Lines they Love: Wendy Foster on Kirstensen Du Nord

Kirstensen Du Nord’s Spring 2010 Collection, is a low-tech, wash-wash woman’s collection designed in Copenhagen and manufactured in Italy. The boho-chic line is based on layering mixed fabrics, colors and shapes.

Why they Love it: “The first spring delivery is here and full of lightweight, beachy linen, cotton and cashmere-weaved sweaters that are meant for layering over chiffon camisoles,” says Wendy Foster of her self-named Santa Barbara boutiques. “The palette is always done in glorious pales that blend beautifully together such as dusk blue and soft sand mixed with black and white.”

Images via Wendy Foster.

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  1. Marjip says:

    Oh I love the fabrics, designs, & layering! I need the wash & wear ability. This is a win win great way to dress.


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