How To Make Your Daughter-In-Law Love You

1. Always ask her about her mother

2. Invite her family to important gatherings you’re hosting

3. Call to speak to her specifically

4. Buy a gift just because it “made
me think of you”

5. Let her decide how she wants to celebrate your son’s birthday

6. Have her back (within reason) when she’s arguing with your son

7. Give her something of yours that she’s always admired

8. “Grandparent” her children,
don’t parent them

9. Compliment her when you know
she needs to hear it

10. Make an honest effort to
get to know her

11. Don’t force her to call you “Mom”

How do you demonstrate love to your daughter-

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  1. Geri Brin says:

    I don’t have a daughter-in-law yet, but when/if I do, I will abide by this list, especially because I contributed to putting it together 🙂

  2. Kathi Elster says:

    Great advice, I have had the misfortune of having two mother in laws that needed to read this.

    • Rebeca says:

      My mother-in-law decided she was going to host my bridal shower and did not invite my sister nor sister-in-law (even though they lived out of state it would have been nice to receive an invite anyway.) The insult to my mother was painful. When I made sure my mother was to host the wedding rehearsal dinner she was upset. Our relationship eroded ever since. Plus, she does not allow protestants (I am protestant) in her house-she is catholic. It has been a terrible 25 year struggle, holidays and all.
      I hope this advice will work for me if I ever am lucky to have a daughter-in-law as I would love the chance for a much better relationship than what I’ve been going through.

  3. Diane Hinkle says:

    I will never have a daughter in law. But I think all three sons-in-laws loved me. None are sons-in-laws now…….all gone because of bad divorces and one is dead. I would love to have had a daughter in law…………because that would have meant I had a son. I lost several children before they were full term. Perhaps one would have been a son. But I will never know.

    • Susan P. says:

      You sound so sad and depressed. I can understand why, but what of your children now? Your daughters need you more than you may think. As to the “children you lost”, well, you MUST know that there is a “greater plan” for you. Somewhere out there, someone needs you….

  4. Diane says:

    I text her Love you mama…. every other day…. & I always give her big hugs and kisses

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Diane,

      Your texting and hugs are WONDERFUL!



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