If Money Wasn’t A Concern, Where Would You Go?

Maybe Jeff Bezos doesn’t dream about where he’d go and what he’d do if money wasn’t a concern, but most of us aren’t Jeff Bezos! See what 17 of us would do with a windfall. There’s always Powerball, as Beth says.

“If money wasn’t a concern, neither one of us would have to work. So I’d take a couple of years and travel the world, particularly Europe. Then I’d come home, bucket list completed, and have a fabulous life somewhere on the water. I daydreamed this a few days ago before someone won the Powerball.”
Beth Dugger Macaranas

“I would love to spend a few weeks taking my son to Harry Potter World, Disney, and all the other attractions, but if I was given just one plain vacation I would take my husband on Mediterranean cruise.”
Sheron Eaton Smith

“South Korea, Macau, and Fiji. In that order.

Then, I would buy a vacation home in each, and let friends share it.”
Jane E Clark

“Take the family to Reykjavík as it’s expensive there, and see the northern lights, then go on the Orient Express from London to Venice and then stay in Venice a week with hubby.”
Lee English

“It’s hard to choose….either Louisiana to visit my favorite cousin, or to Chicago to visit a very dear friend. If money was no object, I would most likely do both!!”
Paulette Greyn

“I would visit my son for a short visit every month (if it was OK with him).”
Becky Wachowiak Havens

“I’d buy a nice beach bungalow in northern Cal or Oregon.”
Ellen Cowie

“On a world cruise aboard the Queen Mary.”
Kathy Andolina

“A beach house with my whole family.”
Lisa Needleman Rossi-Gomez

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