Karen Watkins
I wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything that was stolen.
Margie Smith
“A brand new Porsche. Put some meaning to the drive-it-like-you-stole-it theory 😂.
Wendy Vargas Bryant
“Health and happiness for my son.”
Pam Browning
“Billions of dollars. Then I could help animals, homeless, vets, etc…”
Lisa Conrad
“A five–bedroom home so that my daughter and grandkids can live with me.
Cathy Treuner Boyle
“My innocence as a child back.”
Regina Kaye Sloan
“Trump’s tax returns–all of them.
Gayland Williams
“A horse about to be sent to the slaughter house.
Shan Chapman
“A beautiful woman’s heart.
William J. Henderson
“Cillian Murphy off Peaky Blinders lol.”
Jan Moore
As Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders. Photograph- BBC:Tiger Aspect:Robert Viglasky
“What’s that blue diamond called from the movie Titanic? Yes, I would take that!
Vicky Peters
“Food. I am tired of being hungry.
Sharon Manni-Arnold
Absolutely NOTHING.
Beverly Ann
“Those who reply nothing are liars!
Sandy Bowling
“A 30-foot RV.
Elizabeth Saldana

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