The Game-Changing Mother’s Day Gift Of 2017

Just in time for Mother’s Day — we are excited to discover a new way to stay in touch with your aging mom, who may not be so good with modern technology.

FabOverFifty has partnered with ViewClix so you can share photos and enjoy authentic face-to-face time with your mother (and father), especially if they live out of town.

“My parents lived 3000 miles away. I remember trying to Skype with them and send them photos online. I tried everything, but they had a really difficult time understanding the technology,” says creator Rob Ranck. “I knew there had to be an easier way to ‘see them’ and share photos from family gatherings, which they could not attend.” So Rob used his invaluable years of technical experience at Intel and AT&T to create an innovative device which lets aging loved ones view digital photos that you and other tech-savvy family members send to it through your Apple or Android smart phones, tablets or PCs.  

Called the ViewClix Smart Frame, this simple HD screen not only lets you seamlessly share photos with your parents; you also can easily video chat with them (much easier than Skype and other video calling platforms).

Simple to setup and simple to operate.

Displaying a running slideshow of photos sent by family members from their individual Apple or Android smart phones, tablets or PC’s, ViewClix Smart Frame provides a personalized viewing experience for family and friends who don’t use computers and other digital devices. The simple, intuitive system also allows ViewClix owners to easily receive incoming video calls from family members. Once the video call has ended, the screen reverts back to the photo slideshow.

Watch how ViewClix works here

The ViewClix  powerful back-end operates through a cloud infrastructure, so multiple family members can contribute to the photo library on one device.  Secure access by family members is authenticated using a Share List that is unique for each ViewClix Smart Frame. Your mom, the owner of ViewClix, doesn’t have to know the details; she simply need to start enjoying family memories and video calls!

The ViewClix Smart Frame is $299 and would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, which is right around the corner. Receive an exclusive $50 off coupon, thanks to the partnership between ViewClix and FabOverFifty. This will be your best Mother’s Day gift to her yet!

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