Movies That Moved You

After I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho as a 13-year-old, I was scared to take a shower for a long time, so I left the door of the bathroom open. Many movies have affected me, albeit in more significant ways than Psycho. What movie influenced you, and why?

To Kill A Mockingbird. I learned from a very young age, racism is Evil! I have continued throughout my life (now at 63) to fight for racial equality and justice!”
Gail Ferraro

Mr. Smith goes to Washington. One individual CAN make a difference.”
Laura Blunk

“I don’t know if this movie had a title, but when I was in high school taking drivers education they showed a movie about a family…kids went to school…parents went to work together…showed an accident that claimed the life of both parents…how suddenly everything can change…I joined the Safety Council as Secretary, and that one film impacted my life forever.”
Theresa Marie Loder

Paper Moon because my father died and my six-year old mind was soothed by that movie.”
Dora Joe

Birdcage gave me an understanding of love between same sex people. It truly opened my eyes, and my mind.”
Debora L Tyler

“Hard to pick just one. The Life and Times of Miss Jane Pittman really opened my eyes to a lot of our history. The Vernon Johns Story was another good one.”
Dianne Johnson

Miracle on 34th Street. Inspiring and full of hope and dreams coming true.”
Becky Kolb

Bridges of Madison County. Perfect film that brought me to tears. Lovely story.”
Linda Mutch

Schindler’s List about the horrors of Nazi Germany during WWII and the risk Schindler took to save so many people.”
Tracy Smith Marino

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