My Life As A TV Show

I yearned to be part of The Anderson Family when I was growing up, but alas, that family existed only inside our 1950s TV set, when Father Knows Best came on. When we asked which TV show you’d like your life to be like, the answers were so much fun to read! Here are some of the best.

I came of age in the early 70s..shows like That Girl and The Mary Tyler Moore Show encouraged me to venture out on my own..much to my parents dismay!!”
Diane Illingworth

Andy Griffith Show. Would love to live in Mayberry!!”
Penny Hillard

Golden Girls! It’s like a sorority, no one has money problems, and there’s cheesecake every night!”
Stephanie DePinto

Dick Van Dyke and Leave it to Beaver. Both those moms were stylin’ skinny housewives and their homes were always so nice and clean.”
Robin Holder Haralson

Bewitched…twinkle my nose and house is clean lol.”
Gerry Irvine

I’d say That 70s Show, but I think I’ve been there, done that.”
Shelley Palmer

Lately I am feeling DEXTER.
Rachel Carey

“I always wanted to be Bailey on WKRP in Cincinnati. Sigh.”
Beti Spangel

Housewives of Beverly Hills – Lisa Vanderpump.”
Nicole Ran Court

Happy Days! Love the clothes and cars.”
Cindy Beavers McLaughlin

Carol Burnett Show. So much fun and yet everyone had to be on their toes. You never knew who was going to do what and when.”
Linda Johnson Struyk

I ALWAYS wanted to be CiJi on Knots Landing!”
Chris Anderson-Montgomery

As a young adolescent, I loved Father Knows Best. I would love to be in that family.”
Linda Garofalo Koschwitz

The Waltons or Little House on the Prairie, both show love and respect that’s seems to be missing today.”
Debbie Templeton

The Office... they never do any real work.”
Vicky Jisa

So many… I used to wish I could be Cagney or Lacey back in the 80’s. I adore The Golden Girls, Seinfeld, and Who’s the Boss as well. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be Samantha on Bewitched.”
Lee Ann Primeau

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